The tale of Drakfot - part 13

The tale of Drakfot part 13.

“Ah there you are Drakfot. We thought we had lost you again.” Rikka said while
gently nudging Drakfot and smiling.

Yes she had made a small habit of disappearing now and then since they first set
out on this journey. Some times it had proven to be quite dangerous to stroll of
from the group. And sometimes it had resulted in interesting finds, such as this
nice, short but nice, talk to Ce-Ni Bong. He was an interesting Homin and
Drakfot looked forward to once more sit down and talk to him. He had such great
knowledge that she lacked so it would be a great opportunity to learn more about
the different lives that are lived on Atys. But for now it was back to the group

and continue the travel through the lovely planet.
As they all gathered by one of the gates she was met by Crythos as he smiled to

“The straws here are nice, fine taste too.” He said and once more he stood there
with them gently chewing a bit on a straw.

“Ok, no time to wast, lets move out everyone.” The leader shouted as he started
to run.

Drakfot was almost a bit startled by this as she had not seen him approaching
and suddenly his voice was there. A few seconds later they were all headed out
through the gates and towards a city named Min-Cho someone told her.
On her way she could see some animals that she recognized, Yubos and Messabs to
name some. They looked just like the ones outside Fairhaven, only was a bit
different in colors. By now she had gotten used to all the different kinds of
animals that roamed around them as they ran through the lands.

The travel to Min-Cho was quite effortless as the leader knew the way through
and around animals and obstacles that could be stopping them from continuing.
Well at Min-Cho the leader gathered them for a small strategy talk.

“Ok, this part might be a bit troublesome as we are entering a maze here. Many
have been lost here as they have headed out to scout the area. But we are lucky
and have a map on our hands that we will use. But still it is no guarantee that
it will go smoothly. So I want you all to stay together as much as possible,
spread out and we are lost. So stick together and be close by me all the time
and it will be good.” He said as he gave them all a good look like he was
counting them to see that everyone was there and so that he would know how many
he could expect well on the other side.

He was quite right in the fact that it was a maze Drakfot thought as she had
followed them for a little moment. Only a few turns and she was already lost and
gone among all the crossroads and dead ends that it held. There were some that
attacked them, but as they all stuck together it was no bigger problem for them
to get through it all. As the leader had mentioned that it would be a
troublesome part the teams had almost instantly began whispering among them whom
to do what.
Drakfot tried to use her healing skills as much as she could as it was the best
the knew to do. She could use an more offensive way, yet she feared that she
would only miss her target or even worse hit a friend by accident. So she
decided that her way was to heal and mend wounds as much as she could.

Finally after some struggle they reached their destination, deep down in a small
gorge in the land they found what they had been searching for, a portal. At some
time they had thought that something was wrong as the map had lead them into a
dead end. Yet it turned out that it was actually not a dead end, but it had
become unusable as a travel route. Some brave Homins had then headed on ahead a
bit to scout out the correct route. They had shortly returned with an alternate
route that they took.
The one that had drawn the map was one of the few that had entered the mazes and
actually come back. He had then drawn the map from mind and thinking about how
many turns there was and all the animals that were blocking the path it was
amazing how accurate the map really was.

So now the leader once more made a counting of the Homins and found that
everyone was there, then he talked a bit more.

“We are now entering the Prime Roots. This is the most dangerous place here on
Atys. The animals down here are more aggressive and due to the environment they
are also tougher. So now its more important than ever that we are together and
move as one.” He said and they could notice in his eyes that he was quite
serious about this. And the teams now once more started whispering but this time
more actively.

It was decided that they needed more healers now as these opponents here were so
much mightier then what they had met during the long journey. Now it was time to
test what they had learn recently and how well they knew each other in battle.
So now instead of having just two healers they were four and the remaining five
were the best offensive of the team.

It is quite strange in retrospect; that they are now traveling through the lands
where they , in history, was granted refugee from the threat of the Kitins. Sure
they also roamed these lands, but even though it was not as fierce as above the
surface. It is harder to defend oneself against many foes then a few and perhaps
it was that which was the greatest threat, not that they withstood many attacks,
but their share numbers. Even the best of armors cannot withstand the blows of
many foes at the same time.
So now they were down there again, the place whom they had fought to leave and
by the grace of Karavan and Kami they had been given the opportunity to do so.
This was a long time ago and there were restrictions to the advantage.
To run down here felt a bit like running through history Drakfot thought to
herself. Perhaps traveling through these lands and places might help her getting
beyond that black wall that still exists in her mind, she still doesn’t know
what happened prior to the day she woke up in Aubermouth.

Perhaps it would light up that black wall..

As they all got ready, testing the formations of each team, then lined up in
front of the portal and as they walked through they took a deep breath.

On the other side everyone was ready for battle as they entered. But it was just
calm and quiet, nothing bad at all as far as they could see in the little tunnel
that flowed out from the portal. This was a relief for them all as they had
expected the worst to happen as they entered the Prime Roots.
So they gathered up and started to head out through the tunnel and soon they saw
an opening that lead out into what seemed to be a massive cave of some kind. It
seemed to be huge.

It was then the cries began..

They had been both surprised and amazed by the beauty of the old lands so that
they had lost a bit of the carefulness they had when entering the Roots. And
this little slip of concentration and attention of the surroundings had give the
opportunity needed to some Kitins that was nearby.

“Kinchers, watch out….” was heard from several directions as Drakfot closed in
on the opening of the tunnel. And as she looked around she saw a devastating
sight, it seemed as they were everywhere. They were not many but they left a
clear track of fallen Homins as they moved forward through them. Just a few hits
made even the best warriors in the teams fall to the ground lying there in

Drakfot turned around to try and seek safety in the cave, as they whom was lying
down still being aware was shouting to those still standing. She ran as fast as
she could and she could see in the corner of her eye that some Homins was
following her, and what was worse, some Kinchers were following them. And in an
amazing speed too.

Drakfot decided not to look back again but to look straight ahead and run as
fast as possible towards the portal, perhaps it would be enough for them to lose
track of her and return back.

One could always hope..

As she had run a few hundred meters she tripped over a small thing on the ground
and she fell. As she tried to get back up she felt that she could not move her
right leg, as if it was pinned down into the ground. And as she turned around
she instantly knew why; there behind here was a Kincher, it had been closer that
she had though and as she had fallen it had pierced her right leg into the
ground with its claw. And now it was standing there , still as if it was
watching her before it got ready for a second blow.

As she noticed the claw that penetrated her leg, the blood that came flowing out
from the wound she felt how something rushed up along her leg, over her stomach
and torso and up into her head. It was the rush of the pain from the wound the
claw made. In an instant it made her dizzy and as she was to faint all she saw
was the Kincher raising its head backwards and its claw as it came towards her
in a fast pace. Then it all became black.

She didn’t know how much time that had passed since her last sight of the
Kincher. Had it really hit her, or was that just a fantasy of her mind as it was
struggling with the pain of the wound? She didn’t know and would she like to
know ?

But still, if she had fallen down why was there no voice to guide her back ? Why
was she still lying there in this state, could she even notice what was
happening around her?

“Hello there little one, don’t worry about your knee, the wound is healed. But
don’t stand up too fast or you will fall over again”

That voice, she knew that voice so well even though she had only heard it once
before. That warm and kind voice. The voice with fire..

“Sea… Seanchai?”