The tale of Drakfot - part 9

The tale of Drakfot – part 9.

The lands of desert and fire.

The warm sun shined on the Homins as they exited the portal that had lead them
from Matis to Fyros lands. Drakfot stood in the opening for a moment as she got
used to the strong light that was emanating from the sun and reflecting on the
ground. The warm sand covered her feet’s and felt soft to walk on. She buried
her feet’s in it and enjoyed the moment for a little while as the others
gathered up around the portal. So as the team was gathered they all started to
move out.

“Ok people, we have some varinxes and kirostas here around, if we get by them
its an easy run to Thesos where we’ll stop for a moment, but don’t run off to
the bar or you’ll be left.” The leader of the trek said as they ran forward and
avoided the kirostas.

“Aaaaleeee!” Memorx shouted as he ran past Rikka and Drakfot towards Thesos. He
had traveled the lands here before so he could find his way. That or his thirst
found the ways.

“You’re always thirsty aren’t you Memorx” Rikka said while giggling towards
Memorx as he passed.

“There is always room for Ale ! “ He answered and continue towards the dunes
whom was covering Thesos.

“Hey, you there stay in the group or you’re on your own!” The leader shouted as
he saw Memorx running away.

“Meet you there Mr leader sir!” Memorx shouted and continued to laugh on his way.

So the Homins was on their way towards Kipucka Plain Border post to gather up
and see that everyone was still accountable and then they set out to reach
Thesos within a few minutes of running. The dunes were surrounding the area and
it almost looked like they emerged with the great wall that appeared as they
got to the border post. As they took a turn to the right and continued up the
hill Drakfot noticed a strange wooden pillar with carved patterns that she had
not seen before. She stopped for a moment and looked at it. It was as if it
wanted to say something to her with its patterns and strange forms.

“Hey Drakfot, you’re having that distant look again. Lets move with the others
shall we” Crythos said as he had stopped by her.

“Oh.. yes, I am sorry. It was just that it was so strange and mysterious” She
replied and ran up to him.

“There will be plenty of time to look at that later, now lets head for Thesos,
we still have a long way to travel before we reach Pyr and then Dyron” Crythos

Once more Drakfot’s mind was astounded by all new names that she heard and the
surroundings of the lands of Fyros. She tried to sort them all out so that they
would make more sense but she soon found that it would be a more of a task than
what she could complete now so she put it aside and joined the others on the
way to Thesos.
After just a few minutes she could see how something appeared in the distant
and it looked like it was an opening between two walls and she could see that
on the hill to the right was a large building that was as a large monument
showing Homins that they had entered the gates of Thesos.
As they all came closer Drakfot noticed that there was a small lake on the left
side filled with clear pouring water. As she examined it closer she found that
there was a small pathway from the land that headed out towards a building in
the middle of the small lake. She stopped by its entrance on the land side and
looked at the building across. Suddenly she saw Memorx coming out from the
building and as he saw her he smiled and waved at her. She returned the smile
and the wave and then turned around to look at the buildings behind her. They
were nothing like she had seen yet. Though now she had seen the wooden
buildings of Trykers, the tree houses of Matis and now these red strange ones.
There were rather much for her to grasp for the moment yet she found it all to
be interesting.

“This way Drakfot !”Rikka shouted and waved.

Drakfot moved towards her and found that she was standing by a rotating thing
like the one she had seen just outside Fairhaven. Though this one had no large
white guards close to it as the one in Fairhaven. It had a smaller one standing
beside it clapping its hands and making sounds as Drakfot closed in and made a
pact allowing her to travel here without walking the lands. Drakfot smiled at
the little creature and then got over to the rest of the team that now was
gathered once more. She stopped just before reaching them , looked around and
said “Thesos” silently to herself.

The group then started to run towards north and soon reached a huge cliff and
Drakfot almost got dizzy as she looked down into it. It was filled with small
animals that roamed around looking for food or just company. Then it hit her,
if they look this small from this distance, how large were they really?

