The tale of The magical lake

Homins, have you noticed that the lake here in Fount sometimes seems to be gone,
yet still is there?

Shall I tell you the tale of the mystical lake?
It all begins at a time that was close to when our ancestors started to move up
from the Roots.
At that time, Kitins still roamed these lands as they wished. The put fear and
danger to all Homins despite their efforts.
At this time our ancestors sought out to once more reclaim the sufrace of Atys.
They wanted to go back again for the Roots was not the place for them
Still the Kitins was fierce and would not let go of the claim they had made.
As we know, when Homins made their mind up and theirheart works together, there
is little that can stop them.
They organized exploration patrols to search through the lands for safe spots
for our ancestors to rebuild their lost lifes.
They were also to spot out the foul Kitins so that they could be defeated.
One day a patrol lead of from the Roots to discover the secrets of this very
place, The Fount.
They worked hard and traveled from the place where Fairhaven now stands, towards
the place we know as Resting Waters.
They had made this journey one time before, when they found of Resting Waters,
yet the enemies was then overmighty for them. So they choosed to regroup and
come back with a greater strength to fight.
As they slayed the last kitin on the beach and was about to move out again one
of the members shouted : “There is cave here, I have not seen it before”. And
neither had anyone else in the team.
And since their mission was to explore the unknown of Resting Waters, they took
the oppotunity at hand.
As they all stepped into the cave, there as a big light that came out and
grabbed them.
And as they opened their eyes again, what they saw was not Resting Waters, there
was a cave, but it did not lead to water, it ended in sand.
“Where are we?” they asked themselves.
“There is no point in thinking when we can explore, do not forget our mission
Homins” an officer said with a firm voice.
And so they did, slowly the moved outside the cave and looking around, it seemed
to be fine and calm.
Strengthen by this they moved further and further into Fount.
As they scouted and drew maps quickly, something happened. The were not aware of
this until it was upon them. They had no chance
“Homins, run for you lives, seek a safe place” a member screamed, and then let
off an shout of agony as he fell to the ground bleeding. It was Kinchers, and
many of them…
The team got shattered, some fled here, and some fled otherways. “Hold together”
the offcer screamed, but no one heard. it was chaos and mayhem..
As it turned out, some Homins lost their lifes that day, indeed the winds of
Fount still whipsers their names in honour. Other found some safe places to rest
and care for their wounds. but they were all shattered and hence weakened.
Some of them found their way to the very spot where I sit now. Here they rested
for a while.
As of the suprise they were not prepared for what to come. this they had not
forseen.. after two days.. their watersupplies were out.. and thirst started to
get its firm grip on their throats and minds..
“Water, we need water. they are not themselves anymore.. ”
As these words ran throught the team some of the more agile memebers started to
look around to see if there was some water around.
One could only imagine the pure joy in their hearts and minds as they saw the
lake not so far away.
And no one could imagine the disappointment when they tasted it, for it was
defouled by the Kitins.. it tasted bitter and of war.
Struck down by this even the strongest onces returned to the remaining group to
let them know of the water that was not drinkable.
This brought them all down even further, now the chance of survival was beyound
them. they were lost
That night they fell into a restless slumber knowing that they might not wake up
again for they had no strength left.
Yet one member had a hard time sleeping, he tossed forwards and backwards on
When he knew that this night held no sleep for him he decided that if this was
to be his grave at least he had to see some of its beauty before he is gone.
When he walked a few steps he could not belive his eye, the lake, there was
something over the lake.
“Wake up, wake up there is something going on at the lake” he screamed without
knowing his words.
As the others woke up they too saw something over the lake. something strange,
something beautiful. They started to walk towards it, a walk that turned into a
A few minutes later, they were all standing a few meter away from the lake.
Staring at it with eyes as wide as ever.
The lake itself was glowing, shining as never seen before. its blue pure color
shine through right into their eyes.
And over it was cascades of colors, bows of mighty lights. sparkles arised from
the ground and slowly fell into the lake.
After a time it all faded away and the lake looked as it had done before. But
what was this light ? what had they just seen here ?
As these questions came into their minds one member putted his injuried foot
into the water just to flush his wound.
And to his great suprise, the wound healed in a matter of seconds and his leg
became as strong as in his youth.
It was then he tried to drink from the lake. As the first sips reached his
throat he felt a shiver running through his body. hel felt how he was full of
energy again. he felt whole again.
“Homins, dear Homins, the water is not foul anymore. It is pure, strong and full
of the spirit of Atys” he said. And as the others heard his words they all too
the lake to their lips.
As all once more regained their lost strenght they notices something on the
other side of the lake. something was running, screaming and waving towards
Can you imagine when you are lost in a new world that you know very little of.
how frightening it is to be there alone and defenceless. Then you can imaginge
the joy when you see a fellow face and hears a well known voice.
As they came closer they saw that it was their friends that was shattered from
the fierce fight when the Kitins approached.
The team was once more assembled and with regained strenght.
They all filled up their supplies with the magical water and started to travel
back to report of the mysteries they had seen.
And ever since that strange but magical evening the lake in Fount has been of
clearest of waters and always fresh for thirsty throats.

And as you may have seen, it sometimes seems as the lake itself is gone, yet
when you stumble into is, you float. It is the pureness of it that , displayed
in the right light, makes the lake look as it is gone. It is once of the things
yet to be explaine
Ever since that night, Homins have been able to revoke thirst from their bodies
and freshened their minds with the water of the lake.
And the name you may wonder, Fount. It was a name given by the patrollers of the
team. Fount as in Fountain of lights. This is the tale of the magical lake.