The tale of Drakfot - part 2

The tale of Drakfot – Part 2.

Every journey begins with a step..

As Drakfot took a few stes, yet astounished by the surroundings, she turned around once more towards the round treehouse. What was that house, and what was in it?. These questions nagged her mind a bit, then she saw everything else. All the people running around, talking or just working. Some were screaming to other a few meters away other carried kegs och bags. All seemed to work together, but yet on their own. When se looke at the house more closely Drakfot discovered that it was located on water, floating softly. Looking around a bit more she saw that there were people standing beneath signs of tools, weapons and armours.
“These must be merchants of some kind” she thought to herself. “Perhaps I should ask them a bit about where I am..” just as she had this thought she stepped into the sand at the end of the bridge.

“Remember the words she said and you wll be safe child” a strange voice said. This was no ordinary voice, it sounded scrambles somehiw. But yet so clear and understandable. When she tunred around to see from where it orienated she saw something she was not prepared to see. Before her stood a tall lady in a black dress, but it was not an ordinary dress. It was black, strange it looked as it coud easilly bend of the attacks of arrows and even bullets. Yet it seemed soft and light and even cold despite its color.

“Wh.. who are you?” was the olny words she could say in this moment of suprise.

“Fear not my child, for I am a guardian of The Karavan. Whorshippers of Jena and the light for Homins when darkness surrounds. I am here to give you guidance when you have lost your path, and to give answers that you seek.”

“What?” this did not make much sense to Drakfot at the moment. What did the lady in black just say, what did she mean?. Even more questions swirled in her mind now. Was this a part of the new Beginning ?.

“I see that you are in doubt my child. You are confused for there are many new things here for you that you know so little of. Go seek a welcomer in the town of Aubermouth and they shall give you guidance on how to learn and how to walk firmly on this land. When you feel that your mind is set to continue the journey, then do come and see me.” The lady in black said with her gentle voice.

“This I shall do my fair lady” Drakfot replied still confused but a bit more settled.

“A welcomer, I do know of one” she thought to herself. But yet firs I want to get a look of the surroundings of this new home of mine.

A few steps later she was close to a campfire surrounded by some Homins that seemed to mind their own buisnesses. Yet there was something in their eyes that made them dtermined to do this.

“Hey, you! Yes you there by the fire. Do you have some fine mats to sell me? or some things dropped from the animals around here? If you do then let me know okay”. Said a Homin standing close to the fire before quickly turning around to a customer that stood by the side.

“Ehm… yes.. that I will do..” Drakfot replied knowing that she was no heard.

Another quick sweep around the area told her that it was nothing that could be a direct danger, the guards patrolled the beach and the Lady in Black stood faithfully where Drakfot left her. “Perhaps some exploration should suit me then.” She thought to herself and away she walked.
After a few minutes of walking she saw some small animals, not more than 30 cm high. They had a short squekish sound and they seemed to take intereste in her. She sat down on her knees to show them that she ment no harm.
After a few minutes of walking around her and carefullt looking at her one of the animals took some steps towards her. She took a samml bit of bread that she had in her bag and extended towards the little creature while saying “Here take this”. All this she did in a too fast movement for the animal to comprehend as it quickly took a few steps backward and laid its ears backwards while staring at her a bit afraid. “Oh I am so sorry” she said and tossed the bread a bit in front of her so that the animal would reach it without having to be too close to her. But now the animal was on its gueards as both it and its friends looke on her with sharper eyes and was more careful now.

“Come here I mean no harm to you my friend” Drakfot said with a calm voice.

As if the animal understood what she said it gathered up some courage and gently crawled towards the piece of bread on the ground. Gently and careful it walked to it, sniffed on it a little and then gave it a careful bite. After some short chewing it grabbed the whole bite and ran back to its friends. Drakfot smiled a little as she watched them eat and fight of the lump of bread. This was enought for now she thought. She stood up and turned in another direction to see what secrets may lie there. After a few steps she heard a famililar sound just behind her. When she looked over her shoulder she was the little animal that had taken the bread standing there, waving its little tail and ears straight towards the sky. It was looking at her with eyes of one that has a wish. She fell to her knees and said softly : “I am sorry but there is no more bread for you for now. It is almost nothing left and I need that to get myself going.”
All of a sudden the animal ran to her, she was a bit startled, and then it put its head in her lap. Gently she let her hand pass over its head and along its back. it fell on its stomach and gave off a sound of well being.

Drakfot had met her first Yubo.

After a while she said : “Well now I must continue to seek the area, the night is forthcomming and I need a place where I can rest.” As she stood up the Yubo also stood up and stretched its body, gave her a look and a small bark and then ran off to its friends that was a bit away.

Drakfot turned around and walked forward. After a little while she was closer to a lake that she had seen in the far distant. Perhaps this place held some information that could be useful. It was then all went black…

It seemed as time itself stood still, where was she now? All that she could see was the beach close to the water that she had seen before the darkness. But still, where was she, how was she? She saw that the animals around her was oving as usual, but yet she could not move herself. And still she was there, did they not notice her lying there?. It was then she saw what has attacked her just before the darkness.
It was a large thing with giant claws that clapped at her and eye that peeked towards her as it was loooking for more to attack. But after a time it suddenly lost its interest in her and moved away.
But yet, how was she now, how was shw supposed to get away from this state that she was in?. This could only time tell, and it was running out..

It was all as a blurr, a constant ray of light that was flowing towards her. It as as she was floating yet streaming towards the center of the ray. She could not do anything to stop this motion. Nothing, she was not more, she had no power. What was she?

“Your time has not come my child, I shall protect you. I shall grant you another chance.” This was the voice from her dream, this was the voice she had heard just before she had woken up. Then she woke up again. But this time she was at the sands at the end of the bridge. She was there, but this was not the place she had felt the darkness.

“I see that Jena has taken you here dear Homin” the voice of The lady in Black said. “Do not worry about the darkness, it will not get its hands on you.”. This time the voice held great comfort to Drakfot’s heart.

“My thanks” was all that she could say for now.

Somehow she had gained knowledge about the feelings she just had. She was not afraid anymore. She knew what had to be done, and partly how it should be done.
She once more walked over the bridge towards the round house. This time, her steps was determined, she could not be stopped for her mind was once more made up.

“My name is Drakfot, I am here to seek The new Beginning. And to do this i mus speak to Ba’Gan Brermen”. This was the thoughts of her mind, this was her decision and destiny. This was what she now was.