The tale of a travel fantastic, part 2

The tale of a travel fantastic, part 2

The night passed quietly in Drakfot’s mind as she slept after Geie had watched
her fall asleep outside the little tent and fire they had set up for her. She
had walked over to where her friends had set up their camp. As she arrived they
all looked at her wondering if she had any news for them.

“So, what’s happening ?” Be’Ledacan said.

“Not much it seems, she looks as she is recovering but I still have doubts if we
can do much more here.” Geie answered with a thoughtful look. “I think time is
the only thing we can rely on for now.”

They nodded and agreed, everyone that was there at least since Ba’Naer was still
working on setting up the last tent for Geie. As he returned she thanked him and
he asked if the supper was ready yet.
They all sat down and ate silently for a moment before the tranquillity set in
and they realized that they were finally there. The rest of the night passed on
quietly and calmly.

A warmth covering her face made Drakfot to wake up as the morning sun gently
climbed over the sky illuminating the ground. She took a deep breath, as deep
as she dared to because of the pain, and could feel the fresh air filling her
lungs. She opened her eyes slowly so the sun would not sting as it had done
before. She looked around the best she could and tried to listen to the sound of
water. Then she noticed that Geie was sitting next to her holding a bowl and
some steam was coming from it.

“Good morning Drakfot, how are you today?” She asked.

“I .. am.. better..thank… you” Drakfot answered and was surprised that she was
able to express herself with complete words now. Still it hurt inside to talk.

“That is good, even your speech seemed to have improved. But I am sure that the
pain is still there, right ?” Geie said as she gave the bandages a quick look.
“It seems as you have not bleed too much, probably since you slept so calmly.”

“Thank… you..” Was all that Drakfot could say for the moment as she was still
confused and the pain did not make it any easier for her to express herself. She
had to rely on that Geie would understand her and she had a hunch that she did.
She smiled.

“Now there is something that is a good sign indeed.” Geie said and smiled back.
“There is something I have to say though; As I told you yesterday the lotions
and liquid helps improving your external and internal sap flow they cannot be
used too extensively. If you recall I told you yesterday that it was now time
for your body to take over the healing process.”

Drakfot nodded as yesterday slowly started coming back to her.

“Good, so here is what we have to do now : I have to try and move you so you can
sit up in order to eat. You haven’t eaten since we found you and I don’t know
when you last ate prior to that, so this we must do. It is for your own good
Drakfot.” Geie said with a serious face as if she wanted to stress that she did
not like to harm Drakfot, but she had to in order for further healing to work.

Drakfot nodded towards her once more as she understood what she was telling her,
she could not even remember when she last ate either. Nothing more beyond the
memories she had since she had waken up.

Geie looked around and said that it would probably be best for her to lean
against the tent as the fabric of it was softer then any tree or wall nearby.
And it was not that far away either.
She called Be’Ledacan over and they prepared to lift and carry Drakfot towards
the tent.
Even though it hurt a lot, but not as much the day before thanks to the lotions
and clean bandages, Drakfot stayed awake when they lifted her. With her arms
around their necks they tried to lift her more so that they could carry her, but
Drakfot objected.
She made signs that she wanted to try walking with their help, Geie thought it
would be a bad idea at first but then agreed to at least give it a try. They
held Drakfot as she mustered strength to lift her left leg putting the foot in
front. She shivered from the pain but was determined to try it at least once to
know how ill she was. As she finally put the foot down they helped her shifting
her weigh, of course they held most of it, and she took one step forward. She
felt happy that she was still able to walk so she smiled, and fainted from the

She woke up later looking at Geie and Be’Ledacan whom were staring at her where
she sat leaned towards the tent, both of them were smiling in a almost childish

“… s-sorry…” She said and lowered her head a little staring at the

“Hey there, you did great. You are just not ready for it yet. And besides have
you noticed anything ?” Geie asked her and smiled even more. “Besides that you
are sitting leaned towards the tent I mean.”

Drakfot looked around at the surroundings. There was a lake in front of her and
next to the tent stood a cart filled with some materials. It must have been the
cart they had transported her on. She also saw some ruins to the left of her but
she could not see anything in special in particular. Then it hit her; she was
able to move her head !

“Ah, now you got it didn’t you ?” Geie said and sat down in front Drakfot. “How
does it feel, can you move your head OK ?”

The neck was still very stiff, but it was easily overcome by the fact that she
was able to move it and finally see something else besides the sky. Drakfot
nodded and smiled.

“Good because now it is time for the next trial, time to eat something Drakfot.”
Geie said and lifted a spoon from the bowl with soup. “This will give some
strength to your body for recovery.”

