The tale of Sadness and hope

The tale of sadness and hope.

One day I decided to take a small strawl along the beaches of Fairhaven to
see what they had to offer. As I reached the end of the bridge I decided to take
a walk along Kami hill close by. As I closed in I could see that there were
some things happening, the cloppers seemed to be exited by something. As I came
closer they scattered away but one of them still stood with one of its claws in
a small opening in the wall fiercly chopping at something in there.
I casted a spell on it and it fell to the ground in an instant.

As I looke into the hole I saw the most terrible thing I have ever seen. In the
hole five small Yubopuppies lied, all wounded and bleeding. I took them in my
arms and looked at them while they slowly breathed the last breaths of their
lifes. My tears fell as I could see them close their eyes and stop moving.

There I sat with five little lifes that no longer where. Lifes that one day
would have roamed around, along the beaches but now never would have that
chance. I sat there and cried.

Suddenly i heard a small noise close by. Then it got all worse..
Have you ever seen the eyes of a mother that has lost five children, have you
seen the dephts they get when knowing but not want to realize. There stood the
mother of the puppies looking at me with terrified eyes. Slowly she walked
towards me and with her nose she tried to push the puppies to move. They were
silent and did not move. Then she tried once more to push them and made a small
“yiesch”, still nothing. Then she looked at me and I could see how she cried out
as she understood.

I took her in my arms and held her close to me. She tried to get free, she moves
around and almost got away. I knew that she would just run and get herself
harmed and I could not let this happen. She was in vain, she squeeked and
screamed. I could hear the pain in her screams, yet still i kept holding her
close to me. After a few minutes she settled down and I took her away from the
sight of her lost young ones. This time I really wished that I had the abillity
to bring them back as I could with my fellow Homins. There I was, not able to do

As we got a bit away from the hole I sat down looking at the view of Fairhaven.
The Yubo lied in front of me staring with what seemed to be nothing but empty
eyes. There we sat silently, I a sad Homins and she a decayed mother. We sat and
just was looking forward not knowing what it was we were looking for.

As a new day woke up and the sun started to climb over the mountains we still
sat there staring into nothing. I looked at the Yubo, she was still, I petted
her gently on her head yet she did not move. She just lay there staring.
I took some bread from my pack and tried to feed her, she did not eat, she just
took the bread and let it fall to the ground. I did not give up, I sat there
wit her for hours trying to give her the piece of bread. She did not want to eat
at all. I did not give in, I was determined to see to that she got some food. So
I sat there next to her until she took the bread and started to chew it.
After she was done eating it she looked at me for a minute and then she crawled
into my arms and fell asleep. Poor thing had lost it all, she must feel so alone
I thought to myself.

Some days passed by and she started to eat more and more, I could see that the
enery returned to her, yet she was not happy inside. I did what I could to see
that she had friends to be among and that she did get something to eat.
Time passed by and a year went along, I always checked that she was fine.

One day when i came to see her I could not find her, she was missing, gone.
I did not know where she was and I could not find her even though I ran along
the beaches. What had she done, was she still alive ?. I felt sad for her for I
had taken a liking to her, she had become a friend to me. One I cared for.
Now she was lost?

Yet still I kept coming there for days to see if she was there, and still she
was missing. One day I sat down to clear my mind, for it had become a favourite
place of mine. I sat and looked at the water gently changing its shape and
listened to the breeze as it flew by and played with the trees.

Suddenly I heard a “yiesch” from behind and as I turned around I already knew
whom made that sound. There she stood looking at me and I could see that she had
changed, there was a glow in her eyes. Then I saw, she was thicker that ususal.
She had puppies in her belly, that was what the glow in her eyes told me. She
was a mother again. To prevent another tradegy I took her to my apartment where
I prepared a small bed for her to rest in, far away from things that could harm

And a few months later when I came home from a trip she ran to meet me at the
door. She was happy and dragged me to the bed. And there in her small basket I
could see the source of her joy. There lied seven small puppies squeaking and
fighting. She looked at me and her ears stood right up, her eyes was glistening
and I could see that she was smiling with her entire being.

This dear Homins is a tale about how even the smallest of bodies can hold the
greatest of hearts and how important it is for us to help eachother when times
are rough. That there is always tomorrow and that we together shall see it rise.