The tale of Let the Past be History

The tale of Let the past be history

Ever since he could remember they had kept him awake during countless nights. As
soon as he had tried to rest for just a little they had been there to haunt him,
to keep him nervous and uneasy. They had followed him ever since that day, that
day when he lost the most precious to him.

As years passed after that day he grew older and wiser, age took its turn on him
and so did the dreams. He was once a well built strong Tryker fighter whom fought
bravely for the freedom and safety for all Trykers no matter what the enemy was.
He had fulfilled his duties to the end, as asked by a noble fighter, and received
many awards for his efforts. He had carried this knowledge of himself proudly and
careful, always using it for the best for all. He had also found a Trykerette
whom had not only caught his attention but also held his heart near, and so did
she feel towards him also. Life was good indeed, despite the dangers lurking

But even the mighty are but Homins..

One night as they were travelling in a small caravan headed towards their main
camp after a small scouting tour they were surprised by an ambush. As the few
Homins travelling together got to realize what has happened they were all knocked
down. And when they woke up, hell was waiting.
As the memories came back to him he closed his eyes in pain for the imagery that
was displayed in his mind. Yet he bit harder and continued to walk forward, it
was not far away now. The destination of his journey this rainy night, it was not
far away at all.
During one night when the dreams were even harder to separate from reality he had
decided that as long as he tried to run from his past it would come to haunt him.
So he made up his mind and decided to travel to a place where he had sworn never
to set his foot ever again. Back to the home of sorrows.

He walked through the forest calmly in order to not agitate the flora around him,
he wanted to travel quietly and unnoticed. He hardly had to sneak as when he came
closer to where he was headed even the animals seemed not willing to go near the
place. “No wonder they don’t” he thought to himself as he passed a small hill
and stopped. In front of him he saw a shape of a large house in the far distant.
Its contours scarred through his heart and mind as he saw them, he had finally
arrived now. The giant house faded in in front of him as he got closer and soon
he stood at its gate. It was severely run down, left unattended for ages, still
the memories were as fresh as the day it happened in his mind. He slowly pushed
the gates open, they moved with a creak, and stepped in. As soon as he did
memories struck his mind and images was displayed, images so strong that he fell
to his knees as he saw them.

It took him some time to get back on his feet and he could start walking around
in the large area inside the house. The old machinery in there, what still was
left, witnessed of the age of the interior and the house. Age grows for every
year, but painful memories just increase as time passes by.

He looked around, his eyes were running of tears. Tears of memories of loved
ones, friends and companions, Homins whom had done nothing still were here.
Tears for the one he came to love the most, and the one he lost too early..

He covered his face in his hands as the pressure became to much for him to bare
in attempt to cover up the images in his mind. But they did not want to disappear.
Suddenly there was a noise behind him.

“What are you doing here, Tryker ?” a dark but young voice asked as the shades
of a torch appeared on the floor.

The Tryker turned around and had to look up at the Matis man that stood there
behind him, looking down at him with angry eyes. The shadows from the torch
added to the frightening appearance of his tall figure.

“What are you doing in here ? This place is..” He did not finish his sentence as
the old Tryker spoke.

“I am here to let the past be history young man.” He said.

“Did you not notice the signs outside? This place is deemed unfitted for entry.
It is..”

“It is a place of horrors and pain, that is what it is young Matis man. A place
where suffering had its seat and misery was accompanying it. At least for my
people.” The old Tryker said as he stared into the eyes of the young Matis.

“Are you talking about… the past?” The Matis asked, this time his voice turned
from harsh into somewhat scared. “But, it happened so long ago..”

“Yes, this is the past I talk about. Past of pain it has been called at times.
Look at my face young one, you say it happened so long ago but as you can see I
am not a young Homin myself.”

The Matis man slowly lowered his torch and his body lost its tension as he looked
at the old Tryker standing there looking at him with his old eyes and face
covered in dust that had stuck into the tears falling down from it. It was then
he understood.

“I.. I… I am… sorry.. for what.. happened…” He started saying with a
trembling voice.

“Sorry? You?” The old Tryker asked somewhat surprised.

“For.. what they did.. my ancestors.. my line of name… my kind.. What they did
you you, your friends and your kind. I am.. sorry.. so really sorry…” The tall
Matis let the torch fall onto the floor as he fell to his knees in front of the
old Tryker. He closed his eyes hard. The old man looked at the young boy in
front of him for a long moment, no words were spoken.

It was then he realized, he placed his hand on the shoulder of the young boy
as he spoke :

“Young sir, you cannot be blamed for the actions of the past. You cannot carry
the shame of your ancestors on your shoulders. You cannot make the past undone.”
The Matis looked up at the Tryker in front of him.

“You are still young and eager. You have your whole life in front of you in order
to make your own past. What you can do is to make sure that your past will be one
worth remembering with pride and honour.”

The Matis looked at him once more, even though he had closed his eyes hard the
old Tryker man could see that he had shed tears. Still he did not mention it
but kept it to himself. They looked at each other for a moment before the young
boy once more dared to speak.

“But, it happened so long ago. Did it not?” He asked.

“Well, I am not a young Homin, Am I.” The old man replied and even added a hint
of a smile.

“But, if you have made peace with your past. How come you have returned to such…
to such painful place?”

“There is something that I have not yet been able to finish.” The old Tryker
replied. He stood up and looked around in the ruins of the house were the two
Homins were standing. “There is something here that I must know.”

