The tale of Drakfot - part 4

The tale of Drakfot Part 4.

Let there be light.

As Drakfot closed in on the Karavan guards and their altar as she had been
instructed to she saw that one of the Guards was not dressed alike the others.
The other guards stood around her and a machine that was hovering a few meters
above the ground. It sent light down from small holes in it. One of the lights
almost shed straight into Drakfot’s eye and she turned away as she felt as it
almost burned in her eyes.

“Beware the light dear Homin, it be there for wanderers to see at a long
distance.” The woman in the different clothing said. The clothes she wore was
shining more that the others, it had more light that the others. It seemed to be
made of another type of clothing, smooth yet hard when needed.

“I see that you have come to me to travel the distance that lies beyound my
friend.” she said calmly. “Do you know what this take of you to make this

“yes I know what I must leave behind me, I know what must be done for this
travel.” Drakfot replied and as in an instant it was as she had grown even more.

“Then my child, step closer to me and close your eyes.” The woman said.

As Drakfot got closer the woman removed one of her gloves revealing her hand. It
was whit but not pale. It looked to be soft and kind. As Drakfot was beside the
woman she laid her hand on Drakfot’s head and in that moment a light appeared in
the mind of her. A light that was so bright still it did not harm her. It
embraced her, she floated in it.

“My child you have come far and shall now go even furhter. I shall watch over
you and hold you. You are never alone.” That voice, it was the same voice from
her dream. Was it really true, did she hear it again.

“Who are you?” Drakfot asked.

“Who I am , I am Ba’caussey Aeddan the local messenger here. Who are you?
Anyhow I must get going, got things to fix” A strange voice replied.

Drakfot opened her eyes, where were she. She could not see the Karavan woman
that had put her hand on her head, she did not the she walls of the mountain close
to the place where she had been standing. She did not recognize a thing from
what she remembered. And so she looked around. The greatness of it all astounded
her, she trippled back a few steps and bumped into a Mekotub.

“Gnorff” it said and looked at her, then turned around and ran to its owner.

“Where am I now” Drakfot said to herself. Wondering what had happened the last
minutes and tried to remember it.

“You are in Fairhave, the largest and most wonderful of cities here in
Aeden Aqueous. It is one of the oldest och places for Homins to gather within.
Many faces passes here daily.” A guard by the bridge said. “You are most welcome
my friend. I see that your face is new here. If there is anything you wonder of
there are plenty of people here to help you.” He added.

“Fairhaven” Drakfot said. “This town I have heard of many times. So this is the
place she choosed for me”.

“I must go on with my duties my friend. You can find Be’Daris Aeddan over there,
she knows answers to your questions. Farewell.” The guard said and started his
patrol along the beach.

There where many thoughts in Drakfots mind at the moment. The local messenger
that she did not get the chance to see, a Mekotub that she bumped into and the
guard that told her where to start. Yet she did not have the urge to start right
away. She wanted to explore these new lands. The place that she had spent the
last few months struggle to reach. She wanted to see it with her own eyes.
The city was vast indeed. It had many houses floating in the water everyone
connected to eachother by long bridges.
Quickly she ran across the bridge and stopped at Fairmarket Fork. She looked
around and noticed that in the middle there was a bar, as it was day it was
almost empty. And around stood merchants showing their goods and doing buisness
with the local people. Oh this was all so new for Drakfot and she could not wait
to explore it all.

She ran across Bell Lane and stopped at the platform where she could see people
teaching skills to others and hairdressers and tatoomakers. This was really a
town of wonders. She ran further back through Fairmarket Fork and conntinued on
the other bridge. There was soo much to see. She stopped at the Council Chamber
Square for a little while. All the voices all the unknown faces finally got to
her mind. she stumbled a bit and sat down on her knees.

“I am all alone again, here in Fairhaven. I knew what I had to leave for this
joruney. And it is all so fantastic here. But still I am alone again.” She
thouight to herself as she slowly got up and started to walk towards the bridge
that led to the beach.

After a few minutes she was back on the back where sha had arrived the first
time. This time she headed for a hill that was close by the town.

“Geeiishhh, gheeiiish” a sound came from her left. A strange kind of animal
stood there looking at her with wonder. What was that animal and was it
dangerous?. “Geeiisshh” it said and moved closer to her, she stood there still
thinking not to move to hasty. As it came closer it started to sniff at her. it
walked around her, then it got something in its eyes and started to sniff more
repeated and started to push Drakfot in her side by her pocket. It had found her
bag with bread.

“ahah stop that, it tickles” She said laughing and smiling.”Here take a little
piece, its not much but it is what I can spare.”

The animal took the bread, chewed it and then it leaned towards Drakfot for her
to pet it. She clapped its body and let her hand walk along its neck to its
head. “geeiiish” the animal said and then took off.

“I see that you have made friends with the local animal fauna” A voice from
somewhere said. “Are you new here my friend?” it asked her.

“Yes I came here about a few hours ago, its all so new to me.” Drakfot replied
and turned around. There stood a Tryker man.

“My name is Memorx, nice to make you acquaintance Drakfot.” He said with a
gentle voice and smile. “Is there anything I can help you with perhaps?”

“Oh its nice to meet you to Memorx. For now I am set to explore the surroundings
of this new place. But I shall have your offer in mind and I hope to meet you
many times.” Drakfot said happily, she had made her first new friend in
Fairhaven. She bowed to Memorx and then continued up the hill.

When she almost reached the top she saw a strange thing float in the sky, it
spun around and around while sending little sparkles down to the ground. Below
it there stood a small little creature that made random noices. At its side it
had two huge strangelooking animals that appeared to be its bodyguards. Drakfot
took a right and ended upp on a cliff with a winderful view.
From the cliff she could see all of Fairhaven, how it stretched out in the
distance, reaching from water to mountains to even the sky itself. Then she
noticed something in the sky that she had not thought of before. there in the
sky there were like giant pillars that stretched through the sky and all over
the land. It was marvelous and wonderful. As the sun began to set behind the
mountains adn the bright light faded into a calm light welcomening the night
Drakfot sat there watching Fairhaven.

Suddenly she felt something pressing against her side. When she looked for what
it was she saw that a Yubo had taken rest by her side. It lied there sleeping
deep already, making funny little noices and sometimes it moved like it was
running across a meadow in joy. There she sat,, on a cliff close to Fairhaven
accompanied by a sleeping yubo and the memory of her first meeting.

“Finally I have reached Fairhaven.” She said to herself and the sleeping Yubo.
“I have the feeling that this will be my home and so I shall make it.”

“yeisch” the Yubo said as it rolled over to sleep…