The tale of Drakfot - part 19

The tale of Drakfot – Part 19, Let’s go home.

“Yoh sureh you don’th wahn moeh Dakh?” Rikka said still with her mouth full of

“I am fine thank you, it was sure a real treat. Thank you Rikka.” Drakfot
replied with a smile as she had been watching Rikka eating the candy with
delight. It was a sign that she was back home, where things are safe. Also
watching her eat the candy told Drakfot that even if the sky would come down on
them and bad things would happen, they would get through. Rikka would fight with
all that she had in order to once more be able to eat candy. It was not the
candy that was the important thing; holding on to anything important is.

A bit later Crythos returned to them, he was holding a new rifle and had a big

“It was a real find. And I got a bag of ammunition with it too. Will be fun to
test it out.” He said as he got close to them. “I see that you found some candy
too Rikka, have some for me ?”

Rikka smiled barely managing to hold her mouth closed for all the candy as she
reached out to Crythos with the bag. He grabbed a few and started chewing on
one, the sweet taste washed through his mouth and added to the feeling of being
home safe again. Drakfot looked at her two friends whom were enjoying the candy
and the joy of walking on own soil. Rikka was still busy emptying the bag as
Drakfot looked at Crythos. The journey had been very though at times and it
showed all to well on his armor. It was almost torn and where it was not it was
covered with marks from claws and other dents where it had been hit. Still it
was the same proud Crythos who wore it and just that made it seems as if it
would hold for another two world tours. Drakfot noticed a second strap going
from is left should and when she looked she noted that he still had his old

“Crythos, mind me ask why you still carry your old rifle now when you have found
yourself a new one?” She asked him.

He stopped chewing on the candy and looked at her then at the damaged rifle.

“I think I will place this in the Guild’s hall to keep for a while. It do have
some memories from the trip don’t it Drakfot.” He answered with a smile and
started to chew on a new seed.

“I see, yes you are truly right in this Crythos.” Drakfot said and suddenly
remembered how he had held back the entire weight of a giant Kitin. That had
been a very scary moment for Drakfot as she was lying on the ground not being
able to do more then to look at what happened through blurry eyes. But now he
was standing there in front of them and they were safely sitting down enjoying
some candy.

“Whaaa” Rikka said suddenly.

“What is it Rikka, something wrong ?” Drakfot hastily asked her.

“Yes” Rikka said with a sad face.

“What be it ?” Drakfot was worried that something bad might have happened, even
though they were safe from Kitins for the moment no one really knows what could

“The is no more candy, tihi” Rikka said and her sad face turned from sadness
into a big grin.

“Oh, you scared me there, haha” Drakfot said relieved over the fact that it was
just a prank by Rikka.

“Bah, you almost had me too” Crythos added to the conversation and while hearing
this Rikka’s grin grew even bigger.

They all laughed over the little joke she had made and stretched out in the
warmth of the sun. It seemed to be a very nice day today and they intended to
enjoy it as much as they could.

“Ok, everyone that wants to get to Fairhaven, we are leaving in 10 minutes.”
The leader suddenly said not far away, he caught Rikka a bit off guard as she
had almost fell asleep in the heat.

“What do you say, should we follow them or wait here a little longer and relax.
Me and Crythos will follow you to Fairhaven after that.” Rikka said after
extending her tounge at the leader as he had turned around and couldn’t see.

“Well, I do find it pleasant here. What do you think my friends ?” Drakfot asked
Rikka and Crythos. She felt safe near them and if they told her that they would
accompany her they would do just that.

“Well, we could just use the TP’s we bought before we left. But I guess that
would spoil the trip wouldn’t it.” Crythos said with a focused voice. He was
looking at the ammunition that he had gotten with the rifle. “Hmm, very
interesting I am sure I could learn how to make these soon.”

“Yes, and Drakky here haven’t seen the place yet.” Rikka said to Crythos while
pointing at the area around.

“Drakky ?” Drakfot said.

“Ah, yes, I hope you don’t mind me calling you that Drak…fot” Rikka replied.

“Oh, yes its fine indeed. I was just not…. well you two are the first real
friends I have made here since I came here and… well I have had so much fun
with you both.” Drakfot said as her face turned red and she looked down into the

“Haha, that’s great to hear Drakky, come on lets rest a bit more and then have a
little trip with your new friends to Fairhaven!” Rikka said laughing loudly so
almost the guards looked at her.

Crythos was nodding to Rikka’s idea and sat down next to them and removed some
of the covering plates from his armor and tucked them into his travel bag. It
was probably hot to carry such armor when it was not needed, specially in this
nice and warm sun. Crythos leaned back and and looked at the sky.

“Whatever happens it will still be there won’t it ?” He said as a few clouds
passed along in the sky.

“Crythos, you are getting sentimental again aren’t you?” Rikka said as she
leaned over and put a straw in his mouth. “And yes it will be there silly.”

