The tale of The invisible walls

The tale of the invisible walls.

Dear homins have you heard the tale about the invisible walls?

As you have journeyd through our lands you may have discovered strange walls that stopped you from running to certain places. These walls cannot be seen nor touched by us, yet they still stop us from reaching certain places. These walls have not been here since the beginning, they are made by a Homins hand.

This is the tale of how the walls were set on to this world.

In the early ages of the new beginning when Homins had moved from the darkness of the Prime Roots and started to build themselves new homes there was a young kid. He seemed to be no special but a young lively little boy that enjoyed to travel and explore the surroundings of his town of Fairhaven. You can then only imagine how he was overthrown in joy when he heard of a new town being built only a half days walk from Fairhaven. The name of the town to be was Avendale.
After some time had passed he gathered his things and set out for this new town. As he walked by the long beaches near Avendale he noticed some guards was defending the workers from some ill intended cloppers.

The boy was just a novice magician since he had merely started his training in the knowledge of magic. Despite this he set out to help the guards by giving them strength and agility to continue their fight. And so he did and soon the last clopper fell down. The guards looked at the young boy that stood there looking at them with large blue eyes and blond hair and they smiled at him. Seeing this he smiled back and laughed a bit, he then waved good bye and continued his trip to Avendale.

When he reached the town to be he found that it was well on the way of being complete yet still there were many things that needed to be done before Homins could start to live there. As time passed the young boy explored the surroundings and found some ways for the carriers to travel there with more ease and lesser danger. He also continued to help the guards to defend the town. He soon came to be known as the village protector, most as a joke since he was not strong as a mighty warrior, yet he was kind alnd helpful and always smiling. This was the hero he was.

One day he was on his way to a place that he was not done scouting out. As he walked throughout some small woods he stumbled upon a small group of cloppers, luckilly they did not notice him and he hid in some bushes and waited for them to get away. He did not notice the large clopper that was right upon him before it was too late. It attacked…

“Stop” The young boy screamed and closed his eyes when he saw the giant claw coming at him. Then there was silence..
After a few seconds the boy opened his eyes and looked, there he sat crawled together with his right hand’s palm facing the clopper and its claw. The clopper did not move it could not move closer to him, there was something in the way. Something that the boy could not see yet still it stopped the clopper from comming close and attack. After some time the clopper got tired and walked away realizing that it could not reach this prey. The boy still sat there with its hand up for protection. Thoughts rushed through his mind, what was this, did he do this ?

He tried to stand up and fell back, he was exhausted. He rested as much as he dared to before leaving for Avendale to tell about what happpened.
As he came back he saw that there was a large amount of cloppers trying to attack the village, too many for the guards to manage alone. Everyone that was fit and had knowledge was helping in the fight, yet they were outnumbered.

“get back young man, this fight is too dangerous for you.” a guard screamed to him as he ran closer to the battle.

“But I can help, i can..” he replied before he was interrupted by the guard.

“No you cant, not even your heal will be enough here, run and get reinforcements from Fairhaven, run no….” the guard scream before falling to the ground, his knee had been hit bad by a clopper.

“This ends here and now..” The boy screamed and then wonders began to happen..

The entire buidlings of Avendale started to shine, blue light emerged from the ground and met yellow light from the sky. Waves formed in the water and dust and sand met in a whirl around the young boy. He started to float in the air as he leaned his head backwards and closed his eyes. He knew what to do. He floated in the air and through his hands all the lights met and reflected back on the cloppers.
When the dust settled and the light weakened out all the guards were suprised. For what the boy had done was beyound their wildest imagination. There in front of them the cloppers stood, hitting in the air and not being able to move closer to the village. There was something stopping them , a wall, an invisible wall.
The guards attacked and soon the clopper fell one by one. They were safe again, all thanks to a little boy with big blue eyes and blond hair…

After a few years this young boy set out on a quest throughout the lands of Atys to find himself, to be the great wizard he was ment to be.
And still today when we run through the lands we stumble upon these invisible walls reminding us of how greatness not only lies withing strenght but also in our heart.

This dear Homins is the tale of the invisible walls of Atys.