The tale of Drakfot - part 12

The tale of Drakfot part 12 – A jungle hymn.

At the other side of the portal it all seemed to be the same, desert as far as
they could see. Yet now there was a darkened sky and rain seemed to be near and
abundant. Yet it did not discourage all the Homins that was set for the journey,
they had already overcome so many difficulties and some rain was not stopping
them now. And besides they would soon be safe under the mighty trees and plants
that grew in the jungle. Yes they had now reached ZoraÏ.

“Ahh the fresh air of the Great Outback.” Rikka said as Drakfot exited the
portal on the other side.

“Outback?” She asked Rikka, this was a name she had not heard before. It somehow
seemed as a strange name to place for such people as the Zoraï, but then again
Drakfot had only had a quick conversation with Vao La-Po and they had not got
into any deeper speakings then the daily greetings. One time they have had a
moment, though once it had come to an abrupt end as he had to run off for a

He had given her an impression that the Zorai’s were a calm people, they never
rushed a matter unless it was of utter most importance. He had told her that it
was due to that they sought enlightenment through reaching spiritual goal and
achievements. Even though they had only exchanged a few sentences during that
conversation Drakfot had gotten an image in her mind on how they were. Calm,
generous, gentle were some of the words she would like to say about them. And
now she was finally there, in their lands and surroundings. And they did
resemble their way of life.

They all gathered up and sought to that everyone was there, no one was to fall
behind or off the group. Then they settled out and started to move towards the
horizon. As they came closer a wonder began to grow in Drakfot, where were they
headed ? As they got closer to the horizon she had seen as they came through the
portal it seemed as it did not travel further away as usual, instead it moved
closer to them. But as they got closer and closer she could see that it was
nothing ill but a mere cliff that met them and they soon found a patch that led
them downwards into the jungle that now started to appear in front of them.
There were a few descendants of Kitins that tried their best to defeat them, but
as through the journey the group had been soldered together so well that
everyone instantly took their parts in the teams and quickly defended
themselves. So a few minutes later the ground was holding more carcasses from
Kitins than Kitins standing up and the group moved along.

A bit later they came close to something that Drakfot never had seen before, she
was not alone about this as some o the other Homins stared at it as she did.
What was this thing that had taken hold of their sight?

“That is Desertstock” Crythos said as he passed them, he stopped with them for a
moment and gazed at the sight. Then he let his straw pass from one side to the
another. “Well , there is not many times one will see such things so one better
enjoy it while they can. But now we must get moving again, seems as we have made
a small habit of getting behind the group.”

They all ran up to the group that had got used to them being a few meters
behind. And no one really noticed them as they snuck up behind again and joined
the group. And so they ran and as curious she was Drakfot tried to get an as
good look as possible on the surroundings, the trees , the plants and flowers
and the animals that roamed. Some of them were rather similar to the ones she
knew well from Aeden, some was new to her.

There were some tall black ones that walked on two legs and seemed to think
little of the Homins that came running by them as they quickly took up a hunt
and wanted to harm them. Yet once more the group proved how well they worked
side by side. The Gibbai’s fell too.

This took some time as there were quite the lot of Gibbai’s that passed near the
route they were taking.

“Ehm, Crythos, where are we headed?” Drakfot asked quietly. She knew that
Crythos had known before where they were and where they were headed towards and
hope that he once more could provide an answer.

“We are going for Zora, the main capital of Zoraï.” He replied as they continued
to run. “It’s not far off by now.”

Suddenly a smell arose and it seemed to emanate from somewhere close by.
Drakfot’s head started to ache more and more and she almost got dizzy thanks to
this smell. She staggered and missed a step and fell forward into the ground.
She got help to get back on her feet’s and a few coughs later she could stand on
her own legs again.

“That happens to just about everyone the first time they get in contact with the
Goo.” Rikka said as she examined Drakfot briefly to see that she was fine.

“What? Happens ? The Goo ?” Drakfot said wondering.

“Yes, the Goo that spreads through the lands and thrives upon it ad devours it.”
Rikka said with a serious face. “Stainmoor here is one such place. Didn’t they
tell you this before you came to the training town ?”

