The tale of Jyudas wonders

So this was all that it had led to? As he stood there looking at the board that
was in front of him a drip of sweat gently ran from his forehead along the side
of his face, down on his chin where it finally let go and fell down onto the
sand he stood on.
His eyes followed the rows of names. Names which some he knew well whom they are
and their guild and other names that was not that familiar to his mind.
Sometimes the board changed, names moved places creating new lines and colums.
It made it harder for him to read, and it was already hard enough to read even
without it changing all the time.

The sun gave off even more heat, all which seemed to aim at him as he stood
there. He was not unused to the warmth of the sun, not at all. He was a proud
Fyros fighter, a man of the sword.
A little heat had never bothered him before and he had met this adversary many
time before on his travels through the lands of Fyros. It was not new or unusual
to him. But this day the heat somehow seemed to be almost unbearable to him. It
burned him in his face and made his armour hotter than usual. But why would it
do this now, it had never done before. This confused him a bit as he stood there
staring at the board. Why was he even still standing there looking at that silly
thing in front of him ?

As he turned around to move away a “clonk” caught his attention. It was the pick
he held in his hand that had hit the board’s base when he turned around. He had
forgotten that he was holding it, the reading of the board and the thoughts of
his mind had made him forget that he held it.
He looked at it and then at his hands. They were full of blisters, small ones
and bigger ones. A few of them had broken and given some smaller wounds as marks
left. He looked at his hands and on his clothing, his armour was dirty from all
the sitting and kneeling in the dust and dirt from harvesting. He was not unused
to pain, a man of the sword is friend with it. The marks on his hands did not
bring any discomfort to him, they were only a proof of a hard working man.

What on the other hand did bring him both pain and wonders was the reason for
him standing here today. Why was he out to harvest, a skill that he cared little
or none off. He was raised by the sword and lived by the sword. Why would he
then do all this ? He had seen many battles that had raged along, he had seen
friends being struck down by Kitins when they stormed the lands. He had lost
many friends in these battles, some being those of his closest. Yes they had all
taken an oath to defend all Homins against the threats that lied out there where
they roamed, and those lost had all gone under honoring that oath. It was the
way and life of a swordsman, a way they choose to live.
But what he had seen recently had gone beyond his understandings no matter how
he had seen it it all was more a mess to him. How could a Homin strike upon
another for the sake of getting a building done ? What point lies in the
struggle over buildings, both Homins can seek refuge under the same roof when
the rain comes down. Homins can share the same fire when the cold is coming and
both can walk the same road. These things did not care whom the Homins are,
where they are headed. These things did not choose between the Homins whom had
the more right to walk the road, whom the fire should bring more warmth to or
which Homin that would get the most shelter from the rain. They didn’t care
about whom the Homin was, and neither do the Kitin when they seek out to find
food. So why then would a simple building like this cause this much rage ?

Yes there had been messengers that claimed that they were sent from the Gods,
Jena and Ma-Duk. They said that they told the words of the Gods, that they were
approaching and wanted upon their arrival to see the devotion the Homins had to
them. How strange that now, when they were approaching, they wanted proof of
their faith. Why now when Homins had been able to work side by side ever since
the day they left the Roots. Of course there were the smaller tribes that had
chosen their way of living, but they had chosen it as much as he had chosen his.
It had all been on equal terms, everyone is equal. But now the words of the
Gods, if they now where their words, had told them that everyone that did not
follow them was filth less worth than the dirt on Atys. They said that all
measures to see to that their building should be built first was to be taken.
They said that there from now on was only two things; right or wrong according
to them. He let his head fall down a bit and thought; what happened to the
understanding in between?.
So much disturbance over some words and some temples. How had it come to be like
this ?
Of course there have always been differences, but none that was as bad as this.
Would there be an end to this ? Would friends still be kept apart judged by what
they believed in ? Those that previously had walked side by side now had to take
separate roads for the sake of faith ? What about the faith they have in each
other, does that not count any more ? The faith they had built up together
during long battles against the Kitins or during the travels through the Prime
Roots. How come that now could vanish by some simple words ? Yes indeed Homins
had received much aid from the Gods, but since the day they emerged from the
Roots they had all gained so much. They had shown that the Gods, whom now only
provided safe travels to a few places and even fevers safer places where they
defended the Homins, that they could make it on their own, by working together.
They had come so far and still not lost the faith in their higher powers. They
had still given their life and devotion to the Gods while working with their
friends. And no one had thought of this as a ill thing. They respected each
other deeply for this. No one disturbed the Zoraï when he sat down to meditate
to his God Ma-Duk, no one interrupted the Tryker as he stood by a tree letting
the wind touch his face as his mind went off to Jena. Everyone understood each
other so well then, a moment of silence and reverence and later on followed by
hours of laughter as they had to continue to work hard.

This was now almost gone he feared, all due to some words and some temples. It
was sad to see and sad to feel.

As he stood there with his head a bit lowered she silently approached him from
behind and when she was almost upon him she reached out and gave him a big hug
from behind.

“Perhaps all hope is not lost” He thought…