The tale of One Kind Act

The tale of one kind act.

He had never really bothered about why things happened as they did, nor did he
really care. He was set out on the battle field with a purpose, one mission – to
defeat the enemy – in whatever shape they may come. And so he had done
throughout his entire life, all since the day he first joined the royal force of
his Majesty Yrkanis. His life before this day is not important and it not even
remembered by him. Perhaps there are some small shards of memories of it
somewhere inside his mind but he did not care to find out. Besides, it would
likely interfere with his performance in battle.
And it was not important enough to remember.
It was the same with friends, he had never really understood the concept of that
word. The only reference was ‘ friends in arms’ – and that was enough for him.
All in all, all he really understood was battle.

The mission this time had gone a slightly wrong as the result was far away from
what had been the expected one. He was sent out into the jungles of Zoraï in
order to thwart a claimed resistance movement that was hiding in the guise of a
small traveling tribe that had stopped near the portal in Zoraï. They had found
them easily enough and had prepared he ambush to attack them at dawn before the
sunrise. It was a tactical move as always, one that in most cases caused the
biggest surprise to the enemy. They had measured the resistance of their target
and found it moderate at best. Their little team of then well armed men would
have no problem suppressing these troublemakers. And so they waited for the
right time, sneaking silently around the little camp in the shadows, constantly
watching their target.

It was a small encampment made up by Homins from all the four races of Atys,
holding small simple tents and a few carts for what seemed to be the main
transport utility. IT seemed as they hade somewhat divided different chores
among themselves to the most fitting one for the task. There were some that
apparently practiced the art of heal, others seemed to be users of magic –
judging from their high quality amplifiers they were carrying – while a rare few
held spears as they walked around the camp while keeping watch on the areas
around them. They must really have been either very untrained or have less then
useable skill in battle as they did not notice the ten Matisian warriors that
had been lurking in the shadows for the last three hours. This would be a
simpler mission he thought.

The camp looked rather calm, just like any other small village you might
encounter on when traveling Atys, were these really the rebellions that they
were called? Then again, an advisory can take many shapes. Which increased the
suspicion for him as he observed the Homins as they lived out what seemed to be
a daily life.

Suddenly there was something that stirred the camp and the focus of the ten
hiding Matisian warriors was increased. Into the camp there came three Homins,
two of them were carrying the third between them as he was severely injured and
was bleeding heavily from a deep wound in his chest.
A sudden scream from the middle of the camp told that it was the lover of him
that had notice the bane of him. She came running to him as they placed him near
the camp fire in the middle and he was soon surrounded by two healers that
instantly started to work on him, bandaging his wounds to stop the blood. While
the Fyros lady was attending his wounds the Zoraï girl let her hands float a few
centimeters above his face.
The warrior sharpened his hearing enough so he could hear the little girl saying
“His seed is still safe, yet the body needs to heal so that the seed can receive
life”. So, this man was in the safe spot, badly beaten up that is for sure, but
at least he will make it through the night the warrior thought to himself.
Still, he will not pose a problem for our mission, in fact it is one less to
battle down.

He now tried to hear what the other two was talking about, they who had brought
the wounded man in. He could barely hear what they said as the stood too far
away. Still he was able to make out a few bits of it.

– Kitin? A storming horde of them, coming this way?!

– Yes, we saw them just one days march away from here, and they are headed right
this way.

– That is unusual, there are no Kitin routes here. So why would they travel these

– I don’t know, perhaps someone scared them or drove them away from somewhere
else.. that or..

– I know what you are about to say, and it scares me also. The Kitins grow smarter
for every day, perhaps they are changing tactics. Perhaps, a scary thought as it is,
we need to focus at the problem at hand here.

– They are headed right toward the village, that is why he tried to steer them
off. He ran out in front of them hoping to be able to attract enough to make
them change the route and hunt after him.

– Ga’Dien is fast, I’ll give him that, but how would be be able to outrun a horde
of hungry Kinchers?

– He can run long, and fast, but he got unlucky and tripped. So they got to him
faster then he expected, they struck him down and then returned. He was not even
able to distract a dozen of them.
The result we can clearly see, but for now we must concentrate on saving the
village. We need to move away this instant.

– You know that is impossible, we are too many and too rooted here to just give up
and move away. Perhaps we can hide until they pass us….

