The tale of Candyman

Some time ago here in Avendale, in the younger years of this lovely little town,
some events took place. It was the years following after its final built was
done and Homins came to see this wondrous architecture, they came from all over
Aeden when the words of this new town was heard. Much attention was given and
the town was prosperous. But it was not always of the best; with this new town there
were also the lesser friendly Homins whom came here to seek their luck. At a
time bandits were roaming the areas around it in order to rob the Homins coming
to this new haven with fresh dreams and many dappers in their pockets.

Yet this was soon thwarted rather hastily as when word spread from the local
guards to Fairhaven reinforcements were sent to Avendale and within the week
the bands of muggers were disbanded or forced to move to areas where Homins
rarely traveled. Of course these new locations were scouted out and generally
informed to all Homins so they could travel safer. Merchants started coming to
the town selling their goods or trading with those that already were around.
Many items were brought into the town and also may crafted items were taken out
onto the lands of Atys.

In all this town’s growth was in a bliss and it seemed as the good things would
never take an end. But one evening a Homin came to the bridges, followed by
three packers. He had a rough look on is face, not uncommon for those that had
traveled a great distance, and so was not particularly noted by all the busy
He sat up his tent just outside the town and soon he had a pot hanging over the
fire. After a moment a pleasant smell started filling up the areas around him
even though he had seemed to be but a common traveling merchant, it became
harder and harder for Homins to ignore the sweet taste the air around his tent

“You will see tomorrow” Was all he replied when they asked him what it was that
he was cooking in his pot. This , of course, increased the curiosity of the
Homins whom had asked him. His secrecy and the wonderful smell added piles onto
their eagerness to find out what it could be. And so the next morning came and
some of the younger Homins went to see him at his tent. But he was nowhere to be
found around it nor was he nearby. Disappointed they walked into the town only
to find that he was standing there selling small bags.

“Candy, get your sweet candy here!” He said as he waved the little bag around.

When he opened one for those that wanted to have a taste the same smell as they
had felt yesterday came from the bag. Little to say, it did not take long for
Homins to ease the pouch and hand over their dappers for one of his small bags
in return and it seemed that soon he had sold every little bag of candy. Some
who did not have the chance to purchase a bag for themselves were disappointed
when they found out that he had none left, but he ensured them that if they
would return tomorrow there would be plenty more. Later in the evening they
could once more spot him standing at his tent, cooking something in the pot
and as they knew what it was they were looking forward to the next day.
So it continued for four days, Homins bought his candy and every evening he was
seen standing by his tent, cooking.

But at the end of the week two Homins approached the local guards if they had
seen their little daughter as she had been lost since yesterday morning.
They were very worried about her. The guards had not seen the little girl they
described, but they also went to ask the Candyman as he had become known as to
them if he had seen the little one. He had given them a strange look as he had
answered “no”.

Early in the morning after the parents once more approached the guards, telling
them that their little girl had been found. But she was in a state where she was
merely staring straight ahead, into what seemed to be emptiness. They have had
a healer studied her, but she could only state that they girl was in a physical
well shape. But it seemed as her mind was in a worse state, perhaps one where
there was no cure. They were devastated by this. The guards told them that they
were glad that she was found, but saddened hearing of her state.

Then odd things started to happen…

One after one little Homin children started to disappear, just to be found a
day later in the same way as the first little girl. But no one would be able to
tell what had happened to them or where they had been. Just that when they was
found again, they distant, staring at something somewhere far away. The guards
were stunned by this, nowhere were there clues to be found yet soon they started
to suspect the Candyman.

The town had been tranquil until the day he arrived, it seemed as it was the
start of these odd happenings. It even went as far as parents would not let
their children wander outside unless they were with them so that nothing would
happen to them. And so the time passed for a while and the once so calm and
cheerful town was turned into empty streets with stressed Homins trying to get
their chores done in a timely manner.

It seemed that after a few days the Candyman stopped brewing his candy for some
untold reason, this only amplified the suspicion towards him and finally the
Homins had found their limit and a mob was formed to confront him. They stormed
to his tent and shouted until he appeared from it.

“What evil have you done to our children?” They shouted at him.

“I have done nothing.” He coldly replied them.

“We cannot believe you, our little daughter has said nothing but “want some
candy” for the last three days since she was found. What have you done!”
A distressed mother shouted from the crowd as they started moving closer and
closer to him. No matter how he tried to tell them he had done nothing they
would not listen, their minds were set. In a flash of a quick moment they had
beaten him down to the ground and tied him up and they then proceeded to drag
him to a cliff where they continued to ask him what he had done to their
children, yet he gave the same answer all the time, over and over again.
Finally one of them had enough and pushed him, still tied up, over the cliff
but as soon as he had done so they regretted themselves and their action taken.
But as they dived in after him, no matter how much they looked and dived in
the area, he was nowhere to be found.

What was even more strange was that when they returned to Avendale, his tent
and packers were also missing,
it was as if he had never been there. And when they returned to their homes they
found their children, returned to normal again yet not having any memory of what
had happened.
A theory arose that the bitter sweetness in his candy was drained from the fear
of Homins. But as they were all glad to be rid of this menace they just ignored
this and let it all fall into a void to be forgotten.

Yet one question still remains until this very day…
Where did the Candyman go ?