The tale of Drakfot - part 8

The tale of Drakfot part 8.

Throughout the wild your path is set.

So now they came closer and closer to the gates of Yrkanis. As drakfot looked
around she saw a spinning thing over the left side of the road, close to the
edges of the clif. It looked like the one that was at the till in Fairhaven.
But this one seemed to be placed even further away from the town if compared to
the one in Fairhaven. Yet it stood there, with the Kami sentinels by its side.

“Hail thee Homins” One of the guards at the gate shouted as they came closer.

“Oh.. ehm…what?” Drakfot said suprised as she could not see whom it was that
had shouted it.

“Don’t worry, they always greets new travelers like this. Its always amazing
how they seem to remember whom has entered previously and who are new here.”
Crythos said as he chewed on the last part of his straw. “I’ll thin that I’ll
make a quick stop at the weapons salesman and see what guns he has to offer.”

As Drakfot came close to the gate she stopped just outside it and looked at the
trees that formed it, the sign that the branched was grown into in the middle
part of it. It was amazing how a tree could grow in such patterns.

“Yiesch, yiesch” A little Yubo that belonged to the herd that roamed around
close to the fence on the left part of the gate. It walked up to Drakfot and
gently pushed her on the ankle with its nose. It was strangely curious, not as
shy as other Yubos usually are.

“Hello there little one, how are you” Drakfot said as she sat down on her knees
next to the Yubo.

The Yubo then all of a sudden stood in its rear legs waving with its fron pawns
towards Drakfot and then landed in her knee looking up at her as its tounge
slipped out and hanged on the side of the mouth and its tail wagged left and
right happily.

“Haha, well with such welcome here to Yrkanis I could not resist to feel at home
can I.” Drakfot as she handed the Yubo a large piece of Stinga seed bread. It
quickly grabbed it and ran off to its friends where it shared its food with

“Hey Drakfot, we are over at the stables if you want to catch up with us later.
It looks like we are to move out in about 30 Atysian minutes, do don’t be late
hihi” Rikka shouted towards Drakfot as she ran through the gates and headed
towards some merchants that was a bit further away. “Have fun, oh and the TP is
over there.”

Drakfot slowly walked through the gates of Yrkanis and looked around, she found
that the stables were close to the gate and that some of the more experienced
travelers had already gathered there sitting leaning at the stable and resting.
She walked furhter in and saw a kind of gatheringplace that looked like it was
carved out from a giant tree. Drakfot walked up into it and stood in the middle.

“What beautiful work of Homin hands, they surely are masters of the forest.”
She thought to herself as she spun around to look at the town.

Drakfot saw the Karavan TP and walked there to get herself a TP. As she got the
TP she saw a majestic building in the distant. It looked both royal and
majestic, it had an aura that shined through. Yet it was so natural for it to be
there, even if it sttod out a bit among the other buildings it still was a great
part of them.

“yeah that is the meeting hall here in Yrkanis.” That was Crythos as he came
walking along the road to the TP. He stopped and got himself a new one, then
started to look around. “If im not misstaken the straws areound here tasts very
well, I was hoping to get a new one before we take off. Ah here we go.”

Drakfot stood there and looked at the building for a little while, it was
magnificent indeed. Then she turned around and saw Crythos with his head down
in the grass looking for a fine straw to chew on during the next part of the
trip and she laughed quietly to herself. Such lovely friends she has made sofar.

“Oups, time to go to the stables. The next stop would be Hidden Source and the
portal there. Lets hurry to the Stables shall we.” Crythos said now with a new
straw in his mouth.

They walked back to the stables and found that most of their travelling
companions were already there ready to leave for the next land.

“Ok, we are now heading to Hidden Source and we are going through Towerbridge
Way via Psyklopa Knoll, then just passing Tunnel of Woe and up the hill att
Little Mountain. So are we all set and ready ? If so then we are moving out.”
The leader of the trip proclaimed.

“Yes , sir boss sir!” Rikka said silently and then giggled.

“Psyklopa Knoll, Towerbridge way and Tunnel of Woe. So many new names I have
heard already. I do look forward to see these places.” Drakfot said out loud.

