The tale of Drakfot - part 6

The tale of Drakfot – Part 6.

Wherever you turn, there be a smile.

So, it had now come to this point of turn in the passings of Drakfot that
she once more was to journey through things unknown. As she had barely
stepped in the new lands of Atys and recently learned how to, by the touch
of the soul, heal other Homins. She had come so far since that day she
decided to leave Aubermouth, since she last saw Ba’Gan Brermen.

“I wonder how he is now that fella, most likely up over his head in love
nd all busy with teaching his knowledge to newly awakened” Drakfot thought
to herself as she stared of in the distance.

“Will someone please get this confused Mekotub out of here, where is the
respective owner?” A man shouted over the crowd that has gatehered by the
stables of Fairhaven.

“Sorry, im so sorry. I was just to sell some of my craftings and in return
getting some new armour. I know that I should have fixed that Shooki leash
some time ago. I am sorry, but old Frigg often gets his way loose, but
always returns back to me. Thank you” All these words came from a Homin
than came running from the bridge to Fairhaven while strapping on his new
armour. Drakfot noticed that he had rather dirty pants on, in fact his entire
suite was rather dirty.

“Dont worry about him, he is a good harvester and a fine friend. He will
look after his Mekotub.” A friendly voice said from behind. Drakfot knew of
this voice.

“Memorx, is that you?” She asked as she turned towards where the sound came

“Yes, it is me Drakfot, how are you doing these days ?” He replied.

“Well, there is so much that has happened since we last met, I do not even
know where to start telling you.” Drakfot said eagerly.

“Well, there will be time for that, it seems as the travel is about to start
now, I must seek my team to get in order for our travel. We shall not travel
far apart Drakfot.” Memorx said and ran off into the crowd of people.

“Bu… be careful Memorx” was all that Drakfot could say before he was gone.

All of a sudden she felt a tapping on her shoulder.

“Hey there, you seem a bit alone and out of order. Are you in a team ?”
A trykerette asked her.

“Well… ehm, no I am not. It seems as I just got here and I do not know
what be going on.” Drakfot said realizing that she had not got the entire
grasp of the doings here.

“You want to join my team ? It would be fun and we will help you.” The
trykerette said while blossoming up in a big smile.

When Drakfot looked at the young lady offering her a place with some of her
friends and the smile, she knew that this was a nice lady. She could not
refuse such an offer from such a nice person.

“Yes thank you, it would be an honour to be travelling with you. My name is
Drakfot.” She replied a bit embaressed.

“Great, come with me. My name is Rikka, come come, meet my friends they are
over here.” Rikka said while grabbing Drakfot’s hand and pulling her away.

As Drakfot met the members of the team she greeted them and they said hi.
They asked her what she would be doing during this trip for there would most
likely be fighting and danger along the way they travel.

“I have learned how to see that Homing regain their strength and I would like
to learn more in the use of this, if… if…. that is alright with you….
my friends..” Drakfot said and stared down into the ground.

“Hey!! Drakfot… you know… we are up here, look here.” Rikka said smiling
even more than she did before. “Of course you will heal us, if that is what
you mean, it is always welcome with a hand that cares during battles.
It is what keeps us fighters standing on our two legs my friend. So be it,
your hands shall aid us in battle by giving us strength!.

“hey, you over there, are you done yet with your small talk ? we are about
to leave now, and we are waiting for your little group to get ready.”
The man from earlier said, smiling.

“yeh, yeh we are comming, are you afraid that you wont make it without us
eh?” Rikka said laughing. “Follow me team, for now the fun begins.”

And so everyone started to move out from the safe place of the stables
in Fairhaven, to where Drakfot did not know. Still she felt safe, she was
among friends. Those that cared for eachother. They all took of in direction
towards the water.

“You are not afraid of water or swimming are you” A Tryker asked her as
he the hit the surface of water. “You know, we Trykers love water” he said
and threw himself into the crystalclear ocean surrounding Fairhaven.

