The tale of the Dark House

Dear Homins, have you heard the tale of the Dark House?

Perhaps you may have not, as this tale tells of the darker side of Atys. The side which no Homin want to find themselves wandering, the opposite side that we wanders now.

B’Vena had long been seeking somewhere for her to live together with her two daughters Si’nea and Ne’Bae, still it was hard to find a suitable place that would room not only herself, but also her girls who themselves was nearly grown up. A small apartment in Fairhaven would not fit for them all, so B’vena had started looking for places nearby in order to keep the travel distance short, and still having a place large enough for them all.
She had spoken to most caretakers and apartment managers in Fairhaven, she had even put up notes that she wished to find a larger place for her family. The father had died some years ago in an accident, it was a tragic event that left B’Vena heart struck, but she had determined not to let it bring her down. Rather it made her even more determined to give her daughters a good life. And finding a new apartment was one step in that direction. That and that they had decided it was time to move away from the memories that it held. They will still be in their hearts.

Still the search did not went as well as she had hoped, it was a dire time trying to find new places to live. Sure there were new constructions made here and there, but they were mostly already rented out even before completion, or they were too small to fit her needs. Therefore she had determined to find some sort of house where she could also have her little armory shop that she had run together with her late husband, and was now running with the aid of their daughters.
Still the outcome looked dire.

One evening when B’Vena was sitting in the bar in Fairhaven, having some Stinga rum with water, she was not much of a drinker, a mysterious stranger suddenly sat down next to her table. She did not thought of it too much as the bar was quite crowded and she had not intention of keeping the entire table for herself. It was a festival in town this coming weekend, so many were excited and joyful.

She stared into the half empty glass and decided to have another sip, just as the stranger spoke.
– I hear that you are looking for a place to live? His voice was deep, and somewhat strange to her.
– Yes, I am on the lookout for a larger place for me and my family; my two girls.
– Where’s the father? The stranger seemed to catch more interest hearing of this one missing.
– Passed away some years ago in an accident. Why?
– Oh, sorry if my wondering insulted you. But I do come here in an errand, to you.
– No worries, just that about everyone here knows about my late husband. So someone asking about it is unusual. What errand?
– Ah, well you see. I am not from here. But I do have some news for you. The strangers voice got a bit softer, still deep and persuasive. – You see, I passed along Sandy Workshop earlier, and there was a house there. Perhaps it would suit you?
– A house, there? Isn’t that just ruins, and have been for quite some time?
– Don’t ask me ma’m, as I said, I’m not from around here. Just saw the house and your note, thought I’d mention it.
– That’s kind of you, perhaps I’ll check it out in a bit, the evening is still young.
– Why not, bring your family too. Perhaps they want to see it too. The stranger said as he stood up and left the bar suddenly.

Perhaps I should do that, B’Vena thought to herself as she finished her drink, paid and walked outside. The evening was still young, the air fresh and the waves kept climbing the sands. She sent word to her daughters to meet her at the stables where she was waiting with two mounts.
It did not take long for them to arrive, they had been out in the buzz of the coming festival, so they were close by. They mounted up and started the travel towards Sandy Workshop. The mounts was happy to get outside, and even happier when they found out that they were up for a swim.
During the travel they spoke about the house, B’Vena told her daughters that she had heard word from it during the day, she intentionally left out the part of the odd stranger as she did not think of it necessary to tell. She said that she thought it being an old outpost, or something alike, and that she cold not recall a house being there. But she had not traveled by it for some time, the comfort of teleports, so perhaps something was built there. There was only one way to find out, and they were en route to do so.

It took them a little while to travel there, as she had not traveled there for a while and took the secure path and scouted carefully.
But soon they arrived at Sandy Workshop. The place looked as she remembered it, sort of desolate with some ruins to tell of the past. But she could not see any house. They searched for a little moment before Si’Nea shouted out that she had spotted something among the trees. They gathered up and looked, and certainly there was a door hidden between the bushes. And as they looked closer they saw the contours of what looked like a house. No wonder she had not noticed it before it if was this well hidden!
They removed the branches and roots that covered the door and opened it. With a sound it opened revealing the inside, they looked at each other before B’Vena walked to the doorway and looked inside. The interior did look old, still it was not in as bad shape as one would think compared to the outside. She gently places one foot inside of the door, the floor boards gave off a squeaking sound that startled them. A second later they all giggled at their nervosity and B’Vena walked inside, waving at her daughters to wait there for a moment. She looked further inside, the furnitures were still there, a layer of dust was covering about everything, even the floor leaving footprints where B’Vena had walked. – Hello, she shouted to see if there was anyone there. But there was nothing but silence, so she looked inside a room and fount it to be the kitchen. On the floor stood a candle and a box of matches. B’Vena lifted them up, blew off the dust and then lit the candle.