“Yeah, well dont expect to see too much of them as we are just running by, but
I’ll gladly show them to you another day if want to Drakfot.” Memorx said

“Yuepp yuepp, it seems as we are not even halfway through our journey and must
move on, or at least our leader here is eager to do so.” Crythos said as he
picked his bag from the ground and made himself ready for the leave.

“Sorry Drakfot, it seems as there will not be a chance to spend the evening here
in Yrkanis. But as Memorx said lets do it another time shall we.” Rikka said
and shined up in a smile that would have lifted even the most saddes spirits to
the skies.

“Yes that will be fine, thank you my friends.” Drakfot replied and got up and
put her Magical Amplifiers on her hands and started running with the team.

So the once more passed the mighty gates of Yrkanis, this time in the opposite
direction and headed towards the northen side of the Matis Arena. There were
some gingos that thought they could have a quick snack from all the Homins that
passed by all of a sudden, but they quickly realized they stood no chance so
most of them fled of with the tail between the legs.

When they reached Psyklopa Knoll Drakfot was greatly suprised. She had never
seen any plants that looked like these. They were big lumps balancing on a small
stalk or root that was buried into the ground and they silently waved back and
forth while making some strange ratteling noise. Drakfot was a bit scared and
did not dare to touch them, and she did not have time to look at them closer as
they had to continue to run along the road. But the siight of these plants would
stay in Drakfot’s memory for a long time.
They continued past Tunnel of Woe and judging by the name Drakfot wouldnt like
to visit that place just yet as it frightened her a little.

“Ok, you see this walkwayt down here, go down there and look at the portal and
make a mental note Homins. You might need this in your future travels.” The
leader said as he sat down for a few minutes of rest.

Drakfot slowly walked down to the portal and as she got closer to it she heard
that voice from so long ago, the voice from Aubermouth.

“Welcome my child, here you shall awake.” it said.

But just after Drakfot heard it she doubted if she had heard anything really,
or if it was just a whisper of the wind. And suddenly she felt all warm inside,
warm and safe. Yes she might have heard that voice whisper tose words to her.

As all the participants had walked down to the portal and back again they all
continued towards Little Mountain. When they reached it the all stopped and
looked around carefully for there where many fould Kitins that roamed the small
path that lead upwards to what seemed to be a more desolate that the forests
that hey had just passed. After some well done cooperation if all Homins they
fould Kitins fell to the ground and they could travel on up onto the overlying
landscapes. It was hard to see any trees growing where they now were, but in the
distance Drakfot could see some trees grow and bigger plants.

“Yeh that would be Virginia Falls. I have heard that its a fine place that every
Homin should visit sometime.” Crythos said as he laid his hand on Drakfot’s
shoulder. “Lets continue with the group shall we.”

It was very much new things that Drakfot had seen just since she left the
capital town Yrkanis. So many new inpressions, differens animals and flora,
that she was both amazed and curious at the same time. Yet she appriciated that
Crythos reminded her why they were there.

As they ran through the lands it all seemed to turn more and more bare.
They passed a small camp, it was a local tribe that lived there Drakfot was
told from another member of the team, it was a good place to seek refugee or
just stop at if you travelled here, and if you were on good terms with the

“Close, we are close.. soon we will reach Thesos and the bar, ooh Fireweine
yummy.” Memorx said as he ran past them again smiling.

Drakfot laughed when she saw his spirit and joy in travelling, even though it
might seemed to be for the beverage of the different lands. He was a great Homin.

They all gathered and made a final run towards the portal.
As they reached the cave that held the portal they saw a Karavan TP and a holder
of it standing there just outside and some Homins ran towards her asking to
make a pact with her for travelling. They wera all sad when she told them, with
a kind voice, that this machine was not functional due to atmospherical
distortions and that they dared not to send Homins through it since their safety
could not be guaranteed.

So then they all gathered up and entered the portal. And so it was Drakfot’s
turn. She stepped though the portal thinking that she had gotten more used to
this now. When she reached the other side she walked out of the cave feeling
the warm sand around her feets and the sun blinded her vision.

“yuepp, this is Fyros lands for sure” Crythos said….

Warmth within and warmth outside.