“Oh, water are not a problem for me” Drakfot said as she heaved herself
into the water too, swimming next to the Tryker. Swimming in the water
made her think of Aubermouth, how she took her first swim in the waters
surrounding it. Yes it was fine memories, even though she could not recall
anything before waking up there, she still knew that there were fine,
sometimes hard, times there. She would always remember Aubermouth.

“We are headed towards Avendale, from there we shall port to Lagoons of
Loria. When we get there it will be a tough time, and from there we shall
reach Matis.” Another member of the team told Drakfot.

“Loria…. Matis….” Drakfot let these thoughts ponder her mind a few
seconds. “What are these places?” She asked.

“Ah sorry, you are new here. Well fear not, you will be safe, and I promise
you that wonderful things awaits you Drakfot” He replied.

These words made the mind of Drakfot run off a bit thinking on what was
waiting for her at their arrival. After some swimming they all reached
Avendale and gathered by the teleport there.

“Ok Homins, get your TP’s here will you, we need to head off soon to make it
in time.” The man shouted once more. Drakfot understood why he had to use
such high voice for they were a lot gathered, and he needed to be heard.

“Have you got a TP yet Drakfot?” Rikka asked her.

“Well.,.. ehmm.. no… it seems that… well…” Drakfot was even more
emberassed now than before. She looked on the ground and made circles with
her foot.

“Haha, Drakfot my friend. You dont have enough Dappers have you? “Rikka asked
in a bit teasy way. “Well, that is no problem. You are among friends, and
friends help eachother do they not. Here take this little bunch of Dappers,
it should be enough to get you through this.”

“But.. this is far too much, in fact it is even more than I have earned since
I first came here. I cannot accept this much Rikka!” Drakfot replied , still
suprised by the large amount of Dappers that was placed in her hand.

“Hush you, its not that much, and will be enough for now. Dont argue, just
accept it will you. It will come in handy, and I cannot see you standing
there without TP’s can I.” Rikka said.

“Well then, thank you very much my friend. I shall remember your deed.”
Drakfot said while looking at the Dappers. Here she had been for some time,
and she had fought and sold what materials she had gotten from her fighting.
Yet still here comes another Homin and laying such amount of Dappers in her
hands without anything wanted in return. How nice of them.
She ran to the strange looking device that stood close to the water and got
herself a TP.

“Yes, now we move out once again, to the portal and then through the harder
lands of Tryker.” The shouting man almost screamed out.

As so they all began to move once more. As they reached the portal, it
astouned Drakfot by far.It was a large , clear white circling thing that
hanged there in the air.. it spinned around and glistened.. and did nothing
more. Then she notices how the others just jumped into it and disappeared.
This scared her a bit, so she stood still.

“I am not sure that I want to do that” She said while staring at the portal.

“Dont worry, you wont have to.” Memorx said while giving Drakfot a push
through the portal.

As she landed in the other side she shouted “Memorx…” and then stopped
when she saw that Rikka was looking at her suprised.

“He pushed you through didnt he” she said and smiled as she used to.

“Yuepp, I did. Sorry, but sometimes you have to be convincing. I hope you
dont mind Drakfot” Memorx said as he passed through the portal.
“It was not that bad was it”.

“No, it was not.” Drakfot said.

“Well, we must move or we’ll be left here alone” Rikka said and ran off
with the team. Closely followed by Drakfot and the others.

This was a completely new land for Drakfot, she had never put her foot her
before yet still she could see that this was clearly that this was the
lands of the Trykers. It was hard to say in words, but the feeling of being
home was still wtihin the lands she now walked upon.

“Get it, before it calls its friends” The man shouted in front.

And even before Drakfot had time to react the large animal came striking
towards them.
It was a large creature with sharp claws on its frontal legs. On its head
there were large lumplike things that almost looked a bit like arms. And it
used it all to strike at the Homins standing close to it trying to hit it
with their swords.
Drakfot started to cast her spells of care while they all fought. After a
few minutes the beast fell to the ground and everyone could catch their
breath. But not for long though for the shouting man told them to move, and
to move quickly. As theys struggled on they soon reached a large lake
resident in the middle of the lands of Loria according to what Rikka said.
As they felt the water when they swimmed it seemed as everyone regained
strength and was now eager to continue their journey.

