The tale of Drakfot - part 14

The tale of Drakfot – Part 14 The eternal night of the Roots.

“Sea….chai?…” Drakfot tried to lift her head enough to be able to look
around herself to see if it really was her that she had heard just a moment ago.
“Are you there.. Seanchai?”

There was no trace of another Homin nearby, not any of the Kincher either.
The Kincher ! Drakfot’s memory suddenly came back to her. They had been attacked
as they entered the tunnel and Homins had fallen in this battle, she had fallen.
The memory of her leg flashed in her mind and she looked down on it. The boot
was trashed and its clothing held colors that was most likely from her blood.
Her skin was exposed between the trashed clothes, still it only had a little
scar and even it was slowly healing away as she looked at it. But where were the
others, they had been so many but now she could not see anyone nearby. Then she
recalled that she had run for cover so that she could return to aid the fallen.
They must be a bit further away. Nearer the opening of the tunnel.

Drakfot gently stood up, her mind was still a little dizzy from the loss of
blood, but she was determined to find her friends. This time without any
Kinchers. She sneaked as quietly as she could with her leg, it was still hurting
a little and her first step made her make a grimace. But as she walked the pain
faded away more and more. After a few meters, where the tunnel took a turn she
could see some of her traveling friends, but they were standing up healing each
other, not lying down as she thought they would. She ran up to them feeling
happy that they were standing. As she got closer to them they noticed her and
started to cast healing spells at her too, as she received them she felt fresher
and stronger. She healed them back as well as she could and soon they were ready
to find the rest of those that had fallen. A decision was made that one should
sneak ahead to see if the Kinchers still was in the vicinity. A brave Tryker
took it upon him and took the lead with about 20 meters. Gently they continued
through the tunnel, as quiet as they ever could, even holding their breath to
keep the silence. Soon they could see the shapes of their friends , soon they
were within the reach of their spells. Suddenly the Tryker in the lead made a
halting gesture and they just froze where they stood. Fear got a grasp around
them as they dared not to move or even make a small noise. He looked around
carefully and it was as he had his sight on something, but they were too far
away to see what he saw. Then she made a sign telling them that it was now safe
and that they should hurry to aid the fallen. They all exhausted and set out
for the others.

The darker places nearby was soon lit up by the lights of their spells as they
castes as much as they cold to bring them back so they could seek safe refuge in
the tunnel. As some healed others kept a watching eye on the surroundings in
case the Kincher would return., but they were safe for now and soon every one
was on their feet’s again and moved to the tunnel. Once there they gathered in a
crowd and the leader explained with lowered voice, even though one could almost
think he was shouting but less loud, that they had to move as close together as
possible to be able to survive this place. He told them that the animals here
had grown thicker skin due to the darkness they had to live in and since their
eyes had to get used to black the colors of Homins clothes were something that
stung them in the eyes. That is why the materials that was harvested down here
was either black or white.

“But if they are white, would not the clothes they are made of also disturb the
animals down here ?” A Homin asked the leader.

“Yes, but this is the Prime Roots and the materials differs from those harvested
in the lands in which the sun shines. These materials shifts as they reenters
the roots, they fade in with the surroundings better. ” The leader replied.

“I think we should get ready to move out soon, it seems as we will be safe from
patrols for a few minutes now. ” A Homin dressed in heavy armor whispered to the

“Yes you are right, ok everyone. Remember what I said, it is really important
that we are together here now.” the leader said to the group as he stood up and
started to sneak away along the wall followed by all the others.

Rikka grabbed Drakfot’s hand and pulled her close to herself and Crythos.

“Let’s go at the back making sure that everyone is with is now. Crythos has a
sharp eye and will easily spot them at a long distance.” Rikka whispered to both
Drakfot and Crythos whom nodded in reply.

Drakfot checked on her amps, they were torn by now. Not all worn out bud in bad
Crythos placed his rifle on his back so that he could move more easy and then
they followed the others. It was not really until now that Drakfot took notice..