They walked away out from his range of hearing, but he had heard enough. So,
this man had been ready to give his own life in order to steer off the horde of
Kitins. Now that is interesting, and in some concern brave, but in a foolish
way. But still it had not been as prosperous as intended and his act had left
barely a dent, if any at all, in the line of enemies. Now it was time to
reconsider the plan for their attack – would they attack before the supposed
Kitins – or should they wait and let them do their dirty work. He did not even
had to think twice about this, they would attack before the storming Kitins, it
might be a disadvantage seen from a tactical point of view, but this is battle.
And in every battle there is honour to be upheld. He may not know much other
then battle, but he respected it for what it was and thereby followed its code.

He made some fast signals to the others to fall back and then gather up for a
review of the plan. And so they did. Quickly they redistributed their tasks,
adding two of them to move forward to scout for the Kitins, they did not want
any unwanted surprises during their strike, while the rest would seek out one of
the supposed guards and take them out. Therefrom they would continue to follow
their given orders until they were all done. Simple, swift and stealthy. And so
they started to take their positions.

Those that were set to scout for the Kitins did not make it far as they were
pierced through by the claw of a furious Kitin. They had followed them straight
into the camp, and was already upon them. The strike quickly turned into a game
of survival as they stormed straight towards the camp. A Kitin patrol is not
easily stopped, many has tried, and only few has ever succeeded. That until the
next patrol would surface. The only thing that was left now was to stand the
ground the best they could.
The attackers now turned into something that was in between themselves and the
Kitins. As they attacked, so did the Kitin, which gave them a cover of a patrol
that just happened to pass by as the camp was attacked. Or at least so it seemed
as the Homins in the camp only seemed to welcome their aid, not knowing of their
true, dark, scheme. But in the heat of the battle who would really spend much
thought of such things, in battle there are but only two persons – you – and
your enemy. The tactical move they now made was to have the villagers, if they
could be so called, to defend at their side as survival was top priority. Then
they could continue with the mission, if the need be. All they would really have
to do is to verify that there were no survivors.

The battle went on, but the ten warriors proved to be not just a welcome
addition to the camps defense, but also a brute force to withstand the Kitins,
as their training permitted. Still it was fierce and the outcome was uncertain.
Still, everyone fought with intensity and determination. On both sides fighters
fell to the ground as their opponent was too strong, but still the numbers on
both sides seemed to be equal. The warrior fought as he always had, but this
time he had to held back three opponents of the Kitins himself, or her would
perish. His sword danced through the air as he made a circular attack that hit
two of them as the third one managed to dodge it. And the moment his back was
towards it, it attacked. As he spun around for a second attack he suddenly
stopped has he could not move. The world around him suddenly turned into slow
motion as he felt how his legs became warm. He looked down. Speared through his
stomach was the claw of the Kitin that had just dodged his attack, the same one
he had attempted to hit on his second turn. Either it was much faster then he
anticipated, or all the years of battle had finally starting to have their toll
on him. Or perhaps a mixture of them both. The Kitin retracted its blade and
then became blurry to him as he fell to the ground. “Why live life without a
cause, when you can die for one” – The mantra sounded in his head for a short
second, before it all turned black. All he could hear was his last breath.

It all started to come back to him, the roars, the screams and the tension of
battle as he awoke in the middle of the battle field. Over him sat a little
Zoraï girl leaned. For some reason, in the midst of the battle, she was smiling
towards him as she said:

– Do not worry, mister. You will be fine in no-time.

He tried to say something, but what would be say? And besides, he could not as
his lungs were filled with his own blood. But he felt how his body was healed
and that strength was returning.
The moment he felt strong enough to stand up again the little girl ran off
without a word.

He did not have time to chase after her, it was for a later moment. He cleared
his lungs from blood with a cough and then grabbed his sword again. It was now
time to repay the courtesy of striking him down. It had not harmed him, on the
contrary, it had spurred him even more for battle.
The strength and determination of a Homin is never to be underestimated and soon
the Kitins made an abrupt turn as one of them shrieked out a fearsome roar ad
they all scattered away into the forest around and was gone almost as fast as
they had appeared. Only leaving a nearly torn down camp, and few Homins left
standing. Of his own squad there were but two left standing. The others were
long gone lost, their seed was broken. And the same with so many other

It was now time to finish their mission.

