The tale of Arcanas decision

Arcanas decision.

How long had they been there now? Was it hours or days ?
She did not know. All she knew was that it nagging her mind, hers and the
others. It had all started as a usual trip for harvesting some materials for
their craft. They had taken off from Fairhaven, they were swimming towards
Avendale. They had asked why Kiliane did not want to use the teleporter to get
there. She had just ran to the waters shouting “It is a wonderful day, lets see
the Beauty of Atys.”. As the swam Arcana realized what Kiliane ment.
One time too often the ease comes over and you forget hoe the lands look. Once
more Arcana found the beaty of Atys surrounding her just by swimming through it.

“Ah geesh, water inside the armour again..” Poul said while swimming behind her.

“Dont worry Poul, youll get dry as soon as we get back on shore at Avendale.”
Arcana told him.

“Yeah soon he will start asking if we are there yet” Mindwave said teasing Poul.

“Oh Ill show you “are we there yet”” Poul said and swam to Mindwave and pulled
him under the surface.

And then a small fight began between Poul and Mindwave and it all ended up in
everyone splashing water at eachother and laughing as small children whom felt
great joy. Arcana understood why Kiliane wanted to do this now. She understood
that even how hard times might be, we once in a while have to stop being dead
serious and let the little child inside get some room to play. If we did not do
that we would end up being dead inside. And so they laughed, they laughed so
much they barely could keep their head above the surface.

A bit later as they reached Avendale they were all thouroughly soaked and glad
that they sat down by the fire for a little time to dry up and to just enjoy the
warm breeze of friendship that followed them.

“It time to move now I think, I can almost hear the screams of those lovley
ambers waiting for us in Loria.” Mindwave said to the others.

“Yes lets move.” Arcana added.

And so they stood up, checked that everything was in order. And waited for
Kiliane to arrive for she had run off into town a few minutes earlier.

“Finally you are back Kili” Poul said smiling at Kiliane.

“I just wanted some candy, and the roasted stinga seeds here are the best.”
Kiliane answered a bit ashamed. For she had the taste for sweets.

“Hmm I think you are right.” Poul said while nicking some seeds from Kiliane.

“Hey , you could ask you know.” Kiliane told Poul.

“I know, I know.” Poul answered smiling towards Kiliane. “And you are right,
they are great.”

Kiliane extended her tounge towards Poul and then ran to Arcana and Mindwave
whom already had begun to walk towards the portal. As they all gathered up at
the portal and went through the day slowly turned into evening. On the other
side they decided to head for Lake Superior for there was some of the finest
mats in the region. And so they started their trip.

As they all reached their goal the evening had gotten darker into what is named
night. They decided to spend the night before starting their harvesting. And
what a fine night it was indeed. The stars glistened with all their power, the
breeze was warm and gentle as it flew by.
Poul was tired from running around with his heavey armour so he fell asleep
after just an hour of talking. Mindwave sat up longer and talked to Arcana and
kiliane. They talked about what ever came to their mind. Mindwave felt how he
got tired and he also decided to sleep for the night.

Now it was only Arcana and Kiliane left awake. Kiliane lied down with her head
in Arcanas lap and looked up at her.

“You know Kiliane. I have been a bit downward lately with all this fighting and
things that seemed to be forced upon us to make. It has been hard times and
lately I have felt that I have not been able to do it with my fullest strenght.
But after today, just the journey here I have regained that strength, I am
myself again. Was that why you wanted to do it this way?”. Arcana asked looking
at Kiliane. Kiliane just smiled back at her.

“Maybe” was all she said.

“I love you” Arcana said and leaned forward and kissed Kiliane on her forehead.

They talked until the night got brighter. The tossed a quick look over at
Mindwave and Poul. They saw that Mindwave had turned around and now lied beside
Poul with one arm over him. They laughed quietly when they saw this.
Then Kiliane fell to sleep too.
Arcana looked down on the most beautiful face she had ever seen. Even the stars
stretched out in all their might and let their light shine upon her face. The
wind gently took held of her hair and moved it backwards and forwards. This was
an image that forever will burn in the heart of Arcana. Finally even she fell
asleep there on the beach by the campfire next to the one whom held her heart.

As the day broke up and let its beams shine down on them they all woke up
rubbing their eyes. They exstinguished what was left of the fire and gathered
their camping gear.

“Did you sleep well Mind and Poul?” Arcana asked with a smile.

“Oh youre being cheerfultoday Arc.” Mindwave replied. “Yes I did sleep well

“yeah me too.” Poul added.

