The tale of Drakfot - part 3

The tale of Drakfot – Part 3.

Stand firm and you shall prevail

As her mind was full of thoughts Drakfot walked toward the round house that she had learned to know by now in her search for Ba’Gan Brermen to seek knowledge on how to evolve. It seemed as things had taken a turn into something that she could not grasp, was there something else that she had not noticed yet?

“Exscuse me, I am looking Ba’Gan Brermen might he be around?” She asked a tall Tryker.

“Hello Homin, I do not recognize your face from anywhere, are you new here in Aubermouth perhaps?” He replied in a manner of courtesy.

“Yes I have recently ….. woken up here…” Drakfot answered a bit thoughtful.

“Then I understand why you seek old Brermen, he is a good man and a respected tutor. I shall see if I cannot find him here somewhere. A teacher cannot let his students wait now can he” The tall Tryker said with a smile. He bowed and quickly ran off behind the house.

“But..” was the only word Drakfot could say before she heard a familiar voice.

“Ah dear Drakfot I see that you had some adventures here in Aubermouth. How are you now, do you feel a bit setteled in yet ?” Ba’Gan asked.

“Well, many things has happened since we last met. Things I cannot explain.” Drakfot said.

“Then once more I welcome you to Aubermouth for you have only started to find out about the mysteries here on Atys. Many new adventures, be they big be they small, awaits you from now on.” Ba’Gan said proudly. “But now then, I take it that your mind is set on a journey that is why you have come to see me again right?”

“Yes, my mind is set on to learn about Atys and all upon it. I wish to evolve.” she replied firmly.

“Well then I have some tasks for you and I shall also introduce you to some of my friends in this house” Brermen said while pointing towards the round house. “They are trainers in the art of survival, fight, harvest and crafting and they will help you out while you are here to prepare.” Ba’Gan said while extending a hand to Drakfot. “Now come with me my friend, the future awaits”

“The basics are quite simple Drakfot. You evolve as you try. If you go out and fight the foul anmials that roams this lands be it with your hands, daggers, sword or magic you will gain knowledge about it. Sadly since the Kitins struck upon us this is a necessary step for all Homins that comes to Aubermouth to be able to defend themself. And when they are good enough they will defend others.”

“So I evolve as I fight” Drakfot said quietly..

“Yes, that is correct” Ba’Gan said. “Now I have some tasks for you to help me with”

As the feeling of time standing still it now changed into days, days that became months and months grew into years.
As Drakfot was on one of her mission to bring some cloth to a friend of Ba’Gan she ran past a Guard of the Karavan.

“This is not all, there is more. seek it out” Drakfot heard just as she passed by.

“What, what did you say my friend?” Drakfot asked the guard. But the guard only stood there looking around, watching. Was it not the guard that said this to her just now? Or was it.

These words brought some thoughts into Drakfots mind as she went on with her journey to ba’Gan’s friend. Later that day as she was on her way back she stopped by a small lake. There she sat down and just looked around. The animals that surrounded the lake took no notice of her as they had got used to her running around between the cities or fighting the Goaris and Cloppers when they were attacking Yubos. As she looked at what she had seen for a while shou could notice that there was something more, not just the ordinary.

“I need to ask Ba’Gan about this” she said to herself.

And so she stood up and started to walk towards Aubermouth.

As she arrived to Aubermouth she could see that there was something different about the town. It was still as beautiful as before, no it was even more beautiful than before. The sun was falling behind the mountains while washing Aubermouth in rays of light bringing forward details not seen before. The town was alive, alive and pulsating.
When she reached the bridge over the water she saw Ba’Gan standing and talking to a female merchant. Drakfot smiled a little as she knew of his feelings for this merchant. Then she new what to do. She turned around and ran towards the large lake just outside the town. She had seen flowers growing there among the fiercer of the animals. Flowers that was so beautiful. She swam a bit through the water and as she reached the spot she quickly ran up onto the beach and started to cast a spell on the Clopper that was in her way. She knew that she had to be quick for there were many cloppers around. This is why none seldom went to this spot. As the clopper staggered around and finally fell Drakfot made a fast runt towards one of the larger of the flowers. Gently she picked it and then headed off towards Aubermouth again.

When she returned she saw Ba’Gan sitting on the steps to the round house enjoying the last rays of sun for this day. He was smiling, not only his face was, but the the entire him shined out in a big smile of happiness.

“So you had a good conversation today Ba’Gan?” Drakfot asked gently.

“Oh hi Drakfot, I didnt notice that you was approaching. Yes it was fine indeed. no it was more than fine, wonderful yes.” He replied and Drakfot could see the joy he felt. It was hard to miss it. For this is how Ba’Gan Brermen was.

“Well I have a question Ba’Gan” Drakfot said. “When I was running to your friend with the cloth you asked me to I think I heard..”

“You heard a voice didnt you Drakfot” Ba’Gan filled in her sentence. “You heard that there was more that this, more that the eye could grasp and that you should now turn to seek that out.” Ba’Gan said and Drakfot could sense a small disappointement in his voice.

“Yes kind of that” she replied worried that she might had upset him.

“Drakfot, my dear friend Drakfot. You have been here for a while now and you have grown from a frigtened Tryerette to a fine young woman capable of handeling herself. You have gained knowledge and wisdom as you were supposed to”. Ba’Gan said and stood up in front of her, looking at her.

“In time, every now and then, you face decitions you must make. This is one of those times Drakfot. You must now decide if you want to learn more of if you are afraid that you still are to weak to travel further. There is no shame in accepting ones weakness, it is the first step to turn it into strength. If you ask me, you are ready, as ready you can be for now.” Ba’Gan said still looking at her.

“Yes, I feel that I must find out what is beyound Aubermouth, the voice told me what i have felt for a time. I will do this” Drakfot replied

“Then you should go and talk to the Karavan that resides just straight from the bridge near the large pillar. You have probably seen them before on your journies around. They will tell you what you need to know and what to do to continue.” he said. “Now go, the future is still waiting for you, dont let it run past you.” Ba’Gan was once again smiling.

“I shall do this, but first I want to give you something, something that I am certain that you know how to make use of” She said and extended the flower that she had hidden behind her back.

“Oh , isnt that a Nimone flower?” Ba’Gan said a bit suprised.

“Yes it is” Drakfot replied. “And I think kyou know where it belongs” she said while turning around and running towards the beach. When she reached the end of the bridge she turned around one last time towards him and shouted “Thank you for everything my friend, Thank you”.

And so she turned around heading for the pillar and the Karavan.

Let the adventures begin…..