The tale of Drakfot - part 11

The tale of Drakfot part 11 – A night in the open.

So they closed in towards the Kami TP where they had arrived. It was a rather
funny sight as Drakfot and Rikka ran among the Fyros people, they looked
like palish children that ran among the adult. The difference of Trykers and Fyros.
Though most of the Fyros took none or little notice of this as they continued
their chores, and they were used to that travelers took the way around Pyr to
see the great city of the desert.
As they got to the TP and gathered up with the others, Crythos had gotten his
hands on yet a rifle, now a Fyros made one that he was examining and Memorx sat
leaned against the wall and smiled at them. As they met up they were told that
the night was to be spent in Pyr as the group wished for some rest. So they
grabbed their traveling bags and walked off back towards the entrance, in the
ascending area some tents were risen for them to rest under in case of rain. But
a glance at the sky told them different. They all scuffed their bags in one of
the tents and made something to eat.

After eating they all wandered about a bit, some wanted to enjoy the late night
life of Pyr and it was easy to understand as the word “Aaleeee” echoed along the
walls as they went off. Memorx had dragged some of their traveling companions
with him on his explorations of the nightly life. They all seemed as a merry
bunch. Drakfot took a blanket and left the little tent silently as Rikka had
already fallen asleep. “It must be much energy to hold such lively spirit” She
thought as she wandered towards the fires that formed a gate into and out from
the town.
As she came close to them she gave them a careful look. How could it be that
even though they were of fire it was not harmful ? She extended her hand and
touched the flames as they grew up from the ground rising up against the sky to
finally vanish in a dust. It was not cold but it was not warm either, the flames
touched her hand and it almost felt like the fur of a Yubo. It was smooth and
gentle as it helped her move as she passed through them.

As she got just outside the stables she looked around at the desert that lied
around. Its color had faded as the sun had walked away and hidden behind the
great mountains. She found that the wall on the opposite of the stable were a
fine place to sit down and so she did.

So there outside the great town of Pyr sat a little Trykerette on the ground
wrapped in a blanket and stared at the sky with wondering eyes. How long had she
been here now ? How many days, weeks perhaps even months had passed since that
day in Aubermouth. And why was it that she did know nothing of the time before
that. Her thoughts went out to Ba’Gan Brermen whom had first greeted her as she
woke up. She looked at the sky and a smile wandered over her face as she thought
of the day she had left him, with a thank and a flower and she hoped that he too
had found the heart of the girl he was found of. The sky that night had been as
bright as this.

She sat there and leaned her head back against the wall and looked at the sky,
the stars that slowly glistened as they lit up what seemed to otherwise be an
endless ocean of darkness. The moon wandered slowly over the sky and let its
glow shine down on the little housing and the stable boy went outside to being
in the Mektoubs whom was waiting to get inside where the food was. The guards
patrolled the gates and switched places as they looked both on whom was entering
and exiting the town. There Drakfot sat looking at the sky , wrapped in a
blanket and burrowed her feet in the sand.

“Yeh, it is a nice sky tonight isn’t it. These nights seems to happen now and
then.” Rikka said as she sat down next Drakfot. “Sorry for falling asleep before

“Don’t worry Rikka, you seemed to enjoy it.” Drakfot replied.

And there they sat and looked at the night as it wandered in over Pyr. As the
night came closer they still sat there together looking at the sky and
momentarily exchanged a few words.

The sun returned to the lands and made the desert glow once more and its light
shined upon the entire landscape. The stable boy opened the stable doors,
stretched as he yawned and was followed by the Mektoubs as they exited the
stable and entered the enclosure outside where they could wait for the owners to
come and fetch them.

At the wall Rikka and Drakfot sat, leaned towards each other , sleeping quietly.
As the sun reached their eyes they woke up and rubbed theirs eyes. As they stood
up and folded their blankets they heard a voice :

“Mornin’ ladies” Crythos said and it was first now as they noticed that he had
been sitting just a few meters away from them.

“Good morning Crythos” Drakfot said and smiled as she saw that it was him.

“Heya Crythos” Rikka said and shined up with a smile that gave even the sun

“Well, you slept so well that I did not want to disturb you so I packed the tent
and brought your things here. We will likely leave soon now.” He said and
pointed at their traveling bags.

At correctly as he said as soon as they had got their bags the rest of the group
came storming out through the gates and took a steer left.

“So there you are, well then hurry!” The leader shouted as he saw them and then
continued to run up front to show the way.

