The tale of The bond beyond

The tale of the Bound Beyound.

Homins, have you heard the tale of the Bound Beyound.

Not so long ago when Atys still was in shiver from the happenings upon it there
was a meeting. A meeting that not many knew of for it was a secret.

It was held among four of the greatest wizards on Atys, one from each race.
Now you may find it strange that a Fyros, Zorai, Matis and Tryker would come
and gather on the same place without disputes. What had brought them together
you might wonder. And so did they. For they had all felt a notion that they had
to travel to a place, they were drawn there by forces unseen and unknown.

At first they all sat there, quiet and looking at eachother. no one spoke a
word for hours. Why would a Kami follower talk to a beliver of Jena..
After some time one of the wizards, the Zorai , said
“Lately I have felt a strange presence in the forest. winds that bare no good
message to me”.

“I have felt cold spots as I have travelled in the desert, strange cold places
in the middle of the sun” The Fyros said.

“And I have felt fear roam through my lands, fear and uncertiny” The Matis
added to the conversation.

“I have felt the wind sometimes to stand still and whisper of sadness” The
Tryker said. “Is this the reason for ut to gather here this day? Do anyone
know why they had to come here this very day, for I do not” He added.

They all looked at eachother suprised. It was first now as the realized that
none of them had been called by the other. They had all just gone here.

“What is the purpose of this meeting then” The Zorai asked.

“I dont think that anyone really knows” The Fyros replied.

Everyone agreed to this statement.

“Then why should we, four wizards, gather here today, what is the meaning of
putting us together we are all the opposite from eachother.” The Matis said.

“I do not know, but yet have you noticed that when we forst saw eachother, there
was no disputes, there was only silence and looks.” The Tryker said.
“But as soon as we had a common thing to talk about we set aside all differences
and talked. Be this a sign of some kind, that wants to tell us something.”

“I belive that it is a sign or a notion to us four as we are the wisest and
strongest of our races. We were the only one to feel this comming.” The Zorai

“Yes we are the strongest of our kind, the tales of our efforts has all reached
us I take it. we have all heard of eachother.” The Fyros said while staring
straight into the campfire.

“It is a sign of union among Homins when a greater danger approaches, when all
Homins and Atys itself are in great danger, all Homins will from now on gather
and rfight aside until Atys is safe once more.” These was the words of the Matis.

And everyone agreed to this.

Suddenly they saw a large army of Kitins in the distant that was headed towards
one little village close by. They all stood up and got ready for battle.
And as they all ran into the battle together to defend the helpless village
each one screamed :

For the fire in our heart – Fyros
For the forest calmness in the mind – Zorai
For the honor and pride in the body – Matis
For the waters of the spirit – Tryker

And thus the four wizards sealed The bound Beyond.
And ever since that day, when great danger was upon Atys Homs would gather up
to head for battle together, no matter of race nor faith. They would all have
the same goal, the safety of Atys.

This is the tale of The Bound Beyond.