The tale of a travel fantastic, part 3

The tale of a travel fantastic, part 3

“..kfot….Drakfot! .. Where are you ?” Geie shouted out as she looked around.
Drakfot had not been lying near the tent as she used to when she had come over
to tend to her. It had passed some days since Drakfot had been able to move more
parts of her body, but she was still not well enough to do more then sit or lie
down. She had recovered well during the last days, yet still who knows that sort
of strain it would be to her body if she tried to strain it too much too early.

“Draaaaakfot! Where are you ?!” She tried again to see if there was any reply,
but her hopes were not high.

“My friend, I be over here” A lowered voice replied. Geie looked around trying
to figure out from where it came, it was Drakfot!

“Where are you Drakfot ? I can barely hear you less see you!” She shouted out
hoping to get an answer.

“By the water my friend, I am not far away.” Drakfot’s voice told her and she
hastily walked towards the water nearby.

As Geie came closer to the brim of water on the beach she looked around hoping
to see the little Trykerette somewhere near. Suddenly she saw something slowly
waving from the hill nearby, she recognized the red Tryker Light Armour and the
Homin wearing it. It was Drakfot and she was easy to recognize since the Light
Armour was almost shredded to pieces and was patched together the best they
could. It looked like trash to be honest.
Still she was smiling the best she could as Geie came closer to her, waving as
much as her body allowed her to move.

“Hey there, when did you wander off? You are in no state at all to strain your
body like this Drakfot.” She said with a commanding voice to the little Tryker.

“I know my friend. Yet I cannot tell how long I have been lying at the tent. I
cannot even tell how many days or perhaps even weeks that have passed since that
day.” Drakfot said still smiling a little as she looked at Geie. “Yet I agree
Geie, I noted rather quickly that I was in no shape at all to take on such task
as to move just this little distance from the tent to the waters.”

Drakfot looked at the waters slow motion as it gently crawled up along the beach
just to retreat back into the pond again. Then to do the same thing over and
over again following the wind as much as it could. She then looked at Geie and
got a little more serious face.

“Yet I cannot be a burden to you all anymore my friend. You have already done so
much for me that I cannot find a way to thank you all enough for your kindness.”
She said.

Geie whom had stared at her trying to see if she had opened any wounds or so
when moving suddenly got grabbed back to reality and smiled as she sat down next
to Drakfot.

“Well, we don’t know each other more then names now do we? I’ve been the one
tending to your wounds and you, well you’ve just been lying there surviving.
Atys knows how you did that.” She said as she looked out over the little lake in
front of them. “We are friends that one day had enough of all the politics and
struggles: Homins that cannot travel safe from other Homins, Being frozen out by
friends for putting faith into something they do not believe in. It is one thing
to fight against the Kitin and another to fight friends.”

Geie sighed and looked at the sand she was sitting on. Drakfot could sense that
even though she was not showing it she was crying behind her mask. Perhaps not
tears one could see, but a tear nonetheless. She felt as she somehow added to
her burden but she did not dare to say anything.

“So one day some of us decided to just give it up.” Geie continued suddenly.
“Give it up and find our own little place on Atys where we could be safe. A
place we would know that everyone were friends no matter what. And after some
scouting out and looking around; here we are.” She said and let her look fly
over the land around them showing Drakfot where she was.

“So, this is a place of refugee and rebuild.” Drakfot said as she tried to
comprehend what Geie just had told her.

“Yes, this is our little Utopia in a way. And it seemed to have started off good
considering how well you have recovered here.” Geie said and she was smiling
again, perhaps she had fend off the bad memories that were burdening her mind
moments ago.

“Aye, thanks to a great Homins care and heal.” Drakfot said and smiled once more
towards Geie.

“I didn’t do much. To be honest I did not expect you to make it through the
travel here. Somehow you did though, how did you pull that off ?” She asked

“What my friend ?” Drakfot asked her a tad confused about the question.

“The recovery, I mean from what little healing knowledge I have studied I have
not come across such recovery. How ?” Geie asked once more.

“I do not know my friend. I really do not know. All I could think about the
times when I was awake was the little ones whom I left in a good care with some
friends. I though of how much I wanted to see them again; my friends, the
puppies, the place I call home.” Drakfot said and gazed out over the water.

The day had turned into evening and the shines of the moon started to make their
appearance on the surface of the water. The wind turned a bit chillier still it
was refreshing and joyful to inhale.
The tranquillity started to sink in as the two Homins sat by the bottom of the

“So, you remember your friends. And puppies ?” Geie asked when she heard.

“Aye, for some time ago I took the care of a Yubo mother whom had lost her
puppies to some Clopper. At first she did not want to realize what had happened
and was about to do something foolish I am certain. But I took care of her and
after some time she gave birth to four wonderful little Yubopuppies. As I
embarked on my journey I left them in the care of good friends.” Drakfot said.

“Sounds cute. I hope you will see them soon again Drakfot.” She replied and
shuddered a little. “Say, can we move to a fire, it’s getting chilly here.”

Drakfot whom had thought about the little ones and her friends had missed that
it had become colder and as Geie had mentioned a fire she too felt how cold it
actually was. That and that her armour did not keep cold out as well as a fresh
set of armour would do. She got support from Geie as they walked back up to the
tent where she had been lying for the past few days and sat down by the fire. A
little later they were joined by Ba’caunin and Be’Ledacan as they brought them
food. They spend about an hour talking and eating before they put out the fire
and went to bed.