The water took its end and as they all reached the more northeast part of
the lake all gathered up and ran towards the side of the hill. Just some
smaller animals tried to stop them, but they were quickly striked down by
the swordwielding Homins. And after some running they reached another portal.

“This one leads to Matis, the lands of another race. You want me to push you
again” Memorx said with a smile.

“No thank you, I can do it myself, or rahter I have to learned this do I not”
Drakfot said and looked at the portal. Yet she waited until she was the last
one through.
What would it be like ? To throw yourself into this void. It was one thing
not being prepared to enter.. How would it be if I was prepared to walk through
it Drakfot thought, and took a step forward through the portal…

When she came to the other side she heard screams… from all the others..

“Its a tribe, get them..” “fight, keep the healers up…” “everyone focus
on the same enemy and strike them down… so we can run away…”

Drakfot quickly ran towards the screams and she was met by a smaller chaos.
It seems as a local tribe had noticed that they had arrived. And thus
taking actions against their continuence of the trip. But did they expect
such resistance from the Trykers?
Drakfot ran upp to her friends and started casting her heals on everyone
that seemed to need it. It was fierce, it was hard, but after a while,
with lot of damage, they were able to run off, away from the village.
Drakfot came a bit after the group as they ran off away from the village.

This new lands, these surroundings, it all confused Drakfot as she ran.
It was so new, so many new smells, strange animals that roamed. She ran
and ran, as fast as she could. She was so suprised by all this new
fauna and happening that she did not notice the tribemember that followed
her a bit from behind. And she did not notice the branch sticking up
from the ground..

“Die, you unpure being of Matis…” an angered voice said from behind..

Drakfot turned around, the last thing she saw was a man comming
against her with his club raised and anger in his eyes.. she fell
backwards over the branch… then it all became black..

“hey, you there, are you alright? You fell did you know…” A voice
in the distance said..

As Drakfot slowly opened her eyes it was all blurry. She had hit her
head hard during the fall..
She saw a face.. As the contours of the surroundings started to get
shape she saw a face. A face that do not belong here. It was not as
bright as the skin of the man attacking her, yet not as colored as the
Trykers.. it was..strange.. it was beautiful.. she fell into sleep again..

A few minutes later she woke up, her head hurted a bit, but she was fine.

“Oh good youre awake now are you little one. ” A voice said, it was the
voice from just a while ago. “It seems as you fell and this ugly one tried
to take advantage of it. Well lets just say that fate, or me, taught him
a good lesson. He wont be bothering us again.”

It was first now that Drakfot could get a good look at the one comming to
her rescue.
She was tall, longer than Drakfot, perhaps one and a half times the length
of her. She had an armour that was red as fire, it matched her red hair,
and as she looked at Drakfot , it matched the will in her eyes. Then she
smiled. Looking at her scared Drakfot a bit, but then when she saw her
smiling at her and felt all assured.. She was safe, this Homins had saved her life
from that man following her. This lady, the saviour, was kind and nice.
She had an aura that only those that lives in kindness and harmony can
have. She was special.

“It seems as you have been lost from your friends. You want me to reunite
you with them ?” The lady asked drakfot.

“Yes.. I think i would want that.. It seems as they would miss me, perhaps
feel bad about not seeing to that I was with them all the time for I am
new to all this.” drakfot replied, still caught by the kindess in the
lady’s voice and the calmness of her smile.

“Well then lets get ourselves moving shall we, no time to waste.” She said,
stood up and started to run.

Drakfot followed her but after a few meters of running a question came to
her mind, one that she must ask.

“My name is Drakfot, what be yours?” She said and looked at the lady in
front of her.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Drakfot, my name is Seanchai” the lady of fire

Closer to unity by the guidance of a smile..