The tale of one leaving

The tale of one leaving.

She woke up early that morning, even earlier then she had planned to. There was
something in her stomach tickling, almost as if it was uncomfortable. She
remained in her bed just a moment longer and stared up at the roof above her. So
today was the day.
She got up and got dressed and then stretched out her body good to prepare for
what was to happen. She looked around in her apartment, it was quite empty. No
stack of Excellent Fiber were found in the corner and the Fine Dung Resin that
used to lie in a pile next to it was also gone. The Armour locker was also
shining with emptiness as she gave it a final look. The entire apartment was now
like the day she purchased it; empty and bare.
Outside the window the fishes slowly swam by and moved away as she came there
kneeling in front of it. But they quickly changed their minds when they saw that
it was her and returned. One of them , a little blue one, had become her
favorite and it seemed as it had become quite found of her too as it swam to the
glass and stayed just where her hand was. She moved her hand and it followed,
they had spent some times doing this little game and both seemed to enjoy it.

“I will miss you” She said as she got up and headed for the door. She stopped ,
turned around and gave it all a good last look before opening the door to move
outside. As the door closed she closed her eyes and started walking up the
stairs, no turning back now.

“So this is it, is it ?” Be’Riplan Lipsen asked her as she stepped outside into
the warmth of the Lakelands sun.

“Yes, I believe it is so. See to it that someone that needs it gets it. I have
cleaned it throughly.” She said as she tossed the key into the hands of the
Homin Apartment Caretaker.

“Yeah, I will. But I will have you know that this will be the last apartment
that I will sell. I will leave your key hanging there in case you returns and
wishes to have your old quarters back.” Be’Riplan said as he hung the key in a
small locker.

“Hehe, you have always been kind Be’Riplan, thank you for being whom you are.
See you later.” She said as she waved and started walking down Loria’s Rise.

“You bet we will, now take care out there will you.” Be’Riplan Lipsen said with
a smile and a friendly wave.

As she walked down the Rise her stomach started to tickle even more, what was it
that caused this. She had already set her mind to do this and would not turn
back now. But then again perhaps it was not because of what she was about to do
that was the cause of it. Perhaps it was all the memories that she would leave
behind as she was to take those first steps.
All the things she had experienced since the day she was brought her by those
ladies in the black armors and strange helmets. All Homins that she had met
since that first day, her friends and indeed her family. She would never
expected that taking that travel to Fairhaven could have brought her so much
happiness in time. All the things she had done together with them, the lands she
had seen, all the strange animals and all friends she had met during her
It was all a great treasure to hold close and to care for. All this must be what
was swirling in her stomach as she passed Frogmore place and headed to the Lower
Chamber Avenue, towards the trainers that she had spend so much time with during
her studies in different kinds of knowledges.

When she arrived at Council Chamber Square and saw the trainers she had so often
spoken to the swirl in her stomach took a hefty turn and a tear left her eye as
she waved to them. She had already spoken to them about doing this and as they
never liked when Homins took upon themselves to do such thing they had
understood her intentions of it. They waved back and smiled knowing that this
would be the image that she would remember them by. She was thankful for this.
As she reached Fairmarket Fork she heard someone shouting her name, it was
Ba’Naer Liffan.

“You ain’t going nowhere without a little this you hear.” He said and tossed
something towards her as he walked to her.

She grabbed it and soon realized that it was a small lunch package and a little
bottle of some beverage.

“You take care out there you hear and I will see you again one day.” Ba’Naer
Liffan said as he gave her a big heartwarming hug. You can say what you want
about Barmen but they do have hearts of purest sap she quietly thought to

“Thank you, I will. I mean we will.” She said and he let her go giving her a
smile that was so kind and encouraging.

“Yeah, who else would be sitting leaned at my bar desk staring at the sky
wondering about things and only drink Messab Milk if not you. Take care.” He
said laughing as he walked back to the bar raising his right hand waving

It had been some task for her to let everyone know of what she was about to do,
and that she had decided. The last few days had been tough, fining everyone whom
she needed to talk to, hard indeed but she had done it. And now she had to see
another friend before it all starts.

She walked across the little bridge that led to the land and stables. Not to
cause to much of a ruckus she sneaked in and there he was standing. Her Mount
that she had spend so many times riding through Aeden Aqueous. When she saw her
she lifted his head and raised his trunk trying to reach her quicker, he always
did that when she came. With another tear down her cheek she grabbed the leash
and walked out from the stables to the trees nearby, she led and he followed.
Well there she looked at him.

“You are free now, do what you want and be happy. Thank you for all the times we
have spent together. I have talked to a friend of mine and he can care for you,
but only if you want him.” She said as she removed the steering goggles and his
necklace, it held his name so she decided to keep it and put it in her bag. Then
she hugged him tightly and once more told him that he was free.
He stood there a moment then lifted his trunk and put it around her neck and
pulled her close to him before he strolled off back to the stables.

She gave out a little laugh with both happiness and sadness over separation. But
watching him walking back to where he used to be, thinking about all the kinds
words from her friends, from Ba’Naer Liffan and Be’Riplan Lipsen to say a few,
it was a happy moment.
Home is where you live and where your friends are, and this place sure was her

As she reached the little hill outside the town she took a quick right and stood
at the little cliff there looking out over Fairhaven, the main capital of Aeden
She smiled, turned around and started walking away.

“See you later..”