The tale of fading


The strike came sudden and hard, so fast that she did not stand a chance to
avoid it. And so hard that she was fiercefully thrown off her Mount. She landed
perhaps 20 meters away, hitting the ground several times before she was able to
come to a stop. She stood up trying to regain balance but her legs seemed too
weak to hold her steady and in the blurred vision she could see something moving
towards her. It hit again, and again.

She was thrown towards a mountain and ended sitting up with her back resting
against the wall. She tried to see what it was that had hit her, but her vision
was all blurry from the blood from the gash in her head. It ran down between her
eyes slowly landing on her Light Armour Vest, it had already formed a big stain
on it. The Armour was almost ripped to pieces as it had received many hits, it
would not last long. She sat there trying to focus on moving, only response she
felt except the head was one of her arms. The other parts of her body seemed to
be frozen still, not wishing to move no matter how strong her will was. All she
could do was to sit there, trying to see with blood blurred eyes and a voice
that was minimal as the lungs made all they could with the little air they were
able to gather in each breath. She sat and watched.

Then she saw something large move towards her, she could not distinct what it
was, her sight was in such bad condition. But she knew that it was what had hit
her off her mount. By the sound she guessed that it had to be a rather large
Kincher whom had done this. And now it came to finish the job and life of its
A short cough made blood come out through one of the corners of her mouth.
She closed her eyes and let her mind spring free.

Time passed as if it had chosen the pace itself, how long that passed she could
not tell. But seeing what she saw felt like an eternity. There were so many
moments that passed in a single instant that there would be no possible way to
be able to catch them all, yet she knew everyone of them.

There were the times she was a young Homin walking on the surface of Aubermouth,
one of the elder training camps. Her first staggering steps out into the unknown
since she had decided to do what she possible could for Homins. It had been
great times indeed, she had met so many new friends that she had shared so many
adventures with. Friends in many shapes indeed.

The time she made up her mind to travel to the main land, after confirming it
with the ones that had trained her, how she had walked up to the Karavans
standing under the flying ship. How she had had a chat with the woman there,
talking and going through every little detail in order for her to be really
certain that she wished to find the path to the mainland. She had accepted and
the next step she took she was walking on the beaches of Fairhaven. What a
experience it had been since the day she entered this town. She had met so many
new Homins, everyone soon calling her friend and she had found the joy she had
in mind when she started her training.
After some initial training and setting up she had been asked to participate in
a travel that reached around the lands of Atys, she was to see the world!

It is odd in a way how your memories can lie resident in a Homins mind and then
to appear when least expected. Perhaps it is for the Homin to come to terms with
times passed, or to realize that living on was the right choice.
In a hasted movement it passed, the faces of Homins she had got to know, her
friends. And the face of the Homin that had found a closer bond to her heart
then she had ever thought possible, his face stayed for an extra moment so that
she could really enjoy him one more time, one last time.
So much in such short time seemed impossible, but it happened in this very

What had happened with the large thing coming towards her? She tried to open her
eyes more to see, but there was nothing around. Nothing that she could find with
her eyes at least.
Perhaps it had strolled away as she had not been able to move and it had seen
her as lost already. She could only hope this was so, but then again it seemed
that whatever might happen the outcome would probably stay the same.

She took a deep breath and it scarred through her entire body, her lungs were as
on fire, the back felt as if hundreds of needles were piercing through it, her
legs and arms was as if every nerve in them shouted out in pain. She tried to
use her last energy to lift her head and rest it against the wall so she could,
hopefully, breathe more freely. The wounds on her body showed their presence as
they sent signals of pain to her mind. The side where she had been hit ached for
every breath.

“he…hel…” Was all that she was able to squeeze out her burning lungs when
she tried to talk.

She tried to look around, not knowing what to do if she found something that
could be to her aid, but it was the notion of survival that kept her up. Was she
to give in now ?

She looked the best she could, the bloods flow had slowed down now, but some had
found its way into on of her eyes and she could hardly move her arms and hands,
less being able to wipe her eyes.

Then she saw something in the distant, something with a shape and movement that
she recognized.
She mustered all strength she had..

“Ki, is that you?” She said.

Drakfot’s sight faded from blurry into grey, ending up totally black as she
smiled and faded into oblivion.

The continuation is found in the “The tale of a travel fantastic series”