The tale of Drakfot - part 18

The tale of Drakfot – Part 18, A town, a home.

“Ok, rest is over for now, time to get that last bit done before we can really
rest ourselves.” The leader said as he stood up looking at everyone. “We will
head northeast from here, there should be a cave there with a portal that leads
to Lakelands.”

Everyone listened to him and got up and got ready. Those wounded had got their
bandages replaced and were fit for fight as if nothing had ever happened to
them. Some had to have a look at their armors, especially the tanks, as they had
broken a tad. All in all, this group that had left these lands days ago now were
ready to return back home, perhaps beaten in body but grown in spirit. They had
seen the worlds, they had traveled the lands of Atys the living planet. And now
they were traveling the way homeward.

Drakfot, Rikka and Crythos stood up and took their position in the far end of
the group seeing that no one was left behind. It could easily be seen that if
everyone were glad to once more walk in the sands of the lakelands they were now
even happier to see their hometown again. The breeze traveled with them as they
ran along the land headed toward a wall not far away, towards the portal leading
home. There were some whom found them interesting and tried to stand in their
way but they were now easily put aside by the group, it was as by automation
that everyone did their part healing, fighting , casting spells or protecting
others from getting hurt. When they had left the town of Fairhaven previously
many had for the first time taken the first steps outside the Lakelands, all led
by some few whom had traveled the lands before. During the travels they had got
to know each other and learned to work together. They had grown both as Homins
and as friends; the journey had been more then just walking the lands. There had
been so much during this time that it would take even more time to understand it

“Good, we are almost at the portal so gather up everyone, and beware those
cloppers there.” The leader said as he pointed at a cliff sticking out in the
near distance.

“Ouch! Stop pinching darn clopper” Memorx shouted as a clopper had run up to
him and attacked.
“I’ll get you for that, it was my best caster pants!”

The clopper had aimed an attack towards him but he had dodged it in the last
second leaving only cloth left for the clopper. And as he had moved aside it had
ripped his caster pants whom were now showing a large hole by his left thigh. He
answered by casting an electrical bolt towards the clopper that hit it right in
the head and it got confused by the hit. Next bolt hit it straight into its
chest so it flew backwards landing on the ground lost of life.

“Wooo, nice Memorx” Rikka said happily.

“Well, thank yo… Hey what are you looking at!” He replied.

Rikka just giggled and extended her tounge towards him and he answered by doing
the same. Such friends Homins had become during this travel. Drakfot did her
best to heal him while he was fighting and had not noticed his armor becoming
torn. After this they took up the trail to join the others whom were almost at
the portal now and it seemed as nothing else would stand in their way. Some
cutes were offended by their presence but moments later they were also lost in
battle and the group now gathered up at the portal ready to move through into
the beloved homelands.

“Hey Drakfot, can I have a look at your amps ?” Rikka asked. “I just want to
have a look at something.”

“Yes of course, here.” Drakfot said as she removed her amplifiers handing them
over to Rikka. She looked at Rikka whom were looking at the amps with some
interest. What was she doing ?
“Say, you have become quite a good healer haven’t you?” She asked Drakfot.

Drakfot blushed a little and lowered her sight into the ground replying “Perhaps
a little.”
She had in fact learned a bit during everything, but it was soaked in the
adventure it had all been so she had not noticed it.

“Well, I bet you are in for a surprise soon then.” Rikka said with a grin.

“What do you mean?” Drakfot asked her confused as if something bad were to

“You will see.” Rikka said with a giggle while jumping through the portal.

“Don’t worry, she likes to tease. So shall we?” Crythos said as he offered hi
hand to help Drakfot through the portal.

“Thank you” Drakfot said still pondering what Rikka was talking about.

Well at the other side she saw that the beach was taken by her traveling friends
whom had taken a bath while waiting. They seemed to enjoy being able to swim in
the water again, after all a Tryker’s home is the land of the lakes.
Drakfot smiled as she removed her boots and walked down to the water just to
stand there for a moment. Her feets were aching from all the constant running,
even though they had stopped and rest she was not used to such things just yet.
But in time she would be she thought to herself.
It was a refreshing feeling that ran through her body emanating from her feets,
it was a real refreshment just standing there, but she could hardly wait to be
swimming through it.

“Everyone here, good. Lets move out them!” The leader had already taken a run
for it and they could notice that he also was happy to be back home.

Rikka hooked both Crythos and Drakfot’s arms and ran with them hanging after
down to the water then to suddenly stop. As they were not ready for this both
Crythos and Drakfot fell into the water with a big splash. As they got
themselves together and found their way to the surface they were met by the
biggest grin they had sen on Rikka. She could barely hold herself.

“HAHAHHA, what a face you two made.. oh stop it’s killing me.. hahhaha” She was
laughing so hard that she could barely stand up straight.

Drakfot and Crythos looked at her, then at each other and smiled. Then they
started splashing at Rikka as she was still standing there laughing and they too
joined her. Perhaps it was the last of the anxiety and tensions that now were
loosened thanks to her little prank. In seconds she was soaked and looked at
them through her hair hanging down her face. Suddenly she got a devious smile on
her face and took a jump from where she was standing and jumped high up in the
air landing between Drakfot and Crythos causing a giant splash hitting them
both. As they could look again after brushing off the water in their faces the
saw Rikka smiling at them.

