The tale of the little brave

The tale of the little brave.

The sun was strong in Matis that day, its beams fell down onto the ground
warming it. The wind was fresh and traveled long distances across the lands. The
trees and forest were gently making squirking noises. There on the ground,
leaned against a tree he sat, Baom Niccih the known messenger. Blood was running
down from his forehead over his left eye, down on the cheek and slowly dripping
onto his armor. His body was covered in wounds from a battle that had taken
place not far ago and as proof of this there was a Gingo lying on the ground not
far off.
But as a messenger he had not worn the best clothes when it comes to protection,
a messenger values speed in front of protection. And since messengers often knew
of the smaller, more safe routes they were not in need of such armors.
But since the news of the advancements of Kitins all over Atys not only Homins
had been affected but also the animals. Many had moved to other places whom were
both safer and had food.
A wrongly planted seed could brake the pot, was a common saying in Matis and it
seems as this seed was the Kitins as they stirred the lands. As animals moved
those that lived on them followed.
And this had its effect on where the safe routes now were.

Baom had been quite unlucky and had traveled a path that was known to be safe,
but he had not heard of the changes as he had been traveling far across Atys. He
had been surprised by two Gingos who had attacked him. He had used the only
weapon at hand, his dagger, and fought at his best. The first one fell rather
quickly but while doing the other one had taken a harsh bite in his side.
Hindered greatly by this wound the second Gingo was now a mortal adversary. As
the Gingo jumped towards him he lifted his left arm and it got caught between
the Gingos teeth’s. As Baom let out a scream of pain he drew his dagger deeply
into the throat of the Gingo who instantly let go of his arm and staggered off a
few meters before falling dead onto the ground. Baom had stood for a second
looking at the scene in front of him, then he had fallen himself. He had managed
to crawl to a tree nearby and he now sat there breathing slowly as he felt that
life slowly ran out.

Suddenly the blurred vision he had turned into blackness as he fainted from the
loss off all blood.
Not far off some Yubos held their grounds, it was those that the Gingos had
followed from the start, before attacking Baom. They had heard the scream he had
made when he was bitten and one of them had gone to that direction to see what
it was. When it arrived the Gingos were already dead and it noticed that
something sat against a tree, but it moved so the Yubo stopped. It just fell
into a pile on the ground next to the tree. What was this thing ? The Yubo
slowly walked forward and caught a scent it knew, it was not something dangerous
at all. It smelled like those things that runs through nearby, those that lived
in that strange herd that looked like trees, but some were so big that they
could even enter them. The Yubo remembered that some of them were very nice and
brought them something to eat now and then when they were outside that place,
perhaps this one too would give some food.

Slowly it walked up to it and looking at it carefully, it hardly moved at all,
just some slow movements up and down and the Yubo noticed it as breathing.
Perhaps it was sleepy ?
It got closer and closer and soon it stood near it, looking at it sniffing. It
smelled different from how they usually smelled, was there something wrong ? And
why was this thing so soaked ? But it was not water was it ?. The Yubo got very
curious and now stood next to it, looking and sniffing.
IT recalled the scent somehow, it had smelled it before.
There was something sticking up from the pocket , perhaps it was something it
could eat ?

He slowly opened his eyes and saw a blurry shape standing in front of his eyes.
His great loss of blood played tricks on his mind as his vision changed. Was it
Stabbra that stood there in front of him ? Stabbra his tame pet Messab, the one
that loved to play fetch with him ?
The message, is it still safe ? He reached down to his pocket and noticed how
the blurry shape moved a little, it could be Stabbra.
“fe…fetch…” He said as he took the message tube from his pocket and tossed
towards the shape. It took the breath out of him and he fained again.

What was this ? Was it food that suddenly was thrown in front of the Yubo ? It
slowly walked towards the things lying on the ground. It sat down and sniffed
it, then gently tried to chew it. It was not tasty and not edible at all. But
why had it tossed it to him then ? And that scent, where from did he remember

Then he realized from where it came and where its memory was; for some time ago
outside that place he had seen one of these being chased by a Gingo and was
bitten by it, it had screamed and covered the wound as those that always stood
near the entrance had rushed to defend it and to care for the one that had
screamed. Was this.. something they needed to be able to walk ?
A sudden flash hit the Yubo; It was in danger!
He walked to it and tried to grab its hand and pull it away but it was all so
heavy that he could not move it an inch. But somehow his senses told him that it
was in danger, that it would fall asleep and not wake up again, just like his
mother had done. He didn’t want that to happen, there must be a way. He looked
around, not really understanding much but somehow it felt like he had to do

The food, or the not eatable food caught his eyes. Was it something important ?
The Yubo grabbed the thing and started to run towards where they lived, to that
big place a bit away. Perhaps he could get some food if he gave this to those,
and perhaps the one lying over there would give him food too. Perhaps if he gave
this to them. Perhaps that Gingo over there should not have spotted him coming
there running. And perhaps if it did not stand in front of him blocking the way.

