The tale of the Kitin egg

The tale of the Kitin egg.

It was quite and sunny day on Atys, the Ybers were flying around slowly, Yubos
roamed nearby and the Messabs was lowing as in chorus.

Nidim was wandering about as she usually did when there were no learning time of
fighting training. She often strolled along the beaches and it was not unusual
for her to take longer trips away to see what was behind the next corner or
hill. For a girl at her age she was quite widely-travelled compared to her
friends. But there was always some place to go for her, with or without her
parents consent. But as she always had the good habit of returning home safely
they often had indulgence with her curiosity.

There was an area that was not far off from Windermeer where she lived, and
there had recently been a large battle there. She had thought of it for a day
since her father had come home and told the family all about the battle that had
taken place there. The battle itself was not so far away, Bounty Beached was the
place, and had thus been important for the safety of the nearby Homins.
It had been a smaller swarm of Kitins, Kinchers to be precise, that had reached
the lands and was probably scouting for new habitats. Yet they had been
discovered by scouting Homins that had reported back that a threat was nearby.

Nidim was curious about this battlefield. She had never seen one before and the
place was just at the outskirts of the areas she had explored. The thrill in
finding new frontiers had been too overwhelming and she had decided to travel to
this place to see the place of the battle and to expand her knowledge of the
Atysian lands. She had said good bye as usual but without letting them know that
she had packed a little heavier lunch on purpose and set off towards Sandy
Workshop to take the path that lead along the side, behind the waterfall, up to
the plateau where the giant best shape was standing. Being accustomed with the
route she was soon passing the beast shape and headed for the sea covered under
the roots where the portal was. She had found it some time back, but had not yet
passed through it and had a full time exploring the surroundings. But now she
was to pass through it and travel to Bounty Beaches where her next destination
was. Said and done she stepped through the portal being ready to throw herself
back through it if the other side proved to be too hostile for her. It was calm
and nice.

Musmere Workshop was were she was headed, according to her father this is where
they had fought the days before and it had to be there she could find the
remains. To get there was not as easy as walking, some foul animals did roam
nearby but she was , for her age, well traveled and skilled in avoiding them.
Seems as the sneaking she did on the Messabs and Ybers payed off as she was
almost unable to he heard as she snuck past some Raguses and Torbaks. They did
not make a hint of knowing that she was so close by, and the wind was also on
her side carrying her scent away from them. Finally she reached what she aimed
for, she stood at the workshop looking at the devastation and could only begin
to imagine the mayhem that had taken place here.

She rummaged through the piles of things that were spread out as they had
struggled. The Homins that had fallen had been taken care of and moved to the
healers quarters where they were tended for. Yet the bodies of the fallen
Kinchers had been left where they fell and only the usable items had been
brought back to the town crafters. But still the area thrilled her and told its
own tale for her as she walked there. Suddenly she hit something with her foot
and looked down. It was a strangely shaped object, it seemed so fragile, yet
still durable to withstand most things. But what was it ?.

She decided that it would make a fine item to bring back home as memory and to
investigate. So she placed it in her pack and headed back home, there was no
need to spend time in such hostile place for now. The way back was as easy as it
was for her to get there, wind was on her side and the Torbaks and Raguses was
still unknowing that she was sneaking by not far off them.

As she reached the tunnel to the portal something touched her side, quickly she
turned around to see what it was. She was most certain that nothing had noticed
her and that she was not followed, but still there was nothing there. Then it
touched her again, and nothing was there. Then she understood that it was her
pack that had done it and she quickly threw it off her and stepped away from it.
Her pack was lying on the ground, and suddenly it started moving again, this
time it did not stop moving and as she looked at it she noticed that whatever it
was it was slowly crawling out of the bag. She readied herself with her dagger
and was prepared to either defend herself or to dash away from there towards the
portal. As it came closer to the opening the sweat began to crawl from her
forehead down on her face and fall off from her chin. What was it ?

As it found the opening of her pack she gave it a good look. It was hard to
describe, it did almost look like a clopper, it had almost the kind of legs. But
no claws or color that resembled a clopper. It was brownish and had something
looking like a neck where its head was and from the head there was two small
arms or such alike. As it reached the light of the sun it gave of a silent
whispering whistling sound and it was as if the strong light blinded it. She
made a short whistle to see if she could catch its attention. It turned in the
direction from where it had heard the whistle, if it was a natural reaction of
it it was just moving towards where there was activity she did not know, still
she continued. And soon they had approached each other to where they could
touch. She sat down on her knees as the creature came closer. She still didn’t
know if it could see her or if it felt her scent or followed some other way then
the sound to find her. As it came close it bumped into her knees it made a small
halt, then it almost looked up at her face and quickly climbed up in her knee.
It just sat there as it was looking around and she was so amazed that it had
done what it did that she just sat there looking at it. All her fright for it
was as blown away. She slowly reached for her pocket where she had some food and
then extended it to the little thing in her knee. After a little while, it was
very reserved about what she had given to it, but after a moment it began
chewing on it and ate more and more. Once it had begun to eat it did not take
long until it had eaten whole her lunch.
And the day had slowly turned into afternoon and she had to return soon as there
were chores that needed her attention. She gently placed the little creature on
the ground and it ran away.

