The tale of A tribute to Sxarlet

The tale of A tribute to ….

There she was, lying on the ground severly wounded. She tried to get up on her
knees but as she successfully sat up her lungs abruply made her cough. A quick
look in her hand afterwards confirmed it, it was covered with blood, her blood.
The sand from the ground got stuck in many of her open wounds she had recived
during the battle. Yes it had been a tough one.
She made a last effort to stand up, perhaps she could walk somewhere safe and
get some rest. Perhaps she could make it back home again.
Her sight was covered in darkness as her standing up was to big effort and it
drained all her strength, she fell back onto the ground and fainted.
Thoughts ran through her mind as quick as a short breeze, ah how she had missed
the winds of Fairhaven, how it had swept past her playing with her hair. Yes
Fairhaven, this town whom held so many memories for her, the place where she had
been so alive since the day she first arrived. All the Homins that had welcomed
her that day, all the friends she had made since then. All of them in the town
named Fairhaven.

Yes she had been an uncertain young little girl that had arrived in the town,
appearing from nowhere at the Karavan TelePorter just beside the bridge. She had
felt so new and worried, what she had gotten herself into? Would she ever make
it far ? This question echoed in her mind the first days. Yet those were soon
remedied as she was invited to join a guild named Evolution. There she had met
so many nice Homins. The happy and lively Rikka, ah yes Rikka I wonder what she
be doing now. She had left quite some time ago for a journey she had to
undertake by herself and no word was from her more than an occasinal letter now
and then. And Sky, the beautiful, strict but fair, leader of the guild whom hade
made such lovely jewelry. She had decided that she had to travel the great
worlds and therefore entrusted Rikka to lead the guild on.

And there was Crythos, the ranged master, Snake the crafter of jewels whom taken
over after Sky. Machieltje the lovely tryker whom never was afraid to speak his
mind out loud, he and Frydeswinde. Drakfot, the little Trykerette that always
seemed to have a wonder on her mind, often turniung out to be yet another tale
to tell.
There are so many nice memories that came to her just as she thought of the name
So many strange Homins all gathered under the same name.
Perhaps it was due to that to evolve many things requires change, and there were
indeed amny different things in Evolution, so many minds of all kinds, so many
thoughts. Yet all with the same goal, to enjoy life and have fun. Imagine that,
just those simple words could make such change, a few words could evolve into so
many good memories she now held within her.

She thought of all her friends that she had met during her travels through the
lands. Spriteh, Kostika, Jyudas, Rashan to name a few from the lands of the
Fyros. Alibooma and Ghuiss the two lovely Zoraï’s always stopping by her
hometown to say hi. Silverfox, the Matisian lady whom had left her home and
traveled so far and so dangerously to join the guild.
Yes, so many friends and faces that she had got to know ever since that day she
first took her steps into Fairhaven. So many adventures she had , the
beachparty, the great invasion of the Kitins. She even remembered her first
meeting with the foul pirates, the so called Blackwater Pirates. A bunch of
smelling mischiefs she’d call them, in all due right.

It seemed that even the bad memories of the pirates was turned into good ones as
she now lied there on the ground thinking back. The blood still poured gently
from one of the deeper wounds in her side. Yet it was not as painful as it had
been a few moments ago, the memories dampened the pain greatly.
She even treated herself with a joyfull laughter, even though the pain would
have told her otherwise.

Yes since the first day so much had happened to the planet named Atys. So many
changes that counting them all would itself take quite some time. So muich that
had happened , many without them knowing of then, others been taking their
entire focus. The Kitin invasion, Deamla’s quest top find the pieces that later
seemed to have taken its turns on her mind. Sanantia Deamla’s closest friend
whom had fought so bravely and valiant by her side and later on had to endure
such hard battle between her duty and her friend. So many sad things had passed
the changes of time, so many things…

She closed her eyes..

Images flashed in front of her mental eye, images on her friends, the guild
hall, the bar in Fairhaven, the Tranquil Tryker in Thesos, the imperial dunes
outside pyr, Heaven of Purity in Zoraï, Trench of Trials of the Prime Roots…
The smiling faces of all her friends, laughing heartilly and calling for her,
telling her to come to them. They all called her name and extended their hands
towards her whispering « Come »..

Her eyes opened again, this was not the time nor the way. This is not an end, it
was just the beginning and she was determined now. Nothing could stop her any
longer. One that walks a path decided by themselves walks with firm steps. She
ripped a bit of her armour’s clothing and made a small bandage which she tied
around her waist to cover the wound. She rolled over on her stomach, closed her
eyes as she placed her palms on the ground next to her. With a scream she pushed
her body up in sitting position then to force herself standing up. The pain was
immense, yet it could not stop her, nothing could.

Sxarlet took a few staggering steps forward with only one thought echoing in her
mind : « It’s time to get home to my friends… »