The tale of Fearfull screams ( Halloween Event )

on an ordinary evening you say it was. You might be right indeed as the sun
slowly settled over Pyr and the desert became the cooler place on Atys, but
still burning. And Homins led their path homeward as the day was to end as it
usually does as the sun moves from the sky to rest beyond the lands until it
rose again. Merchants was packing their goods that was not sold today but still
were for tomorrow.

It was then as the screams caught them all, the scream of a young Homins voice
that echoed between the walls. She screamed with the top of her lungs as she
was scared beyond limits. She screamed for her life, soon to be taken.
Homins where confused as from where it all came from, they looked around
trying to find the source of the loud voice. They scattered to find the young
lady in distress.
But there was none, no matter where they sought or looked, there was no young
defenceless Homins. There were nothing but silence, silence and grief.
Many found this to be strange as the sound must have emanated from somewhere
and someone, but still there was nothing to be found that could be claimed as
its source. Some of the older Homins, when asked about and spoken to,
remembered the tellings of an ancient pest that once spread fear over Pyr.

It was about a male Homin, one that preached the skills of healing. And he was
successful in his area as he always seemed to perfect his knowledge for every
operation or surgery that he performed. As if he learned a vast amount of
skills just by patching up a simple wound gave him the knowledge of a an
experienced healer.
But this man held a secret, a darker one that was carved in his heart. For
the way he learned about how the body of a Homin heals was not gathered by a
skill divine or learning beyond the usual. It was through such horrible acts
as trial and error. He kidnapped you Homins with the mission to perform his
dire experiments on them. He thrived upon the lives of other, to ironically ,
give life back to some.

This brought a stir among the youngsters, was he now back to claim more lives
as it seemed as the skills that was thought to him through ways of darkness
now have made him thirst for more blood. Was he once more walking among them
and claiming his dark and sick craving for the bloods of others. Then the elder
ones comforted the younger by telling them that when they found out that the
mysterious disappearings of Homins was connected to the fast improvements he
made a mob was quickly formed and set out to find this healer of the dark. And
as they found him they showed no mercy upon him, for his dark acts he was
quickly sentenced to death by burning in the eternal flame of guilt and pain.
So they drowned him in flammable fluids and then set him on fire whilst hunting
him as he screamingly ran away. And finally when he could no longer run anymore
they took him and threw him over the great cliff and listened as he fell.
Now this might sound comforting to many, yet the day after as the scouts
reckoned the area for his body, nothing was to be found, not a trace of him
where ever they looked. Yet many formed the possibility that the local cuttlers
might have found him and dragged the remains of him away to feat upon, and this
was accepted as a valid excuse for the disappearing carcass.

As time passed years went by and the young ones became older and wiser. Homins
once more forgot about the history and lived their lives as nothing had
happened. The chores still had to be done, materials harvested, and crafted.
Skills trained to perfection and advancement. Life was back to normal and so
was the minds of Homins. When eleven years had passed and calmness was
abundant, something happened…

Again young females started to disappear, one by one. But they were not gone,
not in physical stage as when found they lied on the ground with no visual
damage taken. But as they looked behind the clothes they found that they all
wore scars as if they had gone through surgery recently…
And as the Homins did all they could they were not able to find the culprit
behind all this. At most they found was the sedated, likely by fear, homins
that led a path through the city. But no clues of whom that did this. Some
thought that it was the healer from the tales back in time, others said it
was a ridiculous idea as no one was ever to survive the treatment or fall that
he was set for.

But on the least girl they found in a dark back alley there was a note
attached.. it read :

” The Doc is in…”