“Well, ehm.. I don’t… I don’t really remember anything before that day I awoke
in Aubermouth. So I don’t really know.. everything.” Drakfot said as she blushed
a little in shame over not knowing what seemed to be such common knowledge. A
cough made her fall on one knee. What had really happened before that day when
she had woken ?

“Ah well, that explains it then, no worries Drakfot, we are your friends and
here to help you.” Crythos said as he approached her and extended his hand. She
took it and he helped her back up on her feet’s again.

“I think I can continue.” She said and smiled at her friends.

As they got further away from the Goo and Stainmoor Drakfot felt better and
better and soon it was as she never had come in contact with it at all. And the
pain in her head had let go. The trees and fauna started to become more scarce
and soon some strange lying thing was visible in the Sky. It reminded Drakfot
about the Karavan things she had seen in both Fairhaven and in Pyr. And soon she
noticed that it was in fact the Karavan that had a small uphold there. The group
gathered there and after the usual purchase of TP’s they all gathered again and
moves about. They were about to enter the capital town, Zora.

As they got closer to the entrance a calmness came over Drakfot. The gates
themselves were two wooden pillars that stood on each side in a passway, held
guard by a few Zoraï in their armours.
Even though there perhaps not seemed to be the visual grace that both Yrkanis
and Pyr held so greatly there was something special when entering these gates.
Something that was not speakable off for it could only be felt by each and ever
y Homin as they themselves passed the gates. It was graceful, yet peaceful and
To enter the town was like to enter a place where thoughts could gather and mend
the faults they hold, and find the ways out of troubled routes.

“He did give a well impression of his capital, Vao La-Po.” Drakfot thought as
she passed the gates and got to the TP. There was a small black little creature
that stood there looking at her with big white eyes. It was a Kami yet not like
the ones she had seen before. It just stood there , staring at her with its bit
white eyes, barely moving besides a small swing from side to side now and then.
It was as it carefully looked at Drakfot as she looked at it, to find out whom
she was without intruding. As if it was unsure of whom she was and what her
intentions were. She smiled at it and bowed to show her respect and that she was
not to meant harm in any way. It still did not move and just stared at her. But
as she was to turn around she could almost see how the eyes expressed joy and
said “thank you kind Homin” to her, or was there a voice ? The little thing made
a small move and gave off a sound of happiness and Drakfot once more smiled at
it as she turned around to the others.

“Ok, I need to get hold of some Homins that apparently are around here, so lets
have a short brake before we leave again.” The leader shouted out as the
disappeared down a small road and soon rounded a corner.

” He didn’t say where or when to meet did he?” Memorx asked them.

“That’s right, so we better not stray off too far and for too long.” Crythos

Rikka had already left them as she wanted to have a look at the merchants, and
soon Crythos joined her, but he went to the armory to have a look at rifles and

Drakfot was left a bit on her own as Memorx had gone off too mumbling something
about getting hold of a good beverage. So she walked down the small road that
lead from the what seemed to be an archway. She passed something that seemed to
be sunken down into the ground, and she could see how some Homins stood there in
front of the Zorai’s and mimicked their movements and chantras. She took a left
down towards some small huts and houses. Perhaps there were something nice here
to see. Some others from the group had already spread out and were down there
talking and looking at goods. Some were buying and some were selling.

Drakfot strolled between the small houses and looked at their crafting. She got
hold of a lovely armor and she was told that it was the Zoraï traditional Light
Armour of High Quality she had in her hands.
The cloth was so smooth and following, yet it was hard and robust when needed.
It was really nice.

As she walked along some houses she saw a house that held no sign nor displayed
any merchandise. Still she felt as she had to have a look inside of it. Why she
did not know and could not tell, it was just something that had to be done.
Inside there were no shells filled with goods or materials, no boxes with pars
of armors and no displays for jewelry. There in the back sat a Zoraï man
meditating while looking a bit upwards.
Drakfot was struck by the thought that she was somehow imposting, as there were
no things on display here, what right did she then have to be in this house? She
tried to move out as quietly as she could.