As they exited the tunnel into the huge cave like place known as Trench of
Trials, but the stir have taken all the focus, until now as she walked close by
the wall. The animals were lighter in the skin then usual, she could still
recognize many of of them but they were a bit different.

“Perhaps it is due to they living down here as he said” She thought to herself.

The ground was covered with short grass that seemed as it was moving by itself,
but she soon felt a calm breeze against her face. Even down here the winds had
their reach. She could see tall thin stalks that emerged from the ground
reaching up towards what seemed to be the roof and on the top there was centras
whom in return had stalks that reached out into small sparkling luminous ends.
Others were like a thick stalk sticking up from the ground and on the middle of
them there were some branches reaching out. So many strange things there was
down here, how could she have missed all this beauty. Interesting that such
dangerous place like this also held much of the beauty.
It seemed as it was due to the adaptation they had to do to be able to live
under the conditions that was in the Prime Roots.

The leader stopped for a moment so that the group could gather up again and then
pointed towards a large pillar that was a few hundred meters away, Drakfot
could hardly spot it with here eyes. But she noticed that Crythos was eying it

“We better be careful when we get there.” He whispered “There are quite the
gather of Kinchers around there, mostly we should be able to sneak by. But who
knows what they will do once we get there.”

Drakfot felt a little awkward hearing this as she thought of what had happened
just as they left the tunnel. Suddenly she saw how Crythos took his rifle and
aimed for a Kincher ahead that was already headed towards those that lead the
group. A round went off and it hit the Kincher.
The group quickly gathered themselves letting the ones dressed in heavy armor
stand closest to the Kincher as they were the ones with the best armors that
could easily receive a punch or two without letting the one carry it get hurt.
Behind them the mages and casters stood throwing spells at the enemy the best
they could and in the back the healers gave their aid to all those in front.
Even though the Kincher was a small one it was tough and needed quite the amount
of damage dealt before it finally fell to the ground.

“Please do not carry anything with you from these that falls. The other ones
will be attracted to the scent of the bones and will increase in their
aggressivenesses towards the one carrying the bone of their kinds.” The leader
said in a low voice to the group.

As soon as everyone was strengthened and well again they continued to move, for
standing still here too long was a danger in itself as the Kinchers constantly
walked across the lands down here in hunt for food or just to migrate.

Finally the pillar that the leader had pointed on earlier came closer and closer
as they ran along the wall. Drakfot felt more safe now as she had seen how they
had all reacted, each one knowing what to do, when dangers was about. Even now
the group grew more and more together and was ready to do what they could to get
Finally they arrived at the pillar and it seemed as though he was right, that
the Kinchers had not yet arrived to this place. They stopped for a short moment
so that those that had thirst could moist their throats and armors and weapons
could be ready for fight again.
Drakfot took the moment to gaze out over what she could see. It must be so much
down here that she had not yet seen as the field of sight were not lasting then
perhaps a hundred meters or so.

“It’s really something down here isn’t it.” Rikka said as she stood next to

“Yes, its strange but still familiar. How much is it that I cannot see from
here?” She asked Rikka.

“It’s quite a lot, trust me on that. Even I haven’t been around to every place
down here yet. But I haven’t been running around here that much either.” Rikka
said and her face was once more covered with a smile. “That would be another
thing to add to the list of what to do I guess.”

“It sure would be something. Oh, how is your arm Rikka?” Drakfot said,

“It’s fine, really. You are a good healer Drakfot, you should continue that I
say.” She said.

They had no longer time to talk as the group once more got ready to move on.
Drakfot heard something that they would pass by near a lake of sap but that they
would not cross it. Strange that there is so much sap down here that it makes
ponds Drakfot though thinking of the harvesting of sap that was made on the

“Ok everyone lets move on. But be careful, things will get harder from now on.”