The tale of our decision

The tale of our decision.

It was late at night as Sumsum and Uma returned to their little home near Zorai.
It had been both a tough travel and a wearing struggle, but it had all been
worht it. Sumsum was removing the saddle of their mounts as Uma brought their
things inside. The Mektoubs were just as worn as they were from all the running
so Sumsum gave them an extra bit of food as a reward for their good work. He
noticed that one of the leashes were almost about to brake on one of the
saddles, luckilly it had held until now and if it had broken during the run from
the Cuttler they had all been in some danger.

Even though this evening had been a hard one there was also tomorrow to manage.
And the tasks that came with that. He got inside and noticed Uma who was sitting
near the middle of the room, she had list a small fire in the middle of the
room and it was now luminating the insides.

He looked at her as she was mixing some tea for them both, then he made a sweep
around the room looking at all the items in there. Tomorrow they would be gone.

Uma looked up and found Sumsum standing in the doorway looking. She smiled
towads him and he smiled at her.

“Why don’t you come sit here next to me” She said as she put up a cup for him.

He did not reply but walked up to her and sat down beside her and took the cup.
He took a sip from it and inhaled.

“I needed this.” He said.

“We both did, didn’t we?” Uma replied.

“Yes, this night brought what it was that we had been looking for, we didn’t
know when it would happen just that it would.” He said with a lowered voice.

“Yes, we know it would come to this even though we tried.” She said as her voice
turned a bit sad. “The changes were too many and too fast.”

“Yes, but remember that we tried.” Sumsum said as he took another sip.

“Yes we did.” She replied.

As they finished their tea thet just sat in fornt of the fire for a moment in
silence, perhaps they were making their farewells. They both started to look at
what was around them and Sumsum’s eye caught a Kincher claw lying on a small

“Hehe, do you remember when we got that claw? What a caos it was, no one knew
what to do and when to do it. I even fell over my own sword once.” He said with
a smile. “Ahh, the times when one were young.”

Uma smiled at hom happily. “Yes I recall that occasion, afterwards we all sat
down laughin at it. It was a fun travel.”

They kept looking at items lying around and recalled what had happened when they
had got them. There was the first good Focus armor Uma had gotten, the supreme
dagger Sumsum had trained with, the cratcha seeds they had won in a contest in
Pyr. There were many things there whom they had seen everyday but now they
remembered why they had saved them for so long. The time went on and on, speeded
up by them recalling memories of the lost old days. The days they had sought so
hard to find again. And there was tomorrow.

Early the next day they both woke up in the middle of the room. It seemed as
they had spent the whole evening and most of the night talking about old
memories and good times. Sumsum carried out the remains of the fire while Uma
put the cups back on their shelf. Sumsum appeared in the door looking at her
with eyes telling her that he was waiting. She stopped just ahead of him and
turned around to give the room one last look before leaving.

“Let’s bring the good memories and leave the rest behind.” She said as she
turned to him.

“Yes.” He replied as he took he hand and they walked out into the morning light.

They moved to the stables and Sumsum had a short conversation with the one in
the stables and then returned to Uma. They walked under the gate and greeted the
Kami whom was guarding the teleporter nearby. Then they sat down a bit further
away and looked at all the Homins around.
They just sat down quietly thinking about what to come, they had a hard time
pondering but now they knew what they had to do.

“So, it’s time now is it ?” Someone said.

It was a tall Zoraï that they knew well.

“If you do not mind I have some friends whom like me wish to see you one last
time.” he said as the others came up behind him.

“That is fine” Uma said with a smile.

They all sat down forming a ring as they each one greeted Uma and Sumsum.
Noy many words were said during the time that passed, not many words were needed
either asss everyone knew what was to happen. They all knew and everyone agreed.
As they had sat there for some time, how long no one could really say. Sumsum
suddenly stood up.

“So, I am afraid that the time has come now my friends.” He said as he held out
his hand to help Uma stand up. Everyone stood up and bowed to them while saying
their good bye. Uma and Sumsum waved and started to walk away, below the gate,
out through the main gates of the town.
They stopped when they could hardly see the entrance any longer.

“We have come far to do this. How hard it was to know where to go.” Uma said.

“Yes, it has been hard indeed.” Sumsum replied.

“Yes, and now where to go?” She asked him.

“Let’s go this way.” Sumsum said and they both started to walk.

It is said that losing a friend is tough, losing one without a good bye is even
tougher. I spent just a short moment with you this day, when you said your good
bye my friends. It was not a time of happiness, but also not one of sorrow as
you are such wonderful Homins. You had a rough time and you found your path
through it. I wish you the best of luck and happiness among your new friends,
but know that you are never forgotten.
Thank you for allowing me to see you one last time, I will cherish this memory.

Your friend

// Drakfot