The tale of Oflovaks Oasis

The tale of Oflovaks Oasis.

Dear Homins, have you heard the tale of Oflovaks Oasis.

In one time, two beloved Homins of Pyr had a unity in the form of a son.
The name they gave him was Oflovak.

During his childhood of training he was often caught studying some scrolls that
was brought from Matis. The scrolls were early instructions of how one should
prepare the soil for seeds. Oflovak was often scolded for reading these
forbidden scrolls, as they were not of the right teaching.

Oflovak grew up into a fine you man, likened by many girls.
Yet he had not taken the teachings of a warrior in his heart. He had become a
known master of the plants and knower of lands. As this was not proper for
a man of Fyros. Oflovak was one night awakened in his room by men.
They told him that the knowledge of plants he held was from a unity with the
Matis ans that his soul was unpure. They could not stand that an unpure soul
walked within Pyr. So that night they told him that he was a reject,
and outcast from now on.

Despite his decline in being in alliance with the Matis he was dragged out from
his room, onto the street. There they mocked him and finally threw him out of
the city telling him never to return.

Oflovak was greatly taken by this, for the knowledge he had was not from
alliance with the Matis or the makings of a dark god. It was something that he
had learned himself from testing and trying. It was something that he was born
with, something that he could not neglect for it was a part of him.

He wandered into the desert not knowing where to go or whom to trust anymore. He
was a man with no destination or home. That night the tears of Atys rained
As Oflovak walked for some time he came to a small lake in the middle of the
desert. “This will be my new home” he said to himself.

He worked day and night to build himself small hut to live in and to prepare the
soil around the lake. Time passed on in its usual pace and the small gardens and
the lake grew as ever before.

Oflovak was still an outcast yet he had seen the scouts of Pyr passing by in the
distant. Yet no one had contacted him since that night.

Then the swarming came, Kitins and their foul followers roamed the lands in
their hunt for fresh meat to cut. As they stormed ahead they left nothing to be
as it were. And one day, the farms of Pyr suffered a great attack. The Kitins
slayed all farmers, walked on all the crops. Pyr withstood the attack from the
Kitins, yet they had also lost all of their supplies and could only rely on the
spare for a short while. It was in dismay.

The officers revealed every tactic and the wise men gave all plans.
Yet they could not see an end for the suffering of the people of Pyr.
Then one lady remembered a name of a friend from childhood, a friend that
was there yet suddenly to be lost. The name she said was Oflovak.
Yet they could not stand asking him for help after the things they
had done to him. They refused to seek help from him.

Despite the words of the elders the girl ran out through the gates looking for
Oflovak, for she had heard of the strange oasis that has appeared in the desert.
“It must be the work of him” She thought to herself while running through the
desert. But the sun was strong that day, and she fell onto the sands.
When she later woke up, she could see the grown up face of the boy she once

“Oflovak” She said with a dry throat.

“Shh say nothing, here drink this water” he replied..

It was the purest water she had ever tasted. It was refreshing and filled with
energy. After a little while she had the strength to tell him why she had
suddenly appeared and asked him for his help.

“They threw me out of the city, naming me as an unclean. A follower of the wrong
paths they said. They took away what was me. Yet if they did not have done so I
would not be the one I am today.” Oflovak replied. “They sensed a gift in me
that they were afraid off so they choosed to make me an outcast. An outcast of
their fears. I pity them for this. But I cannot let an entire people suffer for
the ill done by a few, I shall help you to get your crops to grow.”

When she returned to the city everyone was amazed and stunned by the man she
brought with her. There were only a few that recognized Oflovak.
He talked to the old men and told them that he had came to help them to make
their crops grow back.

“But why do you do this after what we did to you?” They asked him.

And Oflovak replied : “To make a seed grow into a flower with full strength you
must first find the right soil. For if the soil is not right, the flower will
not grow into its fullest strength. Even what you did was ill,
you did plant me in the right soil.”

This is the tale of Oflovaks Oasis.