“Old sir, if you may… Please tell me your story.” The boy almost pleaded.

“You wish to hear of the torment past?” It was quite a strange question to come
from a Homin of such heritage he thought. Still there was something that
convinced him to do as the young man asked him.

He nodded and sat down in front of the young man and looked into his eyes,
ensuring that he was certain in his decision to hear about this past. There were
no doubt in his eyes that it was what he wanted. So the old man started to tell
about his past, what happened so many times ago. About that night when they were
ambushed and taken to this very place. He spoke of the times as if they were
happening again, even though it was painful he could see the will of the young
Matis wish to know helped him to continue. As he spoke of the old times many good
things surfaced in his memory. All up until the ambush. Still he went on telling
about the endless nights spent in this house, how they were abused and assaulted.
How they were forced to work night and day until their bodies gave in, if their
minds did not do so first. How he had hold onto his life in order to keep her
alive, seeing each other every day but never able to talk or hold each other as
they were strictly separated. But meeting their eyes was all they needed to
comfort each other and strengthen mind and soul to continue for another day.

The old man told with such empathy as time passed on in his tale that the young
Matis was immersed.
As he came to the day that had forever haunted him since he spoke of when he saw
her, walking in the line with the cuffs and chains to her hands and feet.
He knew instantly that something was wrong with her, she was pale and all out of
strength. He got worried instantly, even more then possible it seemed under the
circumstances. He spoke of how he saw her fall out of the line as she had no
strength left, he instantly knew that it was no good. His voice started to
tremble as he told how he tried to free himself from his chains and run to her,
how he fought to be with her for just that time. And how the guards hit him over
the head with a launcher. Hit him so hard that he was unconscious for a whole
day and dragged back to his cell.

The old man stopped and another tear found its way down his cheek in the dust
He then hid his face in his hands as he needed to gather himself for a moment.

“Nooo!” he suddenly heard someone scream, someone he knew well. He looked up and
around himself. He was still sitting on the floor in the middle of the house but
there were no trace of the young Matis boy whom he had told his past to. Instead
there was something else, it was that day again..

He looked around, the day he had just spoken about. The day when she died was
happening all over again. But this time it was different, this time he was but a
spectator of it all. He saw how she fell to the floor coughing harshly, he saw
how he was screaming from the line at the other side of the room. He saw the guard
raising the launcher and how he suddenly became quiet and blood started to run
from the gash in his head.
He hastily got up and ran over to her and feel onto his knees next to her, he was
crying as he tried to hold her hand. It just passed through his, it must be a
dream! He tried to fend off the guards that came to carry her away but was
unsuccessful as they also just passed right through him. As he once more covered
his face in his hands in sorrow and mourn he heard her voice, the voice he had
not heard for such long time was speaking to him again.

“Braever, my dear Braever” it said.

He looked up and around but did not see anyone. Still the voice was there, it
spoke to him once more and when he turned he saw that she was lying there in
front of him, there where she had fallen. The was stunned from what he saw and
could not utter a single word as he saw her lying there in front of him, there
were no sign of illness but rather the opposite. She was glistening of life and
joy, like the day when they had first met. She was the young girl he got to know
so long ago, and loved so much.

“But.. but you were.. you…” he started to stutter..

“Yes Braever, I passed away here.” She said to him as they both stood up. Then
she gave him a hug but it was different from earlier, this time he could touch
her, he could hold her in his arms. Hold her as he had wished that day she fell.

“It was here that I died on that day. The day that have kept haunting you ever
since my love. But it is now time that you let the past be history. Even though
dark clouds have covered your skies ever since then, it is time for the sun to
shine once more my dear.” She spoke with a voice of pure silk to him and all he
could do, and ever wanted to do, was to listen to her sweet voice floating in
the air.

“I have always waited for you my love, and I will wait for you until the day it
is your time to come to me. Until then enjoy your time as much as you can, as I
will have you telling me all about it.” She said and smiled as they stopped
hugging each other and let go. She started to drift away from him, slowly. When
she was so far away as they could barely hold hands, just before he let her hand
go, she said “I will wait for you and remember..”

“Old man… Old man?!” He was abrupt awaken by the young Matis whom carefully
shook his shoulder.

“Umh.. wha..?”

“I am sorry, but you fell asleep when telling about your past.” The Matis said a
bit ashamed over waking the old man up.

“I was asleep ? For how long, was I dreaming?” He asked not bothering about
being awaken.

“You have been asleep for a few hours, I did not have the heart to waken you up
as you told me about your nightmares and you seemed to be sleeping so comfortably.”

“So, it was a dream then…” The old Tryker man said as he stood up with the
help of the young boy.

“A dream?” He asked.

“Nothing to worry about, it was a nice dream. The first one in years.” He said
as they headed towards the exit.

But just before they walked out through the doors the old Tryker looked back
into house and threw the torch there as it was almost out. It landed just a bit
further away from where they had been sitting. But in the weak light, just before
the torch died, he could see the trace of two pair of footsteps in the dust,
leading away from there.

“It was a nice dream indeed” he thought to himself as they walked away in the
morning sun. Away from the house of sorrows.
Suddenly as they had reached about 50 meters away the house started to fall apart
and cave in. The Matis boy was greatly surprised but this sudden happening.

“Oh, did you see that? We must have been lucky not being in there that long.”
He said as they both turned to look at the house still falling together in a
large pile.

“It is not luck, it is the past turning into history.” The old Tryker said..

This dear Homins, is the tale of Let the Past be History.