“Why leave when you are already here?” The man said. He had noticed her the
second she had entered the house.

“I am sorry, I thought this was a shop of some kind….” Drakfot said with a
shamed voice.

“are you sure that is the answer, did you see any goods for sale out there or in
here?” He asked her gently. How could his calm voice be so kind yet still only
appeal to her to tell him truthfully.

“I didn’t see any goods or items out there, so I thought that perhaps inside..
but when I saw you I thought that I might disturb you and wanted to leave as
soon as I could. I am sorry.” She said. What had she gotten herself into ?

“That is an answer to tell indeed. And there is nothing to be sorry for. If I
did not wish for visitors had I not closed the door then ?” He said as he looked
at her and smiled. ” I am Ce-Ni Bong and I am a Kami adept.”

“I am Drakfot, from the lake lands. It is nice to meet you Ce-Ni Bong.” she
said and bowed towards him.

“Yes you are a Tryker one, a follower of the Karavan. Usually they do not show
us Kami adepts such kindness. Are you sure that you are feeling well?” He said
with a wondering look that soon turned into a smile.

“Yes, I am.. well I think.. why?” Drakfot asked a bit surprised. Why would one
not be kind to this gentle man tha sat there in his small house?

“Oh, I see. You don’t know who I am really do you?” He said still smiling. “You
want me to tell you a little about me?”

Drakfot that suddenly remembered the little conversation she had with Vao
La-Po and was now able to learn more. “Yes I would love to hear more, if you
want to tell me.”

“You surely are a strange one, yet a curious one indeed.” He was as he made a
gesture for Drakfot to sit down at the little table next to him. “So where to

“You know of the Karavan, you are by birth one of their followers, if I may put
it that way. The history of Atys itself demands too much time to be told over a
day or night. So to place it shortly; After many happenings there was five
things; The Homins, The Kami, The Karavan, The Kitins and The Goo. Now the Kami
and the Karavan hold no good eyes to each other, and I admit as a Kami adept I
am inclined to mistrust the Karavan. But that does not mean that I by fact have
to mistrust every Homin.” He gave Drakfot a long look. “The Kami’s leader is
named Ma-Duk and he speaks to us Homins through Mabreka, the great wizard. We
are Homins of the nature, we do not seek to refine nature, to fight our way
through. We place our belief that through meditation and spiritual activities we
can understand things much better and everyone gains from this. Yet know that we
are not afraid to take up arms when in need to. But still that be not the way we
seek to do things.”

Drakfot sat there amazed about what he told her. She knew that its was far from
all he wanted to tell, as he said himself the time was too short for such great

“So you see, by paths chosen since we emerged out from the Roots we have set
different destiny’s. Perhaps it cannot be explained in words, or perhaps a
shortening of it can do well enough for now. Be not surprised if Homin attacks
upon you based on what you believe in.” He said, it seemed as he wanted to say
so much yet could not find words for it all. Not for this short time.

“But if I , as a Homin, want to know more about these Gods. What if I want to
say that I hold no quarrel against them despite what they might have done, what
if I place my belief in the Homins that walks on Atys ? As this be my first
travel throughout the lands I have seen so much, so much beauty and kindness
where I have traveled. And I have made such wonderful friends and seen none of
this quarrel you speak of my friend.” She said, she did not know why and
instantly the thought that she had said something rude striked at her, she
lowered her head.

“Haha, you sure are a strange one little Trykerette Drakfot.” He said with a
laughter and a big smile. “I like you, you’re a nice Homin. Yet now I fear that
this time has ended.”

“Ended?” Drakfot said and gave him a questioning look and was a bit scared that
something bad might happen.

“Do not worry, I will not harm you. Not at all, in fact I want to see you again
sometime if that is possible.” He said with a smile as he got up and lifted up
the curtain that was covering the opening out. “Your friends are looking for

Drakfot looked out, there at a house nearby she saw Rikka and Crythos looking

“Drakfot, where are you Drakky? We are about to leave now..” Rikka shouted.