Arcana and Kiliane looked at eachother and laughed.

“Are you sure that it was only roasted stinga seeds you went for Kili” Poul said
a bit confused over they laughing.

“Haha, yes I am sure dear Pould.” Kiliane replied. “Now then, time to get those
mats we came for”

And so they all began their digging, sometimes they all dug and sometimes they
helped eachother out. They spend the rest of the day digging and laughing.
Arcana felt that this was something she had been missing for so long. Just a few
Homins that together could make the entire Atys laugh in joy. Yes it was a fine
day indeed and she was certaing that the others felt just like her. And if they
did not, they sure had a hard time hiding it. Her strenght was regained once
more, nothing could stop her or them anymore.

But they sure tried to…

“Arrgh , run to the lake, ruun to safety.” These were the words of Poul.

When they turned around to look towards Poul was they saw that he no longer held
his pick, he held his sword as he fended off five Kinchers. “Dammit run to the
lake I said”

“NO POUL, we cannot leave you here” Mindwave shouted as he started to put his
amps on. “We are comming for you.”

“Dont you bloody dare come near me. Get yourself into safety and come for me
later. Do this now.” Pouls shouted as he wielded his sword agains the Kinchers
to stop them for noticing his teammates.

They all hastly gathered their things and ran to the lake nearby where the
Kinchers could not reach them. When they were there they heard a scream that ran
through their minds and left their hearts in a cold. It was Poul who fell to the
ground. They knew that they had little time before they could help him.
Hearing the scream it made them all angry inside, they built up their strength
and got ready to do their counterattack. They knew why Poul had told them to get
to the lake for he always said that you should not enter a battle unprepaired.
and now they were more than prepaired. They were what is the greatest threat for
Kinchers, they were angry Homins.

“Kili, you go and get Poul back to us while I shall aid Mind out while nuking
these ill minded Kinchers back to the hole they came from.” Arcana handed out
the orders and the others noded. And so they ran towards Poul.

And so the battle begun. Mindwave threw blast upon blast on the Kinchers. The
first one did not even notice what had hit it before it fell. Kiliane quickly
ran a bit further and casted spells to call Poul back. And back he came. He was
furious. He was a man of honour even in battle. And attacking a fiend in the
back was not honourable. He grew as he screamed his call of battle and rushed
into the kinchers that Mindwave not yet had blasted away. Kiliane kept on
casting spells to help Poul and Mindwave threw spells with the aid of Arcana.
Finally the last kincher fell and they were calm and safe again.

“That should teach you something about making Homins angry” Mindwave said.

“Indeed” Poul added.

They took an hour to rest and get themselves back on track. A quick glance in
the bags told them that their harvest was almost over and they were soon to
leave for home.

“Why do I always have to carry the heave bags?” Poul said a bit sad.

“For you are our strong swordsman, and the training is good for you.” Kiliane
answered with a smile while chewing some roasted stinga seeds.

“Oh be quiet, I carry a heavy bag too and you dont see me complain do you.”
Mindwave added in to the discussion.

“Haha, you guys are just lovely. Now I know why I like you soo much.” Arcana
said laughing. “Now lets go, we are not far from home.

It started to drip gently and silently from the sky. It soon turned into pouring
rain that seemed to dim their sight. They had to search for cover in a cave

Now they are in the cave and it rains outside and they feel cold. Their
materials to make fire had gotten soaked so there they sat as close as they
could to keep the warmth. Arcana was hugging Kiliane as she was shaking from the
cold. Mindwave and Poul just sat close to eachother.

“Wait, do you hear something?” Arcana asked them after a while.

“wh..whatt iss ittt” Kiliane asked between her shakes.

“I dont hear anything.” Poul said

“Me neither” Mindwave added.

“Exactly my point, its silent again. I cant hear the rain anymore. Poul go and
check if it has stopped.” Arcana said.

“Hahaha, you are right indeed, it has stopped.” Poul said when he returned.
“Lets get ourselves away from here now.”

As they all got out they felt how good it was to stretch out their bodies. For
sitting in a cold cave too long was not their idea of fun. And as they closed in
on the portal to Avendale, for they had decided to travel back by foot again,
the sun breached the clouds and lets its beams wander down on Atys. Thery all
stopped and raised their faces to welcome the warm beams.

“Ah yes we did have fun these last few days, this little stop in that cold cave
means nothing against that. I feel full again.” Arcana thought to herself as she
felt the warmth of the sun wander through her body. She now knew.

“Let us go home now”..