“I win” she shouted as she tossed herself in the water and started swimming
after the group whom had reached quite a bit since they had stopped for their
little game.

Drakfot and Crythos just smiled and started to swim after Rikka heading towards
the others.
They reached a small island where a root stood in its center, Drakfot stopped
and just looked at it. What was it ? It looked like a giant animal standing
there on its four legs looking out over the entire area, watching over it. She
stared on it and forgot about the cloppers that were around. Luckily Crythos and
Rikka were more cautious and took up arms against them. They were no hard
advisory but they had a larger number then the three. And the group were already
too far away to be able to head back in time. But even now they experience of
the travel showed as Rikka and Crythos stood in front of Drakfot making a wall
between her and the cloppers. She understood her part and started to heal them
both as good as she could. After a short moment the last clopper fell but
something happened to Drakfot.
Suddenly there was something appearing from the ground, small dots of light whom
flew up and surrounded her, then some pearls of sweat on her flew off and joined
the others as they swirled around her to fade off into nothing. What had just
happened she wondered, and had the others seen it.

“Nice rush eh?” Rikka asked Drakfot. “We didn’t see it, but the expression on
your face says a lot”

“But what was that ? What happened to me ?” Drakfot asked confused.

“Well, I don’t think no one can tell really I think. It’s just something that
happens now and then, many just see it as a sign that you have learned more.
Others says that its the sap of Atys that binds closer to you giving you more
knowledge.” Rikka answered kindly.

“But, if.. I .. how?” Drakfot were even more confused now and could hardly make
sense of it.

“Well, talk to the trainers when we reach Fairhaven. They will tell you how to
study.” Crythos said. “Seems like the groups is waiting for us now.”

They made their way to the shore on the other side of the small island. In fact
there were several small islands around as the water were shallow at places.
They headed straight to the group even knowing that running on some spots would
attract the cloppers. Yet once they were back in the water they were safe from
them. By doing this they reached the others fast and soon were everyone gathered
again. It seemed as many had enjoyed the water so much that they had
deliberately traveled slower.

“Ok, we shall travel to Windermeer before heading to Fairhaven. This is also the
place where we will separate if you want to. Those living in Windermeer will of
course stay there if they like to, others may join us in the last run to
Fairhaven from there.” The leader said as they started to run down a stair like
cliff that was extending beneath. They were running behind the waterfall they
had seen down into the lakes below and from there started to swim south.

Soon they found themselves on a small island where a small Yubo herd had its
place and they were quick to run up to the new strange Homins looking at them.
Some were sniffing the small bags they had tied to their belt as they could
catch the scent of food in them. As they got some they instantly ran off trying
to avoid their hungry friends but some smaller friendly battles appeared and
often they ended with them both sharing the food. It was time for a final swim
before heading to the town nearby. It was a short and fast swim as the shore
were perhaps not longer away then 100 meters.
Soon they ran along the beach past Izam’s and Messabs as they could see the town
appearing not far away. There was a small plateau before they reached the
stables, the Mektoubs gave a wondering look at the massive bunch of Homins that
was approaching, even the stable boy stopped brushing and looked at them. It
must have been a rare sight to see so many new faces at once. But they were all
very welcome, even the guards stopped and welcomed them to Windermeer.

Finally there everyone relaxed as much as they could. They were now back in the
safe lands of Aeden and it had been a tough journey for them. But they had all
come through and made it. They had all seen the world, the one known and now
they just had a short run before they could get back home into the safe haven of
Drakfot took a seat next to Rikka while Crythos walked off to the merchants
looking at what they had in stock. Both Rikka and Drakfot combed their hair to
get the most of the water out and then tied them in knots as they had them
before swimming. The water had been a good remedy for them as if it had washed
off all the bad from the journey. And now they were sitting there just waiting
for Crythos to join them again.

“Say Drakfot, have you had any sweets since you got here ?” Rikka suddenly

“No, nit since I left the earlier lands.” Drakfot said while remembering some
sweets that Ba’Gan Brermen had handed her at one time when she had completed a
task. It had been some small things whom had a very sweet taste and she recalled
that she had liked them very much.

“Well, I definitely think that we have deserved some , don’t you ?” Rikka
replied and stood up dragging Drakfot to a raw material merchant.

“Good day, what can I help you with?” The merchant asked Rikka as they

“You have some Shooki seeds ? Candied please.” Rikka said. Drakfot was wondering
what kind of seeds these were.

“Yes, we have a few left. How much do you want?” The merchant said while
grabbing a small bag and a scoop.

“We’ll take the rest!” Rikka said happily. “We have just returned from a travel
around Atys and are eager for some rest and some sweets.”

“Wow, well then you have surely earned this treat.” The merchant replied with a
smile while handing over the bag getting some dappers from Rikka.

They then walked back to where they had sat down and Rikka opened the bag
holding it so that Drakfot could then reach and grab some of its content. They
did indeed look like the ones she had gotten from Ba’Gan Brermen and also tasted
like them. Eating them brought back some memories of the learning island she had
spent her first time on and she though of how much she had to learn then and
thought of how much she still had to learn here.

“Such strange place, full of wisdom and knowledge” She said silently to herself.

“Uhm, whath hwas thath Dakfoth?” Rikka asked with her mouth full of sweets.