The tale of Drakfot - part 23

The tale of Drakfot – Part 23, There is hope.

The stables were fuzzy, filled with a sudden life from all the Homins who had
gathered since the grave news had started to spread in Fairhaven. Some had
already brought out their armours from their packers and was putting them while
some were discussing how they should handle it strategically. Rarely had there
been as much life outside the stables as there was now, everyone seemed busy
with something. Drakfot and Rikka stood there a moment as they both looked at
all the commotion and waiting for members of their guild to arrive. Drakfot
looked at Rikka and noticed that she had a determined, but also a bit confused,
look in her eyes.

“Rikka…. what are you thinking about?” She asked carefully.

“I’m trying to scan out a route how to get there fastest.” She replied still
very focused on her thoughts as the got her map from her bag. She seemed very
focused on her task and in a way Drakfot was surprised over Rikka being so
serious all of a sudden.

As Rikka sat down and slowly moved her finger across the map on several places,
places which Drakfot did not recognize. In fact she could hardly understand most
of what was on the map; the only places she could associate with were Fairhaven
and Fount as those were names she recognized.

As the two Trykerettes studied the map the best they could some members of the
guild came to the stables and headed towards them.

“There you are, what is all the commotion about?” Crythos said calmly as he
approached them together with the others. He was once more chewing on a straw
and held the rifle over his shoulder. With him were some other Homins that
Drakfot did not recognize and as Crythos saw this he introduced them.

Their name were Aina, Frydeswinde, Toad and Snake.

“So this is the new one..” Frydeswinde said as she looked at Drakfot. Drakfot
got a bit uneasy and blushed as she turned her head down facing the ground since
she did not know what else to do. “She’ll do I guess” Frydeswinde added as she
walked over to Rikka to study the map.

“Hey, psst. Don’t worry about Fryde, she likes to do that to newcomers that’s
all.” Aina whispered to Drakfot as soon as Frydeswinde had left. “Nice to meet
you Drakfot.”

“Thank you, I was afraid that I for a moment were not..” Drakfot started to say
but was interrupted by Aina:

“He he, don’t worry. We are all just a bit stirred about the news. You’re doing

A little while passed and soon it seemed as the area around the stables were
filled to the brim with Homins all ready to do their part to keep their lands
safe and Kitins at bay. Some discussions were heated while others were seemingly
agreeing to what strategy that was laid out.

It seemed as everyone were all suited up with the finest armours and weapons
available so Drakfot almost felt a bit ashamed as she put on the magical
amplifiers she bought a while ago for her last dappers. It was time for her to
once more do what little she could to heal others again.

“Alright, settle down and listen to me, all of you!” A Homin bearing the armour
of Fairhaven Guards said as he tried to gain everyone’s attention.

“Thank you all for coming. As you no doubt have heard of there are Kitins
invading our beaches this very moment, out scouts have reported that they are
currently in Bounty Beaches but that the are advancing fast. Homins! It is up to
us to stop them from conquering our lands, remember the past and fight for a
future bright! Now, follow me!” He shouted out as he made a move and turned
around and started running. But he did not come far as just a few metres behind
him several Zoraïs had lined up and was now looking at the crowd of Trykers that
came running towards them in reach for the water.

From being a crowd full of life and raised voices it grew quiet within just the
start of a second as they saw the tall blue Homins looking at them. What was to
happen now? Drakfot looked at the Homins around her trying to find a reaction of
some kind, she had met Zoraï previously during the travel around the world, but
never had she felt a meeting could be as tensed as this very moment felt. She
started to wonder what would happen next.

“Why have you come here? In a time like this it is most inappropriate…” The
leading guard said towards the wall of Zoraï. Suddenly one of them, a tall
strong Homin with a hard and determined look, took a few steps forward.

“Words have reached us, that these lands are… infested by Kitins. Kitins that
are out of your control.” His voice was hard but did not have any ill intent.

“Is that why you are here?” The Guard asked him as they were now looking at each
other as if they were measuring something.

It seemed as the tension got even more tensed and strained for each second that

“You cannot do this alone, and we do want to keep the past as part of history
only to be re-lived in writings. We have come to aid you in the battle against
these Kitins, as your friends with a common foe.” The tall man said towards the
little Tryker Guard, his voice changed from the harsh cold one to a friendly
familiar one.

