The tale of The living sword ( Merger Event )

Dear Homins, have you heard the tale of the living sword ?
As we all know, the swarming came upon our dear lands and Homins had to flee for
the sake of their own life
Many lives were taken by the suprising attack of the foul kitins
Many men, women, boy and girls was lost in the chaos that began. Many lives
thrown away
For those who managed to get away safetly a time of darkness began. Now
knowing where to go nor what faith held in hand for them they tried to make
the best of what they had
There is a saying that tells : War forms a Fighter, Love forges a Hero.
Many brave men carries these titles for their action and their feeling.
For they have fought brave and valiant in battles for the love for their
Homins and their safety
This is a tale of a man, that is well known in our chronicles indeed.
A man with a heart for all and the strength for any battle. This man was
Bremmen Dingle.
In our books of history many young Trykers have read about this man and his
ventures. For he was great indeed.
He even took Still Wyler under his wings of protection.
It is said that a warrior is no better that the sword he wields. And Bremmen
was a great warrior and held a marvelous sword.
For he had wielded in such honour, love and devotion that it had become an
extension of himself it was said. The swords was living, waving, following his
wish in battle.
After many years in fierce battles to defend Atys Bremmen thought about his
sword and the greatness it held. He developed a teqnique how to create such a
This he only tought out to a few fellow Homins he trusted. For he was wise in
that decision.
For his swords could not become alive by pure crafting itself. The was more
needed than materials and forage.
With each craft Bremmen said : “Swords are made for battle but not to kill.
They are made to defend what lies beloved in the heart of the Homin that wields
it. When the sword feels the honour and pure will of the wielder, then it shall
start to live”
As you can see, this was why he gave the knowledge to a few.
Since then this learning has been pasted down generation by generation.
In battles this has been an aid to all that fights.
Today we use this knowledge to make our hearts stronger and spirits wiser.
As Bremmen said : “This is no ordinay sword, it is a spirtual sword, a living
sword with the spirit of fight and strength of love”
This is the Tale of the Living Sword dear Homins. Remember this when you see a
fighter that holds one. He holds not only hope for tomorrow but memories of the