The tale of The Assassin

They met in a dimmed bar in Fyros lands.
He was the descendant of a noble and ruling family, a tall and proud boy.
The bar was filled with smoke and chatter from all other Homins that had
gathered there to water their throats this evening. It was an ordinary evening
as all other was in this bar.

She had been spending her life in the order, those that for the fair amount of
dappers would place the annoying Homins out of the way, her entire life. Or at
least as long as she could remember. She was one of their henchmen, their
weapon. As she had been raised by such knowledge she knew not much more then how
to take life from other Homins. And she did not care for more, for she felt that
this was the purpose of her entire existence. Constantly training when not on a
mission she had spent her days. At one time they had seen to that she had been
among the ordinary Homins, trying to live her life as it passed by. This had
been in good and in bad as she had always kept herself closed in and remained
true to the order. So it was decided that she should be reinstated and that her
duties should not hold.

So , meeting him at this place, the bar, was a well thought out plan. There were
contractors that wished to scare their opponents. And what better way be it then
to attack what be dearest ? It’s son.
So she had made herself a disguise as an ordinary girl whom was out to find some
fun while seeking a job. And it had turned out to be quite successful as there
was an opening at the mansion where his father lived, the father of the target.

So she had approached him, making it look like the turn of fate, yet it was not.
And he had fallen for her made up charm and whom she pretended to be. It was all
to easy she thought. It was her trait and she was very well in doing it.

The night they had met had been as most of the nights when she had taken contact
with other targets, partying and finding a way into their life.
They had met, she had given him the hints that she had done so many times before
and he had taken the bait and all. He had offered her drinks and treats
throughout the night. And she accepted as was expected. Yes it was an easy sway
and a play for her to manage through it. Soon enough she slipped that she was on
the search for a job, that she had recently moved closer to the bigger town. He
reacted as expected, he told her that they were looking for a maid to aid out in
the household, but that he did not expect to find her at a bar. They both
laughed as they left the bar and went outside, he handed her the address where
he lived and told her to be there around 0800 the following day. Then they
parted way as he was heading home she went to the small camp she had made for
herself just outside the town. Everything to minimize the traced that could be

The next day she woke up early and made herself ready to go the mansion and meet
the son and his father for approval. She got there a bit earlier but that would
often prove to be on the good side at the employers. As she walked along the
path that lead up to the house she noticed that someone approached her waving.
It was him.

“Ah I see that you are a bit early, my father will like that.” He said while
cleaning his hands on a cloth. ” I have just seen to the animals, one Mektoub
had gotten herself loose and run into the others. He he, she is quite the lively
one that little, oh my but where are my manners, please come this way.”

They entered the mansion and took a left into the office room. After some small
talk, the usual about experience and previous employments, she was approved and
was sent to find her room in the mansion. Halfway through the plan now. Time
kept on passing by and soon a month had passed since the day she first entered
the mansion. Yet things was not as they were thought out to be, why ? She had
never had questions about her targets before, they were just an order to carry
out, still why now ? It was small things like finding him in the kitchen doing
the dishes and when she had asked him why he had just replied : “I had some time
over and you have been working so hard today so I thought I could help you a
bit.” and then he had left with a smile leaving here there standing in the
doorway. Why was he so kind to her, to all the staff. She had asked them and
they had nothing but good words to say about the young boy, he was always
helping out as much as he could. And often he just came by to sit and talk with
them for a moment.

One evening she was lying in her bed thinking about him, it was soon time to
carry out what she had initially came here to do. She had prepared a plan and
made sure to leave enough faked traces to make then believe that an assassin had
entered the house, killed the son and then got out without noticing. What they
was not to know was that the actual assassin was standing next to them.

Still she thought about the target too much, why ? All her previous targets had
been tyrants, ill makers or just out plain evil people. But she didn’t care
about that, about those targets. Tomorrow evening it was time to set her plan to
work. She had found that this young man, her way to affect the target, was not
what could been expected by those that was raised in great wealth and fortunes.
Indeed he liked the long rides on the back of a Mektoub, but the way he cared
for the animals, not just as items, but as living beings. How he spend time
talking and socializing with the staff of his fathers house.