Drakfot noticed that many in the group held a happy and rested face now, the
nights rest and pleasures must have been well placed. And so they all moved out
along the wall of the town of Pyr. This was an amazing place and as they ran
along the road Drakfot thought to herself that she had to return here some day
to find out more about this town.

They ran for a bit and then came close to a place that seemed almost misplaced
in a desert, it was a small oasis in the middle of the warmth of a desert.
Memorx told her that this was Oflovak’s Oasis, a known place in Fyros.
Drakfot looked around a bit as they all got a TP for this place. She did not
notice a Clopper that had seen her and now was after something to feed on. She
turned around as she heard the sound of its claws closing and saw the beast
coming at her in full speed. She was so startled that she had no time to react.
And as the beast was just in front of her it stopped, looked at her and
staggered a few steps and then fell to the ground with a sound.
Drakfot looked at it and then looked up and saw that Crythos stood at the TP
aiming his rifle.
He had seen the Clopper in time and had shouldered his rifle and fired off a
shot which had found its target. Drakfot bowed to Crythos to show her
appreciation towards him for helping her, she decided not to stroll far away
from the team again. There would be plenty of time for her to look at this place
in the future and she would likely be more prepared by then.

Soon they were all traveling again and now they ran among what seemed to be some
sort of canyons. It held some strange creatures that looked as they were Homins
but still they were not.

“Where are we now” She asked Rikka as they ran between two mountains.

“This place have some names, but most call it Frahar Towers.” She replied.
“And those two legged ones are called Frahars, don’t go close to them for they
don’t look well on others.”

Drakfot thought about the Clopper just a few moments earlier and decided to
follow Rikka’s advice.
A bit later they closed up on a town that was well and lively. The leader
shouted out Dyron as the name and that they once more were to get a TP and them
move on towards the portal that would take them to the last place for their
travels before going homeward.

Drakfot looked around and noticed that this was a fairly small town, yet lively
enough for a larger city as the merchants set up their items, harvesters sold
their materials and the crafters were busy making their work for the day. And
once more the words of their leave echoed over them as the leader ran off
followed by them.

Now it was easier for them to move in the large group they were as the areas
were more open. But a word of warning was issued as some of the animals here
were often hungry and always looking for something to eat. So they all kept an
extra eye on the surroundings as they followed a path that lead alongside the

Suddenly a scream reached them on the right side. It was a young Trykerette whom
ran for her life from a large animal that had seen her and put up a pursuit.
Rikka made a quick turn as the little girl came closer and started to run
towards the animal and with an roar she took a jump, unshielded her knife and
aimed for the animal. With a thud they landed a few meters away and the animal
now took aim for Rikka instead of the scared to death girl. Rikka stood there
staring at the animal as it stared back at her. Then it jumped towards her. It
tried to bite at her head, but Rikka was faster than that and raised her left
arm as protection and they could see her making a face as the teeth’s reached
her skin, yet protected by the armour she wore. She took her knife and stabbed
it deeply into the side of the neck of the animal and its bellowed a scream as
it fell to the ground. As it fell, still holding Rikka’s arm in its mouth, its
last breath was of fire as it exhausted it.

“Aarrgh” Rikka screamed as she pulled her arm towards her and held it close. It
had gotten severely burned but the breath.

“Ocynx” was all the others had the chance to yell during this short time as they
gathered up to see what it was all about.

Rikka tried to stand up, but her arm aching of too much pain and as she fell
back on the ground.
Drakfot was the one that had been closest to her and she was the first one to
reach her.
She looked at Drakfot and tried to give a warming smile.

“Th-that was the first Ocynx I have slayed with my own hands, is she alright?”
She asked Drakfot as she healed her arm the best she could.”Sorry if I scared
you all”

“Yes she is fine, she was just scared by it all.” Drakfot said as the last wound
on the arm disappeared. “And yes you scared me Rikka”

“Sorry, couldn’t help it” She said as she stood up and gently touched her arm.
“Wow, it stopped hurting, thanks”

The group got together rather quick as being spread out is one of the greatest
weaknesses of a large group as it increases the chance for other fouls animals
to notice them. They then moved away in a closer group then before and Memorx
ran next to the young Trykerette seeing to that she was safe and did not fell
behind again. She was thankful for their concern.

So finally after a bit of running they came to a portal , they would have missed
it if they didn’t know that it was there. One by one they jumped through it.
Before it was Drakfot’s turn she took a last look at the warm desert that she
had been traveling through and seen so much in.
She smiled as she turned around and entered the portal.