It is said that a Yubo is not much of an opponent, but who have said that
greatness comes with size, for even a small one can hold such great courage. Now
imagine the face and thoughts the Gingo must have had when it saw this little
Yubo coming running towards it practically offering itself.
Then imagine the shock when the little Yubo just continues to run through the
legs under the Gingo and just continues afterwards. This had never happened
before. They Gingo sat after the little Yubo.

He just kept on running, he was small and fast and running was something he was
good at. The Gingo kept up a good pace too, sometimes it came a little closer,
but then the Yubo gathered more energy and ran. Why did he do all this ? He
didn’t know but it could bring some food and food was something that both he and
his friends could use. If they didn’t eat they would surely fall for the nearest
Gingo. As those had taken care of that one that had screamed outside that place,
he now had to take care for them. And hopefully this was a way of doing it.

“Hey, look over there, a Gingo coming rushing this way, is it mad ? There is no
Homin that it is hunting.” A guardian said pointing at the Gingo not far off.

“Well, even not it is a danger and we must safe keep the town. Attack it” The
other guard said and moved forward.

“yeh, will do… hey what was that?” The other guard said as something swiftly
and fast passed by him.

The Gingo fell after a few attacks and the guards resumed their position. The
Yubo had run almost to the stable before noticing that the Gingo was no longer
chasing him. He stood there looking at all the ones standing around him, trying
to squeak a little and waving his tail to get some attention. But they just
looked at him and smiled. No one wondered what it was that he had in his mouth.
He ran to the ones just outside, perhaps they would see him since they had seen
the Gingo.
He dropped the message tube on the ground and sounded off a “yiesch”

One of them looked down at the little Yubo who stood there looking back up. Then
he saw the tube lying near the Yubo and noticed that it had the Royal Sign on
it. He quickly picked it up and headed for the office to report his findings.

But no one payed any attention to the little Yubo that had risked its life to
deliver the tube, without really knowing what it was. He just stood there waving
his tail looking at the other guard. Still nothing. How could he get their
attention ? No “yeisch” seemed to work, nothing. As a last resort the Yubo
lifted his leg.

“Hey , you little rascal, what are you doing… aaww, I polished this armor this
morning. I’m going to get you for this!” The guard shouted out as he noticed
what the Yubo had done and started chasing after it. Well that seemed to have
worked and the Yubo started running towards where he had gotten the strange
thing he had carried with him. Food, perhaps food soon.

Suddenly the Yubo stopped and turned around looking at the guard that was still
chasing him. He came closer and closer and soon he stood almost in front of him.
The guard was looking down at him.

“Sooo… You know what you did ? It took me over an hour this morning to polish
it this blank and now you ruined it.” The guard still stared at the Yubo.
Suddenly the Yubo stood up on its rear legs making the guard look up a little.
It was then he noticed something lying on the ground a bit ahead. There was a
Homin lying there, it was Baom !

A day later Baom woke up in the healing center of Yrkanis. Beside him sat a
healer, a Zorai lady and as she noticed him waking up she said to him with a
gentle voice : “Please rest, you have lost much blood and your wounds have just
started to heal.”

“I … I was sa…saved? But who ?” Baom asked with a lowered voice. “The
message.. where is it…”

“It has been delivered, you have fulfilled your duty, now please rest.” She
answered him.

“But who… whom saved me…?” He asked with a painful breath.

“He did.” She said with a smiling voice.

Baom looked at the part of the bed where she pointed, but there was nothing
there. Nothing at all. He made a confused face wondering what she was referring
Then suddenly a “yiesch” was heard and two small pawn reached the bed and up
came the head of a Yubo looking at him with its ears pointing straight up and
its tounge hanging out from its mouth as it was standing on the floor waving its
tail happily.