The tale of Drakfot - part 7

The tale of Drakfot part 7

A hand in the darkness.

“Hey there Drakfot, dont scare us like that. Where were you ?” Rikka shouted
as she and a few more came running back towards Drakfot.

“I was attacked and fell, I am sorry for lagging behind so much” Drakfot
replied and gently felt on the back on her head, it still pounded from the

“I see, sorry that we ran off like that, but we had to make sure that the
tribe had lost interest in us”. Rikka replied. “But how did you manage to
survive the attacker, they hit hard and are known to be merciless to Homins
that passes by”.

“I was saved by this lady Seanchai here” Drakfot said and turned around.
But there was none there, she was gone. “But she was here just a little
moment ago… I am certain of this”.

“Well, you are up and about Drakfot, lets move to the rest of the group,
they are waiting for us now.” Rikka said with a smile that removed all doubts.

“Yes, lets do that”. Drakfot replied, but before she ran after the other she
turned around and said : “Thank you Seanchai, my saviour and friend. I look
forward to meet you again.” then she ran to the others.

As they ran a bit the leader said “Ok, now this place is a maze, so make sure
that you dont get lost in here”.

“I can stay in the back and make sure that no one is getting lost again” Rikka
shouted while looking at Drakfot, smiling as usual.

“Great, now lets get moving, we still got many obstacles to surpass before this
travel is over Homins”. The leader shouted and moved on, thightly followed by
the other Homins.

It was first now, in the safety of the others, that Drakfot could begin to take
notice of the new surroundings. It was so different from the beaches and shores
of Aeden Aqueous. She noticed that the wind still whispered in the trees, yet it
was different from the playful one of Aeden. This wind was more proud, it moved
along the trees of the forest with such pace , not stopping for anything but its
destination. Yet still it was refreshing and clear. Instead of the palms that she
was used to rest under there was large trees covering the skies and the plants
hade larger leaves and danced in the wind. “So this is Matis lands” Drakfot
thought to herself.

“Alright people, that maze was no big deal was it. Now we are off to a place
called Fleeting Garden, be sure to keep your dappers ready for there is a TP
there. Now this was if you please.” the leader said and ran off.

“You know, he said that way Drakfot” Rikka said an pointed towards the others.

Drakfot had been so taken by the new surroundings and impressions that she
had almost been running straight ahead and did not notice the change of

“Oh yes, sorry I was… amazed by all the new things here” Drakfot said as she
turned to the others and ran up to them.

“Haha, that happends to us all the first times we visit new lands, no worries.
We’ll keep you safe and on track my friend” That was the words of Memorx
as he gently clapped Drakfot’s shoulder and ran off to the others.

After a little while they reached the Karavan TP in Fleeting Garden as the
leader had said. Drakfot bought herself a ticket, her bag with dappers was
still more than half full, and put it in her bag. She then noticed a small hill
just behind the TP and curiosity took over as she ran up on top of it.
When she got to the top she stopped and jusst gazed at the view. Then she
looked down and alsmot fell over the edge in amazement of how deep it was,
she could barely see the bottom.

“Yes, the view is amazing isnt it, still catches me everytime.” The male voice
came from a Homin that had walked up next to Drakfot while she was
admiring the view, she hadnt noticed him until he spoke.

“My name is Crythos, im a member of the same guild as you. nice to meet
you.” He said introducing himself and extended his hand.

Drakfot took his hand and shaked it genlty while saying : “Hello my name is
Drakfot, I am new in the guild yes, and have only met Rikka so far.. so I will
have some time to remember you all. Im glad to meet you Crythos”.

“Ah I see, well since I did not recognize your face and I heard something
about we getting a new memeber I took the opportuinity to introduce myself
and watch this view” Crythos said while staring into the distant. “well I
guess its time to head back to the others, I heard that it was about time to
leave, which was the real reason for me going up here to you.”

“Ok people , here is the route we shall travel towards Den of Fury then we…”
the leader said before Rikka whispered in Drakfots ear “He likes to be like
that, bossy and deciding don’t you think” she said while giggling.

“Ehm.. I dont know. I dont know him so I cannot really tell” Drakfot replied.

“hihi” Rikka said.

“then we run along the way, past Charmer’s Way, watch out for the high
cliffs there. then we will finally end up in Yrkanis. So then this way” the
leader finished and set off again.

“Yrkanis? ” Drakfot asked loudly.

“Yes, that is the capital of Matis.” Crythos replied. He was standing beside
Drakfot and Rikka slowly chewing a bit on a straw he had in his mouth.

“shach” a sound came from the ground.

“What was that?” Drakfot asked as she looked down.

There on the ground, not taller than a Yubo, was a small little animal
sitting looking up at her. It had a bid wide nose, small pointy ears that
quickly changed direction to get all noises around. Its torso was robust and
the front legs was a bit longer that the back legs. It sat there and Drakfot
noticed that its little tail was wagging in the grass. It was so cute and as it
looked at Drakfot its little tounge slipped out on the side.

“That is a Frippo, its a nice little animal that roams around here.” Crythos
said still cheweing his straw.”I think it likes you”

“aaw so cute, but I dont want you to follow me to where dangerous animals
are. Perhaps if I give you a small bit of food and you will be satisfied?”
Drakfot said remembering the littlel Yubo in Fairhaven. She gave the Frippo
a piece of bread and it happily accepted the gift and ran off to the others.

After some running the travelling team had passed the Den of Fury and was
running aside Charmer’s Way.

“We are not far away now” Memorx said while runnig past Drakfot and Rikka.
“We are soon in Yrkanis now, lets hurry I want something to drink”

“I look forward to see Yrkanis, it is my first time outside Aeden Aqueous and
I have seen soo many new things that I can hardly remember them all.”
Drakfot said
thrilled by all the new things she had learned today.

“Yes, we are soon there, and after the rumble with the tribe before we all look
forward to a little rest and to tend our wounds. Hopefully we will get a nights
rest there too. Perhaps not in the town, but outside it are some lovely places
to camp on.” Rikka said, she was still smiling but one could notice in her eyes
that she was tired. Still full of spirit though.

As they ran on the road, taking care of some stray Gingos that caought their
scent, they ran past two smaller towns.

“Are we to go there, into the tows I mean” Drakfot asked.

“I dont think so, but we can always take that tour some time later when this
world travel is over.” Rikka said.

“Sounds great, I am so thankful for you all being so kind to me.” Drakfot said.
Suddenly a large wall appeared in front of them. It was huge and covered a
large area, Drakfot could hardly see where it begain and where it ended.
It was like it was risen straight from the ground itself.

“What a strange wall comming up from the ground” Drakfot said.

“Yuepp that is the wall surrounding Matis Arena, a place for gladiators and
fighters to meet in combat to test their skills and knowledge.” Memorx said.
“Aaannd it also means that Yrkanis is just around the corner.. Oooh I can
smell that Shooki seed Ale from here.”

“Oh so we are near now are we ?” Drakfot asked.

“Yes, very near” Crythos said. He had run up next to them now.

As they ran on the road Drakfot noticed that the dangerous animal fauna
decreased and the grass became shorter and soon , there in the distant
she could start to see the contours of a town building up in the distance
and hear the voices of the all Homins in it. They were getting closer and
closer now and the town became bigger and bigger.

Soon she could see the mighty gate of the city called Yrkanis…

The one that is lost will be found by a hand in the darkness.