“Mmm” he replied.

Drakfot was still sitting up looking at the lively town, the merchants that was
selling their stocks to passing Homins, others trying to bargain a good deal for
their crafts with the merchants. Some were just talking to each other. It was
not as big town as Fairhaven, but comparing it to the main capital of Aeden
would not do it justice. It was perhaps a smaller town, yet its life was at
least as great as the one of the main town. It was soothing to watch it live its
life constantly , the animals around and in it, the Homins. Even the slow
rotation of the windmill added its part to the sensation. The spontaneous
running Homin whom had used the teleporter behind the windmill added a surprise
now and then. All in all it was a small great town called Windermeer. Drakfot
was happy to have been here with her friends seeing how nice it was and she
hoped that every town in this land held the same characteristics.

They spent some more time just lying on the beach enjoying the sun and talking a
bit about the great journey they had just completed. Even though they were not
back in Fairhaven where they had started they were back in their own lands and
that would count as a completion. For Rikka and Crythos it had been more of a
fun walk through the lands, but for Drakfot whom had for the first time ever
been experiencing the lands of Atys it was a great journey. She had met so many
new Homins, she thought about Ce-Ni Bong the Kami Adept in Zora and suddenly her
mind stopped on one Homin.

Seanchai, this lady with the fiery voice that she had met just briefly at times.
Somehow she was strange, an enigma, still and ordinary Homin. Drakfot tried to
find some sort of explanation of any kind that would fit the situation, but she
always turned up empty handed. This tall lady with the red hair and the red skin
whom had spoken with such intense in her voice still it was soothing and kind.
It was determined with a goal, but never harsh nor harming. One thought stuck in
Drakfot’s mind; she dearly wished to meet Seanchai again.

“Atys to dreamer, Atys to dreamer!” A voice said not far away.

“Uh, what, where ?” Drakfot asked and suddenly saw Rikka’s face.

“You were pretty far off weren’t you Drakky?” She said and once more there was a
smile on her face.

“Ah yes, I was thinking about the trip and about all the things I have
experienced during it.” Drakfot said , still a bit unfocused by her thoughts.

“Well, it’s almost time for us to get on our feets and start to move back home.”
Rikka said as she stood up and stretched. “Aahhh, that was a good rest!”

“If you don’t mind ladies I will take off this heavy chest plate.” Crythos said
as he lifted off the top of the armor.

“Oohhh…” Rikka added as she watched the plates get lifted from him revealing
an ordinary shirt underneath. ” Bah!”

Drakfot giggled at Rikka’s joke and reaction as she picked her things together.
She decided to not put her boots on as the sand was so soft and warm. She closed
the bag and stood up and looked around. It seemed as Rikka and Crythos would
need a few more minutes before they were ready so Drakfot decided to have a look
around the stables nearby. The Mektoubs didn’t react much when she approached
them nor when she walked past them to the main house of the stable. The area
behind it was a little short area with beach before it dived into the water and
further off it ended with the walls of a mountain. Drakfot walked around, it was
a nice feeling just walking in the sand, and reached the other side and was
facing the plateau again.

“Can I help you with anything?” The stable boy asked as he had seen her appear
at the side of the stable house.

“Oh, sorry no I am just browsing around a bit. It is the first time that I am
here.” Drakfot said and her face turned a bit red.

“Hehe, I could tell that. That is why I asked.” The stable boy replied. “Have a
look around, it’s a lovely town it is.”

“Thank you.” Drakfot said with a smile and walked over to the packers that were
standing near the stables. She stopped a moment and petted them when she
suddenly felt something grasping for her bag. She turned around but could not
see anyone close enough to reach it. There it was again ! As she turned around
now she saw the culprit; a Mektoub had twisted its trunk around her grabbing for
the bag. It was still trying and she guessed that it was reaching for the food
in it. There was not much left now since most of the supplies had gone up for
the trip and since they were almost back home Drakfot shared some of it with the
Mektoub whom happily ate it.

She looked at it as it chewed on the little bread it had gotten. Something
scratched her right leg.

“Ouch, wha..” Drakfot said before she saw who it was.

A little Yubo were standing leaning towards her with its front paws on her leg
and its ears standing straight up. Its tounge were hanging out between the
teeth’s and it tail was wagging intensively. Drakfot guessed that it had seen
her from far away and smelled the scent of the bread and rushed to her. For some
reason it seemed as these little animals had a big liking to her, and so had she
for them as they were always kind to her. She sat down and the Yubo backed up a
little, still waving its tail. She placed the rest of the bread in her open hand
and held it so the Yubo would get it. With a “yiesch” it grabbed the bread and
ate it.

“Ah there you are, come Drakky it’s time to get back home.” Rikka said as she
and Crythos appeared near the stables.

“Yes, lets go homeward.” Drakfot said and smiled at the Yubo.