“Zerx, all get ready !” the leader shouted as he was attacked by a large Zerx
and everyone quickly took the positions they had learned during the trip.

“This is a perfect time to test my new rifle I bought in Matis.” Crythos said
as he opened his back and picket out a new shine rifle. He shouldered it and
aimed towards the Zerx. And as it was to strike at the leader he fired off a
shot that hit it right in the leg so it stumbled.
“Ah nice rifle indeed”

The Zerx fell and as they all were ready they seized the opportunity to clear
the path a bit more before moving further. Soon the other Zerxes was either
lying on the ground or being chased away.
The Homins worked very well together now as they had get to know each other more
and during the travel. So soon there was a long row running alongside the edge
of the cliff carefully avoiding the foul varinxes and kinchers that roamed the
After a bit of running the shaped of a bridge that extended itself of the gorge
reaching towards the other side. They all headed that way and as they passed it
Drakfot stopped for a moment and looked out through the gorge.

“Yeh its really nice isn’t it” Rikka said as she stopped by Drakfot and looked
out through the vastness of the gorge wandering off in the distant.

“Yes it is amazing how much Atys holds” Drakfot replied as she looked across
the cliffs.

As they reached the end of the bridge Drakfot noticed that the lands were
raised a bit away and there were some remains of buildings on it.

“That’s Dragon’s spines stronghold, once a magnificent building stood there,
but now what you see is all that remains.” Crythos said and let the straw
wander from one side of his mouth to another.
“They group is gathering at the opening of the other bridge over there, lets
They reached the bridge and as the stood there for a moment’s rest Drakfot
felt something sniffing her in the neck. As she turned around she was not
prepared on what met her. There in front of her stood a huge animal that
seemed to be covered in what looked like bark. It had a huge body and its head
had something that looked like fangs, yet not sharp, on the sides. It sniffed
at Drakfot again and opened its mouth. She was stiff of fear and just stood
there staring at the creature.

“Heya there Tarron.” Memorx said as she strutted up aside Drakfot and grabbed
a piece of bread from his pocket. He extended his hand and the giant creature.
It sniffed on the bread then gently picked it up from his hand and chewed on
it happily. It then put his head toward Memorx that gave it a gentle pet and
after that it walked away over the bridge.
“He is a nice fella, won’t harm you at all. I guess that you were scared a bit
there Drakfot.”

“Ehm.. yes I was..” Drakfot admitted and blushed a bit for she had been both
scare and surprised by the huge animal. But after a minute she had settled
down and found Tarron to be a cute and curious one. “Almost like an overgrown
Yubo” She thought to herself as they ran across the bridge.

They ran past another bridge and then took a right turn and ran along the edge
once more though this time being on the other side and way away from Thesos.
Soon they were met by Yubos that held their camp and they ran after the Homins
for a bit as they got curious over whom they were.
In the distant Drakfot saw a green light emanating from the sky as it moved
backward and forward.
She then noticed that it shined on another of the Karavan TP machines like the
one in Fairhaven.
They all headed there and got themselves a pact and then headed towards north
Almost instantly a wall appeared and Drakfot could see that there was some
structures and buildings on it. How strange this was.

“What be that building on the mountain there?” She asked Rikka as they ran
alongside it.

“That is not ‘a’ building, its several ones Drakfot. Its all part of the main
capital here in Fyros. Pyr.” She replied as they ran past a gate and a stable
along the side.

After some time they reached another stable, but now it seemed as they were to
head through the gates this time. But Drakfot doubted as this gate also had
fires coming up from the ground. How could they be going through fires to get
into the town ? Would they not be harmed by this ?
But since all the other Homins seemed to be passing the flames without any
visible damage even Drakfot made a try and closed her eyes as she walked
through the flames. She was not burned as she thought, the flamed just felt
as a warmer wind that gently wandered over her body as she passed them. So she
opened her eyes and looked at the street in front of her.

“Yeh, this is Pyr in Fyros lands alright.” Crythos said..