“It’s nice to see you again Fer’Chi Keh. It has been some time.” The Guard said
as she reached out to his hand to shake.

“You think you will pull this off all by yourselves?” A female voice said from
just behind the crowd.

Drakfot and the others turned around to see whom just had spoken and was
astounded to see that behind them stood a tall woman with red hair, green
piercing eyes, and a pale skin that was as white as it looked like silver. She
was smiling as the Karavan Teleporter made off a sound and Homins of the Matis
started to materialize behind her. Everyone dressed were for battle in armours
of all types. “The past shall stay in the history, don’t you think Fer’Chi”

“There need of many fighters then!” Another harsh, yet cheerful, voice sounded
off coming from the area of the hill nearby. It was an elder Fyros holding a
large burning sword and he was followed by other Fyros Homins. Also they were
dressed in armours for battle and had a determined look on their faces. “The
hands of the desert have come to lend you aid!” He shouted and was followed by
those following as they all raised their weapons towards the sky and shouted

“The past tells about Homins all falling for the same foe, the Kitins. As they
see no difference among Homins, so shall we see no difference among friends this
day. Let us put all aside, but the friendship within each Homin, and together
battle this threat that has come upon the lands of the lakes.” Fer’Chi Keh said
when he saw the Fyros and Matis approaching.

“This threat that are not just for the lands of the lakes, but for the entire
planet of Atys.” the Tryker Guard added as he stood next to the Zoraï man.

“This very planet that we all share, the home of all Homins. Our home.” The
Matis lady said as she stood facing the the Tryker and Zoraï as the Fyros joined
her side.

“Fight to protect all Homins!” He added.

After this odd sort of meeting they all set off towards the water heading
towards Darkmoor to take the portal there leading to Bounty Beaches and the area
where the Kitins where roaming. They swam through Liberty lake heading towards a
place called Darkmoor that Rikka had pointed out to Drakfot just before they had
set off. They swam through the water as Drakfot started thinking about the
Kitins she had heard of, would she be able to do anything to make sure that they
were safe again? She followed the flow of Homins as they reached land and ran up
on a small walkway formed from the wall. As they ran under a waterfall Drakfot
stopped for a second and looked at the area visible. Suddenly a tranquil rush
swept over her as she looked at the lands and thought “home..” Suddenly she
noticed someone standing next to her, it was Rikka.

“You feel it to don’t you Drakfot..” She said as she watched the area.

“Aye, I do.” Drakfot said still looking at the little animals running around on
the island beneath.

“That is why we fight Drakky, for our Home. Now come lets hurry and reach that
portal, we’re already the last in the line.” Rikka said as she smiled again and
started running after the others, tightly followed by Drakfot.

They swam a bit more reaching towards an island filled with cloppers and Yubos.
In the centre of the island stood a large wooden sculpture of some kind
reminding of a giant beast reaching all the way up to the roots in the sky. But
it was not a sculpture made of Homin hand, but it seemed as it was something
molded by the planet itself. Drakfot was so taken by this that she almost ran
straight into a clopper, but a word of warning from Aina made her notice it in
the last moment and she swiftly jumped up running over it which left it confused
as where its prey had gone. There was no time to stay and fight it as they were
headed towards a greater danger. Also the water they now reached for the final
swim would provide a safe place for them.

They finally reached the portal which would take them into Bounty Beaches where
the Kitins lured. The portal that was the only thing that stood between them and
the threat of once more losing their homes. But also the portal that with each
Homin stepping through was another hope of a brighter tomorrow.

“On the other side awaits our destiny.” Fer’Chi Keh said as he looked at it with
thoughtful eyes.

“We can have no regrets of our intentions from this point on..” The Fyros added

“I do not think anyone here has any regrets..” The Tryker Guard said as he
reached out towards the portal as if was about to touch it.

“Since the first step we took of the beach at Fairhaven before, our regrets
disappeared.” The Matis lady said as she stepped through the portal together
with the others.

“For Atys!” everyone shouted out as they ran through the portal to Bounty
Beaches, through the portal to meet their destiny..