The next day came quite fast and Geie made an agreement with Drakfot that she
should start to exercise carefully in order to get her body used to move again.
She carefully watched over Drakfot in the beginning making sure that she did not
strain herself too much and she also pointed out what to do and not to. Half the
day passed as they worked together walking slowly around the area stopping now
and then to check that Drakfot was not in too much pain. It was hard in the
beginning for her to walk as it was felt throughout the entire body, but she was
determined to at least successfully walk a bit on her own as the thoughts of her
friends ached in her mind sometimes harder then the pain in her body.
Three days passed and Drakfot was able to move around with more ease, she had
even started helping out with smaller chores such as cleaning the dishes or
preparing parts of the food together with Mac’Nary, the self selected cook.
While she was doing that the others were busy trying to build a small stable for
the animals near the ruins of what looked to be older housings of some kind.

Later on the evening Geie came over to Drakfot’s tent, it seemed as it had
become such as Drakfot had returned to it every night after sharing food with
the others and they did not seem to mind that she spent time there on her own.
As Geie came to her she saw that Drakfot was looking at the papers and writings
that had fallen out when Ki had escaped about a week earlier.

“Hey there, am I disrupting anything ?” Geie asked Drakfot with alight voice
knowing what the reply would be.

“No, not at all my friend.” Drakfot said, the awaited reply. ” I was just
looking through these writings trying to make sense of them. It seems as I
recall some of them while others are more of a… blank to me.”

“What do you mean Drakfot ? You don’t remember them?” Geie asked surprised yet
she thought to herself that it could be a side effect due to the trauma.

“I know that I have written them, yet I cannot recall the time when I did”
Drakfot said with a disorientated voice as she flipped through the papers. “It
is as if I can only remember some parts of it.”

“Uhm, sound strange Drakfot. Are you sure that you are feeling alright ?” Geie
asked trying to lurk out if there was in fact something wrong with her.

“No, I am fine my friend. I am feeling very well. But there is something I need
to think about for a moment.” Drakfot replied as she placed the documents in the

“Well, then I wont be in your way more then the last change of bandages I was
about to do now. Hope that’s ok.” Geie said as he placed some clean rolls of
bandages on the ground making a sign to Drakfot to turn around.

“You are not in the way my friend, not at all. I enjoy talking to you much.
Please do not think that you are a hindrance to me for you are not.” Drakfot
said trying to reassure Geie the best she could.

“Well then, if you say so. Ah this looks very well too. If you have these
bandages for three more days I think that you can remove them and manage without
them.” Geie said as she smiled finding out how well her patient were doing.

“I apologize for being rather straight to the point but there is something I
need to ask.” Drakfot said as Geie was putting on the bandages.

“Sure Drakfot, what is it ?” She replied as she focused to tie the bandages

“Will I sustain a longer travel?” Drakfot said suddenly.

“Well, uhm… I think so… Why ? Are you planning to…” Geie said before she
stopped herself.

“Yes, I cannot tell why but I believe that I need to return soon. Perhaps it
will help me regain some of the memories I have lost. And I have probably made
my friends worry sick being away for so long, and I do not wish to worry them
too much.” Drakfot explained.

“yeah well, if you are careful and… well your mount should probably make it
easier for you. The way from here to Aeden is quite safe I think…” Geie said
suddenly a bit distant.

“Geie” Drakfot said as she turned around looking at the tall Zoraïan standing in
front of her.

“Yes?” She replied and looked at the short little Trykerette standing there.

“Can I… come back?” Drakfot asked with a serious look.

“Here.. you mean come back here ? Sure why couldn’t you do that ?” Geie said
surprised that such simple question was asked.

“Then it will never be a good bye my friend, as we will meet soon again.”
Drakfot said and smiled the widest she could.

“Hehe, yeah you’re right about that I guess. Sure you can come here whenever you
want. We’ll keep the tent open for you. Just, be careful ok and don’t strain
your body you hear.” Geie added with a small laughter.

They both hugged and then Drakfot went to bed as Geie picked up the old bandages
and walked over to the others.

The next day when Geie walked over to Drakfot’s tent it was empty, the little
Trykerette was gone and so was her mount. Empty but for a small note :

“To my dear friends
I wish to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for
caring for me throughout my recovery. You have shown
such kindness and care that it alone could rebuild a world.
And I hope that your courage and strong will will lead
to even greater things.
This is not a good bye, it never will be. For no matter
how far away or how long a distance between is, friends
are never apart.

Thank you dearly my friends, we will meet soon again.


“So you finally left eh, odd little trykerette.” Geie said loud as she read the
note. “The next time I see you you’d better be in better shape then when we
first met.” She added and smiled.

knock, knock, knock

“Yes who is it ?” Trixie said as she opened the door to the Guild Hall.

“Greetings my dear friend.” Drakfot said with a smile when she saw Trixie’s

“Drakfot!!” Trixie shouted as she saw who it was and instantly hugged her.

The first second it hurt a little due to the wounds. But a second later the pain
was all washed away by the warmth of a embracing friend.