The tale of Drakfot - part 5

The tale of Drakfot part 5.

Open eye sees the truth.

As the morning sun let its light fly over Farihaven Drakfot woke up as stared at
the town. She gently rubbed her eyes and stretched her body after the long and
good sleep. The Yubo still lied there next to her sleeping. She slowly and
quietly moved away from it so that she should not wake it.

Another exiting day was waiting for her now. Today she should try and scout out
the areas around Fairhaven to see what she could find. She stood up and looked
around, the strange creatures below the spinning thing was still there. Messabs
roamed around close by and there was even some bird that flew here and there
looking for something to eat. Yubos ran around playing, eating or just looking.
Drakfot realized that she had almost no food left in her bag.

“Perhaps I should ask someone in the town what to do” She thought to herself and
started walking towards the road that led down from the hill.

When she arrived she looked around a bit confused but the tought of whom to ask.
She took some steps forward and peeked into the armours shop for someone to ask.
But she did not know who to ask.

“Hello there, you look like you could use some brand new medium armour my
friend, step right up and I will see what I have in store. I might have just the
right thing for you.” A girl said from the far end of the shop. “My name is
Mac’Cautty Brammy, the medium armour merchant here.”

“Ehm, well your armours are really nice. But I do not have any dappers to pay
with. It was kind of why I came here, to see if there is anything I can do about
it.” Drakfot replied a bit ashamed.

“There is no worries to that my friend. Just ask O’Darghan Garmer, she usually
is just up ahead at the bar. She will most likely pay you for your services.”
Mac’Cautty said. “When you have some dappers just come back and see me” she
added with a smile.

“That I will” Drakfot replied and turned around heading for the bar close by.

As she took the first steps on thee small stairs that led to the bar area she
thought about that she had never been to such a place before. What would happen
once she got there. As she was thinking this she did not see that the stairs had
ended and she prepared to take another step upwards stairs. She was suprised
when there was no stair left and she fell forward.

“Look out there missy” She heard as she felt that someone grabbed her and helped
her to get back on her feets again.

“Oh thank you, I was somewhere else in mind. My name is Drakfot.” She said
feeling even more ashamed now but still she smiled towards the man that had
prevented her from falling.

“I noticed that, my name is Ba’Naer Liffan. Im the owner of this bar, the best
one in Fairhaven and around.” He said proudly and with a smile that ensured
Drakfot that she was on a safe place.

“I am looking for O’Darghan Garmer, she is supposed to be around here
somewhere.” Drakfot asked Liffan.

“Oh you mean Corporal Garmer. yes its that fine lady over there.” Liffan reliped
while poionting at a woman a bit further away. “If you are going to talk to her,
please bring her this drink and tell her its from me.”

“Thank you, I will do that, and once more thank you for saving me.” Drakfot said
to Liffan as she walked away towards where Garmer was.

“Hello my friend, my name is Drakfot. I was supposed to give you this drink.”
She said and handed over the drink.

“Who gave you this drink” Garmer replied supiciously.

“Ba’Naer Liffan, he said it was for you…” Drakfot replied silently.

“Oh , Im so sorry. Its just that these days are hard for us all. We always have
to be alert to stay alive. And well, it wears us all out. I am sorry for the
hard voice I gave you my friend. Well is there anything I can do for you?”
Garmer said while taking a small zip from the drink.

“Well I was sent here by Mac’Cautty Brammy, she told me that you might help me
out earning some dappers for food and so.” Drakfot replied now feeling better
that it was not as bad as she thought it would be.

“Well, I have got news that the cloppers and goaris are making trouble nearby,
we really need to see that they do not disturb us too much.” Garmer said.

“I can do that, I think.” Drakfot replied quick.

“Ok then, go and see that there are not too many cloppers running around on Kami
Hill close by and I will give you some dappers for food and clothes. Ok?” Garmer
said to Drakfot.

“I will do my best!” Drakfot replied and turned around.

As she was running towards the hill she came from this morning she felt happy
that she had started to know the little of Fairhaven that she had seen so far,
and that she had met some really nice people. As she got to the top of the hill
she located a clopper and picked out her sword that she had brought from
Aubermouth. It was not the best sword but it was all that she had as weapon.
She charged towards the clopper and attacked. It was a bit supried by her attack
but it answered with fierce strikes with its claws. Drakfot dogded the claws as
good as she could but could not avoid getting hit. After some time the clopper
fell and Drakfot stood there, barly able to stand on her legs.

