The tale of The fighter and the Cray

The tale of the fighter and the Cray.

Dear Homins, have you heard the tale of the fighter and the Cray ?

Once there was a man, one that had been part of the team to scout ot Fount, that
had noticed how Fount was rich in natural resources.
He took it upon himself to defend the Homins that had reached Fount to harvest
these mats. He was a man of sword and honour.

One day as he was patrolling along the wall where harvesters sat.
All of a sudden he heard a strange noise that he had not heard before. He
quickly ran around the corner of the mountain.
There he saw a Cray being attacked by a Ragus. As he saw that the Crays was to
loose this battle and that he knew that the Ragus had attacked not for its
survival but for only ill intent, he drew his sword and ran towards the Ragus.

As he hit it fierceful the Ragus made a small noise and then fell to the ground,
dead before landing.

“You are safe now my friend.” he said to the Cray. He noticed that the Cray had
recived a nasty scar on its left claw, it was bleeding..

The Cray lookes back at him for a little while and then bounced up and down a
fwe times before quickly leaving for its friends.

Days went by and the fighter did his duty as protector of The Fount.
He slayed those whom attacked harvesters and saw to the safety of everyone.
After a long hard day he lied down by the campfire to get some sleep. He stared
into the fire for a few minutes before he fell asleep.
Not noticing the Ragus that had been watching him with hungry eyes and now saw
the possibility to strike.

“eh, what?!” the fighter said as he wuickly woke up by a strange sound in the
night. He gripped his sword that lied by his side and tried to see what was
going on in the dark. Then he saw..

In front of him, just a few meters away from the campfire a Ragus was held back
by the attacks from a Cray. He had been saved from certain death by a Cray.
As the fighter he was he knew what to do, once more he striked against the
Ragus. This one was bigger than the usual Ragus, it dodged and withstood his
attacks longer. After many strikes with his sword and hits from the Crays

“My friend, I owe you my life as of this evening. For this I am thankful.” he
said to the Cray. And it was then he saw the scar on the Crays left claw. The
saviour had been saved by the one saved.

Since that day dear Homins there have been a bound between Homins and the crays.
One looking out for the other. That is why when you are close to a Cray they
often come up to you, looks at you for a time and then runs off.
This is the bound that was made that day, and still today Crays honour that

This dear Homins was the tale of the fighter and the Cray. bows