There were none of the villagers standing nearby, those that were still
breathing were all lying down on the ground, bleeding from various gashes. They
could wait until later, it was time to disable those that posed the biggest
threat to them now. As he looked around of what was left of the village he once
more saw the Zoraï girl a she ran up to one of the villagers that was most
wounded. As she sat down next to him and started healing. Then he saw one of his
companions raising his sword and coming at them. As he once more looked at the
girl he saw that she was looking at him again, and once more she was smiling
towards him. The sword flew through the air towards the little girl, and as she
heard the one sneaking up behind her she turned around and her smile turned into

As the sword was to hit its target it was abruptly hindered. But not from a
defensive act from the little girl. What had stopped it was a friendly blade.
The one that landed the strike stared at the warrior, who looked back at him
with determined eyes.

– There is something here that be not right. There is something here that needs
protection rather then destruction. Was all the warrior said as he looked at the
little girl. The other warrior stood down, and also made a sign that the last
one should do so also. Luckily none of them had time to find a new target after
the Kitins.

– Why are you here? She asked.
– Do you know who I am ?
– Yes, you are a member of Yrkanis death troop. But why are you here?
– My orders are to eliminate the threat you are to the King
– Do you always follow orders?
– That is what I live for
– I mean, do you always follow orders that blindly?
– What do you mean?
– Do you know why you are to eliminate us?
– The orders does not specify reason, only duty

She was smiling again, why he could not understand. But somehow it seemed to be

– Please, help me help those that still can breathe. I shall show you after that.
She said as she grabbed her hand and tried to drag him with her. He looked at
her, and then at the Homin she had just healed.

– You should follow her, he said as he got up on his feet.

For some reason the warrior did so, besides, he had already crossed too many
limits already by not slaying them. Still he did not know why he did all this,
it was as if something just dragged him along for some reason. He sheeted his
sword and then followed the girl, helping her dig out those that were buried
under the rumble left from the battle so that she could care for their wounds.
Those that were already up did their best also. It took a while, but finally it
seemed as if all those that were able to breathe were back on their feet again
and now faced the hardship of burying their friends whom did not make it.

His companions was standing behind him as they looked at the other Homins as
they were carrying their lost friends to their final resting place, they
witnessed the sorrow the loss of a dear one caused to Homin. They saw the
aftermaths of what they themselves usually was part of, and sometimes initiators
of. For the first time, he saw. His left arm felt warmer and warmer all of a
sudden and he looked at it. There she was once more – this mysterious Zoraï girl
– and she was once more healing him with a smile.

– This wound I can heal mister, but the other one only you can fix. Come, there is
someone here that wishes to see you now. She said and dragged him towards one of
the tents in the back, one of the few that were still intact.
Inside it was another older woman tending to the Homin that had been brought in
just before the Kitins had attacked. She placed a wet towel on his eyes before
she left them both alone.

– I saw you earlier, when you were hiding in the bushes nearby the camp.
– You are the one they carried in here earlier, the one that tried to outrun a

– Yes.
– Why?

– How could I as King, ask something of my people that I myself cannot do?

– You are not the King.

The man on the bed was smiling as he sat up and removed the towel.

– King Yrkanis?! But sire, how come you are here..

– Have you seen your King lately, noble warrior of Matis?

– No sire, but the orders. We were to..

– You were most likely to eradicate the remaining tracks of the King of Matis yes.

– But those words are not mine.

– But whom would do such a thing? The warrior was even more confused now. How come
his king would be in front of him here?

– Those are the words of my brother, Jinovich. He has betrayed me, you, and the
people of Matis.

– Then I must seek revenge on your behaf sire.

– In time proud warrior, in time. But for now we must see to the Homins here, and
we must journey outside these lands, for I am still an exile.

He did not hold one though in his mind but obeyed the orders of his King as he
now knew whom issued his orders. His two companions were as surprised as he when
they found out what the real intent of their mission had been, but they were
still faithful to their king.
It took quite some time before they had managed to clear up the camp, sorted out
their needed supplies, and said their good byes to friends fallen in battle. And
so finally they were able to set course on a journey.

– To where my King?

– There is someone I wish to meet in Fairhaven. A friend, hopefully. Lets go see
Still Wyler. Yrkanis said with a determined look as they set out through the
lands towards the Lakelands.

The warrior did not spend much time thinking about why he did what he did on
that day, but in hindsight he was confined in the result as he had discovered
the truth. But every time he thought about this he could not find an explanation
to his actions. But every time he remembered the smile of a little Zoraï girl.

This dear Homins be the tale of One Kind Act. It tells of how important it be to
show kindness to other Homins and that just even a smile can change worlds.

I thank you all for listening.