The tale of Drakfot - part 10

The tale of Drakfot – Part 10.

Footsteps in the sand.

So they had now finally arrived at the capital of the Fyros lands, Pyr the great
city. It was as a giant statue that was abruptly arisen in the desert to show
the determination of Homins. They had choosen to overcome all obstacles that
living in the desert meant. And at such great prevail this town now flourished
as ever before. It was as it had grown right up from the ground, yet forged into
the well of life it now was through the care and hard work of Homins. A
magnificent sight indeed.

Drakfot, Crythos and Rikka slowly walked towards the Kami TP and each made their
pact of teleportation. Then they met with the team and once more they could hear
the now familiar sound of Memorx as he ran past them; “Aaaalleeee!”. They all
laughed a bit and noticed that there was even more inside the walls that met the

“Ok everyone, since we did not had the time to spend in Yrkanis, let’s all have
a good time to rest here. Gather here later tonight and prepare to travel early
in the morning.” The leader of the trek said and then turned around and started
to talk to one of the officer guards that had come to meet him.
“Oohh, then I know exactly what to do then, come with me Drakfot. I want to
show you something.” Rikka said as she grabbed Drakfot’s hand and started to
walk in a kind of rushed pace towards somewhere Drakfot did not know of.
“See you later Crythos, hurry Drakfot!”

“I’ll be around the shops I think, going to have a look on those launchers and
perhaps have a nice conversation with the manufacturer.” Crythos said as he
slowly walked away towards the salesmen , chewing his straw. “You girls have
fun now.”

Drakfot waved at Crythos as she was almost dragged away by Rikka that had a kind
of devious smile on her face. The ran by an open plain where some more of those
strange huts that they had seen in Thesos, though there were some more Homins
standing by these and Drakfot could see that some of them displayed some gods
for sale. They took a left turn and moved forward.
After a few minutes with trying to follow up with Rikka, turning around so many
corners Drakfot was rather confused and wondered where she really were. Such
maze that seemed to be in the town, yet for those inborn this was mot likely no

“We are almost there now Drakfot, tihi I think you will like this. I sure do.”
Rikka said.

“Ahm.. where are we going Rikka ? I am a bit lost now.” Drakfot replied a bit
worried for she did not know where to turn if she ever got lost in this giant

“We are not going anywhere, at least for now. We are here Drakfot!” Rikka said
and smiled widely.

“The Pyr baths” Drakfot said out loud to herself as she read the sign that
hanged over the door. “A bath ?”

“Yes !!” Rikka said giggling. “We sure have deserved some rest haven’t we.
Now lets go in, its the stairs to the right that leads downward.”

“Oh.. I have never experienced any hot water sources before..” Drakfot said in
a careful manner. There had been so many new things for her recently, would she
ever have time to sort them out ?

They walked down the stairs after paying the fair fee’s and entered a smaller
room. It was lightened up by beams from the sun that eminated from an opening in
the ceiling. Around the wall were benches places for them to place their
belongings on while they were enjoying the water. In the center of the room
there was an circle filled with clear sprightly water. They both undressed
wearing only their underwear, placed their armours and bags on the bench and
then entered the water. It was first then as Drakfot’s toes touched the water as
she felt how relaxinf this source of water was. And how long and taring the
journey sofar had been. Yes she was rather new to all this and had not yet by
just traveling through the lands had time to adapt to their climate. As the
water sourrounded her body as she sat down into it shel felt relaxed and rested.
It was as the water gave her muscles some long wanted massage and rest. She
could do nothing but to enjoy it all. And so they did. Drakfot and Rikka sat
there for some time , resting and talking. Yes it was a long awaited rest for
them both. Yet after a while Rikka stood up and they got dressed again. Now they
were ready to meet what the streets of Pyr held in hand for them. As soon as
they stood up from the water it was as they were never in it, thet were dry and

“Another mystery don’t you think Drakfot ?” Rikka said as the put her sleeves

“Yes, just a second ago we were sitting in the water, but now it seems as when
we left the source of the water , it all stayed here. Nothing is on us anymore.
Strange and amazing indeed. ” Drakfot replied, then got ready to leave.

“So then , let’s explore Pyr a bit shall we.” Rikka said as they both exited
the bathhouse. They stopped outside the door and looked around. Then Rikka
decided that the way forward was the most exciting one and they both walked that
way. After just a minute Drakfot was already well lost among all the streets and
cornes yet she still followed Rikka whom seemed to know the wat around in the
town. They almost bumped into Kridix Abygrian as they rounded a corner.