Geie held the spoon so that Drakfot could steer it into her mouth and the warmth
of the soup soon filled her mouth in a pleasant way. She swallowed it and could
feel how the warmth went from her mouth into her stomach. It was a bit painful
as her muscles were still aching from the severe beating she had received from
the Kitin. But the wonderful taste of the soup wiped away the doubts of having
another spoon and she ate more. It took some time, but they were both patient
and soon the bowl was empty and Drakfot’s stomach was full. She smiled towards
Geie once more, it seemed as it was the only way she could show her appreciation
towards her for the moment as she could not move nor speak well.

“There, you needed it I see. I bet that you must have been starving being
without food for so many days. Not that the liquid don’t fill the stomach, but
there is no better medicine then real food full of energy.” Geie said. “Now you
should lie down and rest some more as your body will probably have full time not
only healing but also working on the food. You will probably become sleepy

Drakfot nodded but she preferred to sit up this time when Geie tried to lay her
down. Geie understood and made it more comfortable for Drakfot and pulled the
blanket over her and gave her something to have as a pillow for her head and
neck. She then went down to the water to wash out the bowl and spoon before she
returned to the camp where her friends were.

She is such a kind Homin, so nice and caring. I hope that I will be able to
repay her, no their, kindness towards me soon, Drakfot thought as she watched
her and looked around to see if there was something she had missed earlier. But
soon she fell asleep again as Geie said.

She was passing through the gates of Fairhaven onto the crossroad taking a left
towards Frogmore lane. She continued down the bridge and soon passed the housing
where meetings were often held and she now walked down Loria’s Rise heading
towards the building at the end of it. But what kind of building was it ? And
why was she heading towards it? Still she felt like it was something natural for
her to walk this way, as if she had done it so many times before.

“Hey! Drakfot! Wait up” A voice from behind her said.

She turned around to see who it was and suddenly something wet covered her

Drakfot woke up suddenly, it had been a dream. But what was this thing she had
As she opened her eyes wider she saw a big trunk touching her face, it was Ki
who stood there next to her looking at her with his curious eyes. He just looked
back at her and let his trunk follow her arm until he reached her hand. Without
thinking she grabbed his trunk and petted it as she usually did when they were
travelling and he was walking next to her. She then lifted her arm and petted
him on the side of his face and smiled.

“Do not worry my friend, I am doing much better.” She said to him and smiled.

As if he had understood he rolled up his trunk and ran away towards the ruins.
He had just wanted to know how she was doing. Perhaps he had been wondering why
she was sitting up sleeping, Drakfot thought as she looked at him running around
looking at everything he could find.

“That is a curious one isn’t he?” A male voice said as he approached her. “I was
just checking up on you for Geie.”

“Hello .. my friend..” Drakfot said, nodded and smiled towards the male Tryker
who had appeared.

“I’m Mac’Nary, nice to meet you. And that you’re seems to do better.” He said
and looked at Ki running around near the water. “You know, he was over at our
place a moment ago looking around, very curious it seems.”

Drakfot also looked at Ki as she smiled of the memory of how often Ki’s
curiosity had made her smile when he was at the stables. What stables was it she
saw in her mind ?

“Yes… he.. is very curious.” She replied as she noticed that it was easier to
talk now.

“So, you’re OK ? I have some bread for you to eat. I was afraid that I had to
help feeding you but it seems as you can move your arm now ?” Mac’Nary said as
he extended something wrapped in a small cloth.

“I .. think I .. can manage.. thank you..” Drakfot said and raised her arm again
to accept the gift. It hurt but not as much that she could not move it which
made her glad to realize that her body was in fact recovering.

“Great, I’ll tell Geie the good news that you can move more now. She will be
happy to hear, she is busy gathering some herbs and so on that is why she could
not come over now.” Mac’Nary Said as he waved and walked away.

Drakfot placed the bread in her lap and looked at it a moment before she started
to unwrap it.
It was just ordinary bread wrapped in a small cloth to preserve the taste and
softness of it. Drakfot broke off a small piece of the bread, the exertion made
itself present with pain but it was manageable. She looked at it, it was beige
on the outside, but the inside was more of a yellow tone telling that it was
almost freshly made. Even the smell managed to reach her nose and as she felt it
her stomach growled telling her that it was as empty and eager to have something
more to work with. She gently took a bite from it, the hit she had taken in her
face had hit her jaw so even this little bite felt like a big effort. But the
wonderful taste of the bread and how it seemed to fill her mouth was like
walking on clouds, it tasted so good and chewing it that she did not want to
She took a bigger piece of the bread and also a bigger bite and it tasted even
more then the first time and she chewed happily.

Imagine that a little bread could hold such enjoyment.