The tale of Drakfot - part 21

The tale of Drakfot – Part 21, A new home, a new family.

As Drakfot and Rikka walked down the aisle leading from the bar towards Frogmore
Lane Drakfot handed Rikka he flask and she happily accepted it and had a sip.
Even though they had just returned home and it felt good to have familiar soil
under the feets Drakfot was not as tired as the first had felt.
Even though it felt as if the journey had been so long that she could hardly
remember how or when it started it had only passed a few days. Perhaps it had
been a bigger strain to her mind then she first thought. But she also realised
that perhaps it was her being tired that caused her to feel like this for the
moment. But now it seemed as another kind of adventure was awaiting her as they
passed Frogmore and wandered down Lorias Rise.

Rikka was already talking on about the different things in the guild hall, but
every explanation ended in “you will see when we get there.” But it did not seem
to stop her to continue talking.

They walked along the bridge and the housing at the end of it started to come
closer and closer. Suddenly Drakfot heard some footsteps behind her but when she
turned around there were no Homin near her. She looked at the ones that was a
bit away but it could not have been them walking. She did not pay enough
attention when she turned back and almost ran into a small troop of guards that
was patrolling.

“Oh, sorry. I did not..” Drakfot started to excuse herself.

“She was not around, tihi. You spaced out again Drakfot ?” Rikka said with a
smile as the guards walked by.

“Uhm, I though I heard something and turned around to look… but no one..” She

“Was there right ?” Rikka filled in her sentence. “Don’t worry about that it has
happened before. Come its just up here now”

Rikka grabbed Drakfot’s hand and stated to run towards the house in front of
them and Drakfot had little choice but to follow her in the same pace. Just
before they reached the stairs leading up to the opening Rikka suddenly stopped
and gave Drakfot a serious look.

“There is one thing we need to do before the caretaker will let you in with me
Drakfot.” Rikka was looking at her with a focused face.

“What is that ?” Drakfot asked as she was a bit stumbled by Rikka being serious
all of a sudden.

“Drakfot, before you can enter with me you have to become a member of the Guild
Evolution. Do you want to become one ?” Rikka said and smiles since she knew
that she had given Drakfot the impression that is was something more deadly

“I ehm.. know little of what it means Rikka, I am ..” Drakfot started to say as
she suddenly became uncertain.

“You will be among friends and good Homins Drakfot, that is really all you need
to know.” Rikka was shining with one of her smiles again.

“Oh, that sounds lovely Rikka.” Drakfot said and smiled back, had she got even
more friends ?
“I would like to become a member Rikka.”

“Haha, that is great.” Rikka said. “Do you accept to be a member of Evolution

Rikka looked at Drakfot with curious eyes as if she was waiting for something to
And something did happen..

Suddenly as out from nowhere Drakfot started to hear voices, it was like they
were inside her head, in her mind. She looked around trying to see if she had
suddenly ended up among a large crowd, but no one but Rikka was around. She
looked, turned around yet there was no one talking. Her head started to ache as
she tried to separate it.

“Hey, I got a good deal on armours here, anyone up for a set ?”
“The jewels are done now”
“I’ll put these in the Guild Hall for future use..”
“Why is this big green thing looking at me all the time, is it dangerous?”
“Anyone around to work a bit on fighting ?”

It was too much and too sudden for Drakfot that she stumbled a little but was
soon supported by Rikka.

“Relax Drakfot, this always happens the first time, don’t worry about it.” She

“But, the voices.. so many ?” Drakfot tried to say. “How come I can hear them..”

“It is the same as you can hear me now Drakfot” Rikka said but without moving
her lips! She was still facing Drakfot when she said : “Don’t worry. You will
get used to this very soon.”

“But how ?” Drakfot asked as she had regained some strength and felt that the
voiced were now easier to handle. “I do not understand?”

“Hehe” Rikka was now moving her lips again. “It is quite simple, well the
explanation is but to understand it is tougher, almost impossible I think. Lets
just say that your nanoseed is in sync with the guildies shall we. ”

“Nanoseed?” Drakfot almost dropped her jaw as she did not have a clue what Rikka
was talking about.

“No no, that is enough about that, told you it was hard to understand right!”
She said and smiled. “Come now we can enter the Guild Hall, after one small

“Guild, welcome Drakfot to Evolution!” Rikka said without moving her lips again.
Now Drakfot could hear her still, and was surprised over what happened after

“Heya Drakfot”
“Welcome Drakfot!”
“Nice to see you Drakfot!”
“Hello !”
“Hurray a new member, welcome !”