“Hey there Rikka, I see that you are showing a new one around. How are you two
?” He asked them with a smile.

“I am great thank you Kridix, this is Drakfot. She has recently been able to
travel around with us.” Rikka said to Kridix.

“Nice to meet you Drakfot. I hope that you will find Pyr to be the lovely town
it is.” He said with a comforting smile.

“Oh it is fine.. soo many streets and corners I am a bit lost I must admit.”
Drakfot replied and stared into the ground.

“Haha, they all are as they come here my friend. Do not worry, Rikka here sure
knows her ways around. You will be fine with her. Now I must rush off, I might
seem as I have little to do. But trust me I have many matters to attend to. See
you around Drakfot and nice seeing you again Rikka.” Kridix said an walked off.

“This way Drakfot, we are almost there now!” Rikka said and grabbed Drakfot’s
hand and started to run.

After some more corners and small streets they found a small stair that lead
upwards and Rikka continued to hold Drakot as they ran up along it. At the top
they were met by a large pateu where many Homins was walking around, talking and
minded their buisness. Drakfot was amazed as it seemed to be on a different
level from what she had seen previously of the town, yet it all fitted so well
They found another stair that led downwards and it ended it a smaller room, yet
impressive with its details and large space.

“Oh.. this is amazingly large” Drakfot said with an impressed voice.

“Oh this is nothing, follow me” Rikka said and turned right towards the wall.

Yet it was not a wall there but another walkway into another even greater room.
In the middle of a wall there was a small stage set with trees on both sides.
It was a huge meeting hall and Drakfot could sense that many Homins voiced eched
in here and great decisions were made. She looked up and saw that it was an open
place where heaven was the roof and the great mountain stretched over it to
provide it with some cover. A mightful sight indeed.
They continued into the next room where another stair led them upwards where
they turned right and entered another room.
As they entered Drakfot stopped in amazement, this town, from the outside was a
mighty and amazing sight indeed. Yet she had never thought that the insides of
it would amaze her even more continously.
The room was a large hallway with a giant stair in the middle and at the
opposite of its entrance there was a giant statue of what seemed to be a lady
holding something in her hands. Drakfot took a moment and looked at the statue,
it was almost as if it looked back at her and smiled.

“You want to see what’s upstairs Drakfot?” Rikkas voice brought her back to
reality and she nodded yes. Once more they walked upward a stair yet this one
splitted in two halfway and they choosed the right one. Or rather Rikka choosed
as Drakfot was trying to keep up with her. She held such lively spirit indeed.
Once they reached the top Drakfot saw that some Homins stood and discussed what
seemed to be usual matters. From the plateu they now had reached she could see
that there were two rooms om each side, both filled with Homins discussing
different ways to train everything from frighting to how you craft fine things.
They all looked at the two little Trykerettes that stood there staring at them
and smiled. Some waved to them and they answered with smiles and waves too.
Everyone here were so kind that even if she felt lost Drakfot knew that there
would be no problem to ask for help to get back.

“Well, I think that this will cover well for today. Lets go find the TP again
so we can get some rest before we sets off again. You lead the way Drakfot!”
Rikka said as she turned around and started to walk down the stairs.

“Ehm.. I am.. I don’t know the way Rikka.. I am lost..” Drakfot said a bit
embarrassed as she slowly walked after Rikka down the stair.

“I know, I was just teasing you a bit Drak. Now come lets hurry to the
others.” She said with a laugh as she started to run.

Drakfot smiled and ran after her down the stairs, out through the ascendign
rooms and stairs until they finally got back out on the streets. Once more they
were running in the small maze of streets and intersections. Suddenly they ran
past a small place holding a fountain that stood there as a small source of
fresh water for all Thirsty Homins. They kept running and soon Drakfot wondered
if they were ever to find their way out.

“We are almost there Drakfot, hang on” Rikka said and took a right tunr.

“Southgate..” Drakfot read on a sign that was attached to the wall and
continued to follow Rikka.

After a few more turns and streets and almost bumping into a Homin or two they
finally reached the large sqaure with trainers and the houses that Drakfot
remembered. And as soon as they got closer to the exit on the other side of it
Drakfot could hear the voices she knew was the ones that she was traveling with.
It had been a great and astounding show of Pyr. Such great and lovely city it