The tale of Drakfot - part 1

The tale of Drakfot – part 1.

The awakening.

A gentle breeze wandered over her face as she slowly opened her eye towards
the blue sky. What was that? she wondered. What happened ans where am I?.
And what was that voice in her dream telling her ?. “Come my child, I shall protect you” was it not those words?.
As she sat up the strong light from the sun hit her eyes and blinded her.
While her eyes were closed she slowly started to hear all the little noises
around her, footsteps, the sounds of water and the squeaking of windmills. After a little while she opened her eyes, and she could not belive what she saw.

All around her there was people walking around, doing errands, talking or was just in a hurry to get somewhere. Where am I? she thought to herself. When she turned around to see what was behind her she saw a circular wooden building with open holes leading inside. She was sitting just outside it.

How are you my friend? A voice from somewhere said to her.
What?. As she turned back there was a friendly face smiling towards her.
Who are you? she asked without even thinking of what to do.
I am the Welcomer here in Aubermoth, my name is Ba’Gan Brermen.
Aubermouth? she asked wondering. Yes this place carries that name indeed , Ba’Gan answered. It is an holdout for young Trykers that wants to ready themselves for the adventures of their forthcoming life. Young people that seeks adventure, challanges and even to risk their own lifes come here for The Beginning.
Aubermoth?! she asked, interrupting Ba’Gan.
Yes, that is where you are my friend. How did you get here ? As I turned around I saw you lying there.
I do not know she says. She tries to stand up but feels a bit weak. As she tubmles forward Ba’Gan quickly helps her standing up steady.

So what is your name fellow Tryker? Ba’Gan asks her.
Drakfot she answers without thinking, it is more as an reflex.
Ah I see, welcome Drakfot Ba’Gan says with a smile. May your days here be as lovely as the breeze and as calm as the waters. If there is anything you wishes to know please come and talk to me. I will be around here somewhere. Please exsuse me as I have matters to attend to. If you wishes to explore the lands around here the bridge is that way Ba’Gan said pointing towards the part of the house that seemed to lead to the land.

As Ba’Gan walked away Drakfot stood there for a while, thinkging to herself.
So my name must be Drakfot and I am standing here in Aubermouth the place to be to get ready for The Beginning. That is what Ba’Gan Brermen said right? she thought to herself. As my mind says nothing else so it must be.
But what is this Beginning that was mentioned? How did I get here, and foremost what was that voice I heard just before waking up here in Aubermouth, a place that I have not seen before nor heard of?

As these many questions troubled her mind she said to herself quietly :
Yes I am Drakfot and I am standing here in Aubermouth. I guess that to find out more I must seek this The Beginning.

And she took her first step into this new exiting world knowing nothing but her name, Ba’Gan Brermen and the words of the voice in her mind….