The tale of Friends forever

“Come on Chimiee, you can do this, its not hard” Saerven said.
“But it is soo high, what if I fall down and hurt myself?”
“You wont fall my friend, I am here, I will hold your hand and see to that you
get up here safetly. Do you trust me?”

Hearing these words Chimiee made up her mind and took the first steps towards
the big tree which Saerven had climbed with such ease. Grappling for the first
branch and finding support with her feets she slowly and gentle went upwards
towards him. As she got higher up she could see the yubos and Messab growing
smaller and smaller, she could see the lands of Fairhaven growing larger and
larger. It was wonderful, the beauty of Atys astouned her. The lakes reaching
out into the distance, the windmills standing there proudly gathering energy
for them. The neverending lands stretching out into the endless. The roots
reaching far over the lands reaching towards the sky. This was so fine, she
had never seen Atys like this before, the moment was as made of wonders.
Then she fell…

During a few seconds all she could see was the sky swirling around quickly
and a rush that went through her body. Was it the end, what would happen, as
she thought this it seemed as time almost stood still..

“Didnt I tell you that you could trust me Chimiee” The voice, she knew that

voice. As she opened her eyes she could see that gentle and smiling face of
Saerven. Then she felt a pressure on her hand, it was his hand that had it
in a firm grip. He had saved her from falling.
“yes, I know that I can trust you, even more now” She replied.
As he pulled her up onto the branch, close to him, she looke at him. What
she saw was a gentle boy, but yet a strong fighter. she saw a boy that was
a man at the same time. Saerven was known to be a good swordsman, always
being remarkable in battle though it just be in training. There had been
no battled yet for him to fight in. For this she was happy. He was so
remarkable that the old men in the village had mentioned that he perhaps
one day would master the art of crafting a Living Sword.

“Are you alright, it was a nasty fall there” Saerven asked.
“Yes I am fine, I thought that it was the end” Chimiee replied knowing
that she exaggerated a bit.
“Nah it wasent, youd hurt yourself a bit, but not lethal. You always makes
things bigger than they are Chimiee” Saerven said with a smile on his face.
“Now lets just sit here and enjoy the view and the wind, who knows it might
be last chance we get to do it.”

So they both sat down side by side on the branch looking around, brething
deeply and relaxed. The people in Fairhaven attended to their ordinary
chores, some trained just outside the stables. some was working on their
crafting. It was an ordinary day in Fairhaven.

“They are back, they are back… run!” The voice cut through Chimiee’s mind
as she woke up quickly. What, what happened, everything was calm when she
fell asleep. And Fairhaven, it was so calm and tender..

“I had that dream again, the dream from 5 years ago” She said to herself as
she put her amps on. For if he was a good fighter, she was a healer of wounds.

Many things had happened since that day in her dream. many turns taken ,
some for good and som for bad. Yet life itself always have the ability to
And so it had done even for her. Yet she could not forget the day he left
her all alone in Fairhaven with the words “Its only a scouting mission,
we are to seek out new areas and report them in to the maker of maps thats all.
I will be back before you know it or when you least expect it”. This was 3
years ago. She never heard from him since, she never heard anything from anyone
that left that day.

“Swordsmen in front, casters behind and healers in the back” She had heard
these orders many times before as she took her place. The attack was fierce
this time, it was worse than before. The kitins must have been greatly angered
when they threw them down during the last attack. And they must have been
furious when they sieged their previous base. yes the Kitins was angry, and
in anger they attacked all in their vicinity.
She healed and healed until she could barely stand on her legs. She tended
to wounds and helped soldiers to get to beds and rest.

“We must leave this land at once, we are not safe here, they know of our
location.” The Commander said
“but many of the men are not ready for fight, the less to walk by themselves”
Chimiie said.
“Yes I know this, but still I do not want to risk that my men will fall to
these creatures of evil when they sleep in bed. It is better to try and
relocate and perhaps buy us some time for more rest.” The Commander replied.
“Do you not agree to this?” he asked.
“Yes I see what you mean, I shall do what I can to get their spirit up for
a walk, it might not be a fast march, but as you say we must do this to
lessen the dangers we are in” Chimiee said knowing that the commander was right.

It was a hard time for her to see them like this, wounded, torn by fierce
battles and mentally empty. They had fought restlessly for serveral days,
even beyound the limits they thought they had. As she started to prepare them
all for a trip she heard some of the soldiers mumble “We cannot survive another
attack like this, the Kitins have numbers beyound count. we cannot take more of
“Yes you can, you are all Homins of Atys. If you dont belive me, look around
there are Homins here from all over Atys. Homins that have traveled long just
to fight by your side. Have you not noticed that even the beliefs of Gods and
the dispute among has been layed aside? Have you not noticed that Homins that
are their opposite in daily life now are friends in arms.” Chimiee said in a
small fit of anger, for it hurt her to know that her friends felt dark inside.
“Im sorry, its just that we have only seen battle the last few months,
devastation and misery has been the only sight of our eyes and it wears one
out.” the soldier said, feeling a bit ashamed overf his remark.
“yes i know of this, it has been hard times. But now the Commander has issued
orders to move, we cannot stay here and the Kitins was well struck down even
this time, they need time to regroup and strengtehn their forces. They will
not be back for long. You have done well my friend. Now come lets move,
every step from here will be another step closer to home.” She said, firm and
gentle as she hepled the soldier on his feet.