This had all confused her a bit as she was not used to these kinds. She had been
the one to claim the life of some Homins that was of great meaning and wealth.
Still this young boy startled her in a way.

The next day was ordinary and things passed by as usual, the father and mother
had left the mansion a few days earlier on a visit to Zoraï so it was only the
son and the staff left in the house. He had been working hard with the staff
today, and by dinner he was quite tired so he finished it and then went out to
lay down for a moment. A perfect time indeed. She put the dishes in the sink and
grabbed a dagger from the kitchen and slowly sneaked out into where he was
lying. She looked at him , his calm face as he was sleeping peacefully, then she
raised her hand and let it fall towards his chest.

Suddenly something grabbed her hand and made it stop. “Are you sure you want to
do this, Lehief of the Order”he said before opening his eyes looking at her. How
did he know ?

“I have known since the day you came here, that it was not by accident that we
met at the bar. I have known since that day that you are not an ordinary maid in
this house.” He looked at her and she could do nothing but stare at him. “Are
you sure this is what you want” he said one more time.

She made an effort again to stab him, out of reflection. But it was not the edge
of the dagger that reached his chest, it was a tear. As she saw the tear on his
chest it was as if all her power was lost, she fell on him ans started to cry.
No matter what she did not want to lose him, she clinged on to him and it felt
like she could be there crying forever. In this moment all her evil deeds that
she had previous carried now came back to her. She was so weak, but she had
never been weak before. What was all this that she felt inside her ? What had he
done to her ? The dagger fell to the floor as he embraced her and pressed her
against him.

“Let it all come out, just let it come.” He said to her in a calming voice and
as he did this it was as if her tears got renewed strength and she continued to

After some time, when she had finally finished crying she looked at him. Imagine
a look from a lady that had always worn masks in front of everyone but now
revealed herself to him, something she had never done to anyone else before. He
looked back at her and smiled. He carried her upstairs to her room and placed
her in the bed. Then he sat down next to her and looked at her.

“Why?” She asked him.

“I understand that you wonder why I have let this show going since I knew. And
yes I sometimes wonders myself. But I have noticed a change in you eyes lately,
they have lost parts of their cold looks. Is that not true?” He replied.

She nodded a yes back and lowered her head. “Now that you know who I am and what
I have done you sure want to revenge all and take my life.”

“Why should I do that ? Why should I slay a puppet when it is the puppeteer that
had done the ill. Did they ever tell you who your targets really was, did you
really know them before striking at them?” He asked and his eyes suddenly got

“A-all I ever knew was what the Order told me, nothing more.

“You were their tool, an item to them and nothing else. Yes you have blood on
your hands but if you die now it will not remedy the past, it will not bring
them back. ” he said. As he reached forward and lifted her head so that she
could look at him with her eyes. She tried to turn her head away but he would
not let her.

“But why…” she asked.

“If you were in fact a cold slayer that rumor has it then I would not have let
you live as long as this, then I would have taken your life when you tried to
take mine. Yet you changed, your eyes told me so much that I was intrigued.
He said to her with a smile as he gently caressed her cheek. “It is time for you
to start live your life, not the life of some other.”

“But the Order.. they will find out.. they..” She said as her eyes became moist
again, there was so much inside her that now was turned upside down. She could
not hold it under control any more.

“The Order thinks that you are dead, they have so for the last three weeks. I
have seen to this so you should not concern about them.” He was serious again.
“Now get some sleep and I shall sit here watching over you so you can sleep
peacefully Lehief.”

His soothing words almost forced her to fall asleep as she was so tired from
what had happened. Tired and surprised. Would she ever wake up again ?

A saying goes that “what is left in silence shall remain quiet” and into silence
fell the fate of Lehief, the assassin of the Order. Since the day she entered
the mansion no one ever heard from her again.

And on the mansion things went on as usual, he was out working or tending to the
animals while she , Nimdra, stood in the kitchen cleaning the dishes. And soon
there was a rumor flowing through the town that the young boy finally had found
someone he held close. And that he was also to be a father.

Quite funny when one thinks about it; That the one that was to take lives now
was the one to give life.

And in this cloud of confusion the tale of the Assassin ends.