She had marked where she had been in her mind and decided that she should return
the coming days to further explore the surroundings near the portal as it was a
safe place to be. So she returned home. The coming weeks she returned to the
portal almost every day and she soon got to know to bring extra food for almost
every day the little creature returned to her to eat and as it had grown a bit
it started to play with her a little. As if it was testing what it was capable
of doing. It was fun, she enjoyed the company of the little thing as it followed
her around and sometimes started to play with her when it felt bored.

So it went on for a few months. The creature grew with an amazing speed. And
soon it was about half her height, if not bigger. As it grew it also got
stronger and stronger and soon it was almost to tough when it was playing with
her, yet as if it understood its own strength she got the notion that it was
holding back.

Months passed and as they did she saw less and less of her little friend. Yet
still she grew more confident and was taken by her travels she though of it
less. Still it was a bit lonely sometimes not having it there to disturb her.

A years time had passed now and she had grown bigger and more secure of herself
and with this been allowed to make longer treks. She often spend her time in
Bounty Beaches for its surroundings. But she was still not really allowed to be
there by her parents and she had often told them that she was sitting under the
beast shape. One day she was strolling around and found an interesting stone and
she sat down to look at it. Experience brings many things, and one bad treat is
the false safety, and this she had this day as she had not been as careful as
usual. And the wind had carried her scent in the direction of some Torbak’s.
They had snuck up behind her as she was sitting and looking at the stone and
soon they found themselves close enough to attack.
She was quite skilled in combat, this from hard practicing, but some times it
does not matter how well you fight when you are outnumbered. And this was such
time. She dodged and evaded as much as she could but as she turned in attempt to
run away a bite took the strength from one of her legs and she fell. Sitting
down she wielded her knife as her best to get them to move away. It was
fruitless and soon the thought of a horrific death reached her mind. The last
thing she saw was a Torbak jumping at her and then all became black.

Moments later she heard a soft whistling sound as she opened her eyes. Was she
still alive ? And from where did that sound come ?. She looked around her, there
were two Torbak’s lying aside her, both whoms life was claimed by someone. She
sat up and by doing so she noticed something was behind her and she turned
around. There stood what she had learned was a Kincher, such one that her father
had fought against over a year ago. His words of its foulness and evil and she
thought that had she survived just to fall in such death ? It just stood there
looking at her before it walked towards her. She was stiff of fear and dared not
to move as it approached her.
When it was by her side it stopped and slowly leaned towards her leg, did it
smell the scent of her blood ? Then it started to push her on her pack. It then
became apparent to her, this giant beast in front of her was the little creature
that had followed her so much a year ago as they had become friends. And now it
had not only came to her again but it had also spared her life from an ill faith
the Torbak’s could have brought her. She smiled and petted it on its head as
she, with some struggle and pain, got her lunchpack and handed half of it to the

After it had grabbed the food and gladly chewed it she felt that the place was
not safe, whom knows where the wind might have brought in her direction. She
tried to stand up up it was hard, the leg burned in pain and she could not use
it to walk. Even now it was a great friendship as the Kincher stepped up by her
side and let her lean on it, a year ago it had proved its strength as it had
pushed her from behind ending up carrying her around a bit before she had fell
of laughing, and now let her find support by its presence. After some struggle
she found herself leaning towards the wall and the Kincher stood there looking
at her, then looking around.

Time went by, she became weaker as the blood poured slowly from her leg. She had
placed a bandage on it the best she could but had not stopped the blood
completely. She thought that it would be a slow sleep. Voices ? Where and whoms

“There, watch for that foul Kincher, slay it if need be, chase it off !” A male
voice said not far off. She opened her eyes and to her joy she saw that some
Homins came traveling along the wall. She was saved. Yet there was something
that was needed to be done and she looked at the Kincher and said : “Thank you
my friend, I will be fine now. Please hurry away for they do not know you as I

The Kincher made a silent whistling sound before it moved off towards the middle
plains and the Homins. They found her quite in time and was able to tend her
wounds a little better so that she would manage to follow them home. She had
much to explain but that was not important now.
Just before they reached the tunnel to the portal she stopped and looked behind
her. There in the distant was a shape of a Kincher. And as she smiled at it and
waved it leaned its head back and bellowed a loud roar.

Many did not believe her when she told what had happened, other saw this as a
good tale to tell the children. Still it was then later said due to this :
“Friends, no matter what they are, never forgets about each other.”