It was as if the light from the candle was extra bright or something, as its light licked the walls and interior it all shined up looking really beautifully and detailed. This was quite a lovely place! B’Vena thought to herself as she stuck her head out into the hallway calling for her daughters to come inside and have a look. They quickly abided to her request and nearly rushed inside to her in the kitchen where she showed them how lovely it looked. The door closed with a bang behind them, but they did not notice it. They looked at the kitchen before they walked to the crossing room to find it being the living room. The candle lit it up just as beautiful as the kitchen, if this was to continue this was the place she had been looking for, B’Vena thought to herself as she enjoyed the beauty of the rooms. They walked from room to room, dreaming of what they would be used for, it did not take long before the girls had found their new rooms and could hardly wait to move in.
But B’Vena stopped them for a moment, telling them that they could not just move in here, there must be a previous owner somewhere, or someone who would know about this house, that first things first.

There was a sudden bang outside and when B’Vena looked out she saw that it had started to rain heavily all of a sudden, and that the wind had taken up. The mounts were safe under some trees, they had seen things like this before so she was not worried about them. She turned to her daughters and told them that it looked like would have to spend the night here after all. But that they should all sleep in the living room, the couch there looked large enough to fit them all, besides it was not their house either. They walked out into the kitchen and looked in the drawers hoping to find something more to use for light. They found three more candles which they brought with them to the living room where they sat down in the couch, cuddling up together under the same blanket. A moment later B’Vena decided that she could try and lit the fireplace, that it would keep them warm through the rainy night. Perhaps the wood was really dry as the fireplace lit up almost instantly, having its light reach out across the room making it looking as lovely as the candle had. B’Vena put out the candle as the fire would be quite sufficient for the night.
The three of them looked at the shadows the fire created for a moment before they all fell soundly asleep.

B’Vena was waken up by a scream and Ne’Bae grabbing her arm tightly.
– What?! What was that?
– Si’Nea, Ne’Bae said nervously. She is not here, she screamed.
– Where is she?
– I don’t know, mom I’m scared.
– Don’t worry, you stay here and I will go look for her. Don’t move from the couch ok.

B’Vena grabbed the candle, lit it quickly and went out into the hallway. The first room was the kitchen, but she could not find Si’Nea there. She even looked in the large locker, but it was empty. She continued out into the hallway and to the next room. It was as empty as the first two. Now there were only two rooms left to look in and B’Vena opened the door furthest down to the left. As the light from the candle swayed through the room she saw the form of Si’Nea. B’Vena shouted for her, but as she did not seem to react she entered the room and walked towards the girl. She was standing with her face towards the wall, exposing only her back to B’Vena. As she came close enough she spoke her name again, but still no reaction. B’Vena then reached out to grab her, but her hand just hit the wall. She was surprised as she looked at the wall and found it all to be painted on! In the light of the candle it really looked as if her daughter stood there with her back towards her, but as soon as she reached out to touch her it turned into a painting again. Yet she was certain that it was Si’Nea.

But where was her daughter? The other room was also empty, B’Vena now started to get really nervous and scared. As she made her way back to the living room she heard Ne’Bae scream out for her, she rushed into the room only to be met with the fire from the fire place taking a Homin like shape, taking a step outside the fire place grabbing Ne’Bae! B’Vena rushed towards it, not thinking about anything then saving her daughter, but she was not fast enough and was quickly punched to the floor. For some reason she could not stand up, it was as if the floor boards kept her down and she was forced to watch as the Hominshaped fire held her daughter tightly as it withdrew back into the fireplace returning to its original burning form, and all B’Vena could do was to scream. A scream no one would hear.

Suddenly the grasp of the floor let go and B’Vena was able to get back on her feet. Out! She had to get out of here and find help, quickly!
She rushed to the door, but it refused to unlock. A few steady kicks and the door soon fell off its old hinges and fell outwards onto the sand. She had to hurry, she had to find help quickly! B’Vena thought to herself as she exited through the door, but as soon as she put her foot on the outside the darkness from the hallway dashed out behind her, grabbing her and dragging her back inside, into the darkness. Her scream quickly fading.

The day after two travelers that were passing by Sandy Workshop found two scared mounts standing under some trees, but no owner nearby. They walked up to the mounts and grabbed their reins.

– Hey, have you seen this here before?
– No, not that I can remember. Thats somewhat odd.
– Yeah, I haven’t seen this door here before either. Anyhow, lets get these mounts back to Fairhaven, perhaps the stable boy knows the owner.
– Yeah, they look scared enough. Lets take them home.

One year later, Da’Erie was sitting in the bar in Fairhaven, looking down into a half full glass of Stinga rum when a stranger sat down next to him. He did not think much of it.

– I hear that you are looking for somewhere to live? The voice was soft, and one of a woman.
– Yes, that is true. I need a place for me and my family. He said and looked up at her.
– Family you say, well I know just the place, B’Vena said and smiled deviously..

This, dear Homins, is the tale of the dark house.