As a few days passed on their march seemed to gain speed. The further away
they got from the battlefield the more strength was gained in body and in
mind. Was this the doings for them getting away from the area defouled by
the kitins ? Was it the spirit of Atys that helped them to reach their homes
once more ?
Many question started to rise in her head as she walked.

“we shall rest here, it is not more than than a few days left until we reach
Fairhaven. Take time, rest and soon we shall make the last part of this march
towards our homes” The commander said, she could even notice that his voice was
more gentle and there was glimpses of joy in it. He longed home too, he and
everyone else did.
As she saw too that those that still needed aid got it and that the water
supplies was filled she took a little strawl alone to gather her thoughts.
When she reached a cliff she sat down and just rested. It had been some hard
months for her. Firece battles, defeats and victories screams of joy and
screams of pain. Yet still she knew they had done well, they had prevailed.
She smiled for the first time in a while, she felt safe again.

She lay on her back staring at the sky. Suddenly she thought that she heard
something in the forrest behind her and she quickly stood upp not noticing
the small rock on the ground. She slipped and fell backwards into the shaft..
By rection and pure will she extended her arm and grabbed the cliff… now
she was haning there, staring down into the dark abyss of the shaft with only
one hand holding her from safe death. “Now it is over, I dont have the strenght
to lift myself up from this mess. Now I am lost..”

As she closed her eyes to say her last goodbye she felt a pressure on her wrist.

“Do you trust me” a voice said.

what!? What was this, was she dreaming again? This could be, or could it
be… him?…
As she opened her eyes she realized that she till hang from the cliff, staring
down into the abyss. When she looked up towards the sky she saw a silouhette
of a man.
“Now wee cant have it like this now can we Chimiee” he said, “let me get you up”.

“Saervern” she screamed out in joy and in suprise. “Is it you, is it really
you?” She asked, hoping with all of her heart.

“who else could it be to save you from falling off things dear Chimiie, yes
it is me. I have returned as I promised.” Saerven said and the smile from
times ago was on his face.

“When I least expect it” She said crying and sobbing. “Oh Saerven as I
have longed to see you again” she said while falling into his arms.

“yes it has been quite some time it seems, my heart is overjoyed to see you
too dear Chimiee” he said holding her tight as before.

After a few minutes he said “Did you not get my message?”

“What message?” She asked suprised.

“Then i guess that it was either lost during travels or lost together with the
messenger i am afraid” he said a bit sad. “As we headed out to scout the lands
we saw some small Kitin forces that seemed to be gathering or seeking
themselves. we choosed to follow then to see what they were up to. As this
would ruin our ordinary plan of return we sent out a messenger to deliver this
to the Captain in Fairhave. Oh fairhaven how I long to see you again. But it
seems as the message was lost.” Saerven said.

“So it must be then, we have recived no word from you since the day you left.
It has been a weight in my heart not knowing where you were or if you were
alive Saerven.” Chimiee said while looking at him. He sure had grown plenty
since the last time she saw him. He was now a proud man still she could see
the little boy in him.

“Yes many things have happened since I left Fairhaven. many time I thought the
end was close yet still I fought on. I was lost in the wild snared in the
forest and almost dried out in the desert while trying to find my way back home.
But that are stories for later times. It was just by accident as I discovered
some wanders travelling nearby. As i was a bit behind I tried to keep up and
close in watining for them to stop for rest. And as it seems to be the work
of the gods I found you hanging here from a cliff as I was almost close to the
wanderers.” Saerven said smiling even wider than before.

“Saerven, I am glad that you walked by here at this moment. I am glad that you
once more walked into my life as you did when we were small” Chimiee said with
her eyes full of tears. “Come lets go to the others I am sure that you will find
many of your friends among them”

The return of Saerven brought joy to the soldiers for he was dearly missed by
everyone that knew him. This night there were no fears or weakness, it was a
night of joy and reunion.
The next day all got up early to clear the camp, for Fairhaven was close indeed.
This day all traveled with lightened minds and eased hearts.
And as they got closer and closer they could all see the wellknown landmarks for
Fairhaven, the Yubos roaming around eating, playing and staring at the
newcomers. The messabs gathered in small herds as usual often being curious.
Yes this was home indeed. As the citizens of Fairhaven saw who was approaching
they all let everything go to rush and welcome the long lost friends and beloved.

“I must report my findings to the captain” Saerven said.

“yes you should do so, they are anxious to hear what you have to say”
Chimiee said knowing that this was a part of the Saerven she knew, faithful
to both Homins and to his duty.

“That I will do in time but first..” Saerven said

“But first what?” Chimiie asked him a bit astouned. Had he changed during this
time, was he not the old one in a new shape.

“Do you see that tree over there Chimiie?” Hes aske and pointed.

“yes I remember that tree well, it was the tree we climed in back when we were
small, though it feels like an eternity since then, though it has only been
5 years” Chimiee answered. She had seen this tree many time since she left.

“Well you know what Chimiee, Ill race you to it. What do you say” Saerven
said and then started to run towards it.

And there theey both ran, laughing once more as they had done when they were
just kids. As they had done five years ago.

They were home again..