The tale of Seren and Neun at Virginia Falls

The tale of Seren, Neun and Virginia Falls.

It was a calm night in Matis. Seren and Neun was there on one of their journeys
while looking what Atys held in its hides, when they all of a sudden stopped.

“What is it Neun?” Seren asked and looked at him.

“Oh its nothing Seren, nothing” He said with a smile. “Close your eyes”

“What ?” she said suprised.

“Close your eyes and take my hand.” Neun said gently. “Dont you trust me?”

“The last time I closed my eyes and let you guide me I went up all wet in
Fairhaven Neun” She said looking at him a bit playful.

“Now that was an accident, I was to show you my apartment and didnt notice the
Messab that was on the loose and that the edge of the bridge was that close,
you just fell..” Neun said a bit ashamed.

“Im just teasing you dear” She said with a laughter that he knew so well.

“So then take my hand, I swear that nothing will happen to you my dear.” Neun
said while taking her hand.”Now, how much I do not like not to see your
beautiful eyes you must close them for a little while.”

And so they walked for a little bit, deeper into the land.
After a few minutes Seren stopped.

“Neun, I smell flowers, flowers I have not smelled before. I hear water fall in
the distant, where are we ?” Seren said.

“No worries dear, no worries at all. We are safe, youll see.” Neun said gripping
her hand harder but still gentle. “Now come, we are almost there.

They went further and soon the ground was filled with tall green trees, grass
that was soft and gentle under their feets. As they walked by a tall flower it
stretched out towards Seren’s face. As she felt it at first she thought that it
would harm her. But as soon as the leaves touched her skin she felt how it
gently stroked her face.

“These flowers are gentle to those with a gentle heart. They harm none that not
wishes to harm others.” Neun said. “Now come, we are almost at the place for
your eyes to open.”

“Neun, I hear voices in the background. That i have never heard before.” Seren
said a bit worried.

“Yes, they are the guardians of the place where we are going. Fear not for they
are friends.” He replied. “Now then, just a few more steps and we are there,
now look dear Seren, look”

When Seren opened her eyes she could not even start to belive what sight that
met her. She was standing on a hill a few meters above a lake that was
surrounded by hills. Into this lake water poured from four big falls. It was
playful, wonderful and calm. The waterfalls made signs and patterns in the lake
below. And as Seren stared down into the lake she noticed, that even though the
water was alive due to the waterfalls, her reflection was as clear as a mirror.
Even thought the water streamed it was still there, as a mirror of her.

“Is this place not wonderful Seren, whenever my heart is confused this place
offers it comfort and rest. Whenever I have doubts it clears my mind of all sad
things. And so does you Seren.” He said while staring into the lake with an bit
of abscent look. “This place is important for me, and so are you. That is why I
show you this place, for I love you”

They sat there for a while, silent and holding eachothers hands and looking
into the lake. After a while Seren laid herself in Neuns arms and fell asleep
for a little time while Neun watched over her.

“Seren, wake up. Its time now.” Neun said after a little while.

“What?, time for what?” Seren asked with a sleepy voice. “Oh I have slept so
well and calm that I cannot remember the last time I felt this peaceful.
Where are you taking me?”

The ran up on a hill beside the lake, there was some ill intended creatures
there but Neun quickly made them realize that they stood no chance.
When they entered the top of the hill time was walking towards late afternoon.
The view was beyuond words to describe. They could see almost to the great
walls in the distans. All the animals that roamed around was small dots moving

“Oh Neun, the view, its wonderful.” Seren said amazed.

“That is not all Seren, see this” Neun said while walking a bit closer to the
edge taking a deep breath. Then she shouted “Forever”

A black cloud suddenly appeared in front of them. It sturred out into the
open air giving away a sound Seren never heard before. It was loud yet not
painful to hear. It was gentle and held calmness. It was a sound of joy.
As the cloud scattered up a bit Seren noticed that it was not magic that
hade made this cloud, it was birds. After a few mins she could see them fly
through the air, circling around like they were floating and not flying.
She watched them as they played in the air and smiled.
Neun sat down behind her and put his arms around her.

“This is a special day for me Seren. A day that always be in my heart.” He said.

“Neun, dear. This day will forever live in my heart too. You have given me a
great gift. You have given me a moment to cherish and so I will do” Seren said
and turned around looking into Neun’s eyes, leaned a bit forward and gave him a

“grahr?” A noice from behind Seren.. “graahr”

As the looked for what was the source of the noice they say that a bird
had landed on the cliff in front of them. And it was looking at them with
curious eyes.

“grahr” it said while walking a bit closer to them.

Neun took out some small seeds he had been carrying with him and put them
in Serens hands.

“Perhaps it is hungry, give it some” He said to Seren.

Seren extended her hands towards the bird. At first it took a step backwards
and then stopped while staring at Seren. After a short while it took some
gentle steps towards her so it almost stood by her hands. It stared at the
seeds in her hands, picked one up and ate it. After a few seconds it started
to eat more seeds from Seren’s hands.

“Oh look Neun, it likes the seeds” Seren said joyful.

“I see, yet I think its not only the seeds it likes Seren.” Neun answered with
a smile.

“grahr” the bird said when finished eating all the seeds. It looked as it had
a great meal and its stomach was full. “grahr” it said one last time, and they
noticed that it seemed as it made a small bow to them before taking off to the
skies again.

“GRAHR” all the birds said before diving down towards them. As they were a few
meters away they all rised up towards the sky again leaving a gentle breeze to
cover the faces of Seren and Neun. A breeze of joy and life.

This was a special day for the two Homins. It was a day when Neun brought
Seren to a place special to him. It was a day when Seren saw another beauty
that lied within Neun. It was a day when they got even closer to eachother.
This day turned into an evening of joy and comfort. As the sky gently turned
clearer and darker stars began to show their light.
The light shined down on two Homins sitting on a cliff in Virgina Falls.

“Seren” Neun said.

“yes” she replied.

“I love you”