Suddenly it was like if Drakfot was talking to them in person, that they were
standing in front of her still not being there. Rikka nodded to her telling her
that she had got used to it now and that she should probably introduce herself.

“Hi.. My name is Drakfot… it is nice to … hear you all.” Drakfot said while
focusing on replying to all those she was talking to. It seemed as she was
successful and it was not as hard as she had first thought.
Perhaps she tries to hard sometimes and make things harder then they are.

“Hehe, good you did well Drakfot. Now through this door please!” Rikka said as
she gave Drakfot a gentle push and as she thought the door would hit her it slid
away quickly revealing something strangely colourful inside. Drakfot had little
time to react to what it was as she fell into it but ended up on a wooden floor
just in front of some stairs. What was this place ? There were no possibility
that something this large could have fitted in that small place she just fell
into. She stood up and looked around, the room itself was round and had a large
pillar in the middle showing the door she must have fell through.

“So, how do you like it Drakky ?” Rikka said from behind her suddenly, Drakfot
jumped as she was not prepared for this. “Hihi”

“Oh, I was not prepared, sorry. It seems to be a fine place but where are we ?”
Drakfot replied as she looked around.

“We are inside the Guilds hall Drakfot. We often meet her and talk about things.
Well not exactly here, one floor up that is.” Rikka replied and headed to the
stairs. “This way Drakky!”

As they walked up the stairs, which seemed to turn them half around, they
entered a larger room with a table in the middle and some larger glasses on two
sides. There were two other doors up there that caught Drakfot’s attention.

“Rikka, this large place.. those doors is it even larger ?” She asked as she
pointed at one of the doors.

“Ah, no they are just doors for now. Or well there should be portals there but
there aren’t any. We usually just hide things there when we want to tease” Rikka
said with her usual devious kind smile.

“I see. So this room and the lower one are the only ones ?” Drakfot asked and
looked at the large table in the middle of the room.

“No, there is actually one more room, a smaller one which is made for smaller
meetings. But we never use it.” Rikka replied as she opened her bag and grabbed
a few things. “Come, I want to show you something Drakky.”

Drakfot could not really see what it was that Rikka did but suddenly there was
as if something opened up in front of them. It a gigantic room of some kind, if
it was a room at all Drakfot was not really sure.
Rikka took a small step forward and suddenly she appeared behind what seemed to
be some sort of reflection and she waved to Drakfot.

“Come here silly, this is the guild storage room. Don’t worry its safe for you
to come here.” She said and smiled as she placed the items she had brought in a
box and put it back on the shelf from where she had taken it.

“Wow.. this is.. amazing Rikka” Drakfot said astounded of what she just had

“It’s quite something isn’t it Drakky.” Rikka said and as soon as she saw that
Drakfot looked at her she said : “And no I don’t know how to explain this
either. Hihi”.

They spent a moment walking around in the strange room and looked at all the
things in there. The armours that hanged on the wall, the swords that stood
leaning to the wall next to the pikes. The Magical Amplifiers that were lying in
a nice row on a shelf and all the different things inside.
It took some time but they both looked with curiosity.

“Oh, one thing about this room Drakky.” Rikka suddenly said. “You can carry
things inside it, but not carry any outside it. It has a lock which allows just
certain members of the guild able to bring something out from it. But everyone
can of course place things in it.”

“Oh, I see, such a strange room. As if it was magical.” Drakfot said and placed
some amplifiers back on the shelf.”

“You like those Drakky ?” Rikka asked.

“Yes, I think so. Somehow it felt like they would fit me. I don’t know why I got
this feeling.” Drakfot replied.

“Great, then lets have a High Officer take them out for you.” Rikka was smiling
and almost laughing loudly when they left the strange room and returned to the
previous room. They then walked down the stairs and looked at the door Drakfot
had behind her when she entered.

“This is the teleport to the other room I was talking about, the smaller one.”
Rikka said and pointed at the door close enough so it opened.

“Oh, but how do we get out from here then ?” Drakfot asked with a wondered face.

“It is time to go to the other side now Drakfot.” Rikka said with a sudden
serious voice and it scared Drakfot a little.

“Other.. side Rikka ?” She asked a bit reluctant.

“Yes Drakfot, the other side… of the pillar. HAHAH, got you there didn’t I”
Rikka was almost lying on the floor laughing so hard when she had seen Drakfot’s
face and reaction.