“I think I can make some use of these.” she thought as she picked up some of the
things that the clopper had dropped or that had been chopped off by her sword.

Drakfot then sat down to regain strength for the next battle. As she sat down a
gentle breeze flew by and she took a deep breath enjoying the fresh air. She did
not notice the Goari behind her that had starting to run towards her.
In a sudden she was back in the light, the ray that had held her before. This
time she could not hear the voice she heard before at once. She was just
floating somehow. After a few seconds she thought that she heard someone saying
something far away..

“r ou oay…..hel are you ok? Oh i guess not. no worries I will help you.” a
voice said, at first it was distant then it came closer, or at least it sounded
as it did.

Suddenly Drakfot opened her eyes again and sat up. There were small rays of blue
light that flied around here and she felt how she got stronger again. She looked
around to see whom the source of this was, yet she could not see anyone.

“Hello, who are you. and how did….” Was all she could say before she noticed a
Homins that waved at her smiling and then turned around to quickly disappear
down the road on the other side of the hill.

The thoughts grinded in Drakfots head. How was that possible, why didnt she hear
the voice calling her back this time? And how could she been rescued by that
Homin. She thought of this a little while batteling some more cloppers. She was
more careful this time when she sat to rest. After an hour she had gathered many
parts and pieces that was dropped by the cloppers. She did not know how or what
to do with them yet, but she knew that they could come to use somehow.

When she was att full strength again she ran back down towards Fairhaven and the
bar, Garmer was most likely still there. As she ran by the merchant someone
shouted after her.

“Hey , do you need all those things you are carrying ? I could buy some of them
, if they are for sale that is.” The man asked her.

“Well I do need dappers for food, and I am not certain on how to use these or
what to make of them yet. So I guess that I can sell them.” Drakfot replied and
handed over them to the merchant.

A few minutes later Drakfot had used the dappers for some more food and left the
shop with a new shining armour. Still the thoughts of what that Homin did nagged
her mind, she decided to ask O’Darghan abou it.

“Here are your dappers Drakfot, you did a good job for being the first time.”
Garmer said.

“I was wondering, i was attacked from behind and was floating somewhere and in
something. Then I heard a voice and all of a sudden I could open my eyes again
as if it were like waking up from sleep. What was that ?” Drakfot said while
looking askingly at Garmer.

“That my friend is called ‘healing’ and any Homin can do it. All you need to do
is to ask a magician trainer and they will help you out. There are some trainers
down that bridge.” Garmer said and pointed towards Council Chamber Square. “Just
ask for Be’Riplan Artan and she will teach you how to do that.”

Drakfot quickly ran towards the square. If this was something that every Homin
could learn and it could be of help she was to learn it. And to be as good at it
as she could. When she arrived at the swaure she looked around a bit and turned
to the left walking towards a girl in blonde hari.

“Hi I am looking for Be’Riplan Artan, I wish to learn the art of healing.”
Drakfot said enthusiasticly and almost jumped up and down.

“Well then you have come to the right place, it is mee Be’Riplan you are looking
for and I shall teach you howw to heal your fellow friends and Homins.” Artan
said and began giving instructions on how to do.

After a little while Drakfot tried it and she managed to sucessfully cast it on

“Good, you will do better over time my friend, practice long and hard and you
will do better and better.” Artan said and then started talking to another
Homins that just arrived.

“Oh this is lovely. I can help anyone that need it.” Drakfot thought to herself
as she walked away.

She took her steps towards the brdige close to Kami Hill, for she thought that
she should see if there was someone there that might needed her assistance. As
she came closer to the stables just outbound the bridge she noticed that there
was many Homins that had gathered at there. Everyone was talking and seemed to
be a bit exited about something.

“Exscuse me, but what be this about. Why have so many gathered here? ” Drakfot
asked a man stading close.

“Have you not heard, there is a trip going on. We are gathering so many we can
to travel throgh Atys and to reach other lands where many of us have not been
before. Why dont you join us?” The man answered.

“A chance to see more of this lands and to meet new friends, how can I resist
this offer. I will gladly join you.” She replied even more thrilled for now she
got a chance to see Atys and perhaps make some new friends.

And so Drakfot’s travel through Atys began….