The tale of the Mekotub Mount

The tale of the Mekotub Mount.

Dear Homins, have you heard the tale of the Mekotub Mount ?

In Zorai, the land of the Zorais there was a man that in the early days set out
to bring back new kinds of materials that have not been used in their craft
before. For it was not usual for Homins back then to craft of other lands
So he choose to set out on a journey to bring back as much materials as he
possibly could carry so that they could start to learn how to craft and handle
other kinds of materials.

He had heard rumours of a path that was safer then the ordinary ones that the
scouts travelled. He thought that now was a perfect time to test it out. So he
gathered the few things he needed, for his bag was to be filled with materials ,
not equipment. Of course he packed a few extra things, that could be left behind
when he was to set back home again. Now all that was left was to take the first
step on his journey, so he said goodbye to his family and then turned around and
started his long walk.
He walked through the jungles that he knew so well from his earlier journeys and
then headed east. After a few days he reached what was his first goal on the
travel, the entrance to the lands below. He walked through the portal that took
him to the dark place where they onced lived and where there now was very few
Homins that dared to walk. He knew that in these parts of Atys there were lot of
dangerous fauna to beware of, he had heard the tales and the rumours from the

As he reached the point where he decided to dig he unpacked all his things that
he did not need. Then he closed his eyes and imagined inside where to find the
materials, as he opened his eyes again he knew where to dig. He kneed and
started to dig, deeper and deeper until he felt that he hit something hard there
in the ground. As he lifted it to the surface with his hands he saw at once that
these was not ordinary materials; they were something special, supreme. He was
overjoyed over his discovery that he instantly threw himself over the next
source, this would keep the craftsmen in town busy for some time indeed.

As he , after a little while already, had gathered quite the pile of materials,
he gladly began to dig on another spot, he was so in it that he did not notice
the shadow that came towards him from behind. He did not see or hear it until he
felt something on his right shoulder.

“Gnooorff” It said as it touched the shoulder.

“What the..” he said as he turned around to see what it was that had lurked up
behind him.

He did not belive his eyes, this was something he had only heard of before,
never thought that he would see with his own eyes. There in front of him , with
big curious eyes, stood a white Mekotub staring at him. He started to laugh, for
his heart had jumped not once, but twice since he was so taken by his harvesting
that it had been scared quite a lot of this sudden meeting. He took a small
piece of the food that he had brought with him and extended his hand. The
Mekotub just stared at him for a while, then it took a step forward.

“Ghrooff” It said as it reached out with its trunk and grabbed the food in his
hand. It held it close to its mouth, then started to chew it faster and faster.
After it had swallowed it all it looked at him again and cleared its trunk.
Then it tried to reach out for his bag and lifted it a bit from the ground.

“hey hey, no no, that is my bag my friend, I need that one” The harvester said
while looking at the Mekotub a bit suprised over that it had found out the
source of his food so quickly.

The Mekotub looked at him and then dropped the bag on the ground, as if it had
heard his words and understood them.

“That is a good boy, here have a small reward” He said as he gave the Mekotub
the last of the food he had for the day.

It was late that day and he was tired from all the digging and he realized that
he might have harvested a bit over his capability to carry. So he packed all the
materials in his bag, leaving all the unecessary things behind as a marker for
his spot. Indeed it was heavy and he could now feel the reward for his hard
work. With slow steps he started to move towards the portal, he noticed that a
patrol of Kitins ( he had heard of them from the scouts ) was apporaching, so it
was really time to move along now. He tried to run as fast as he could as silent
as he could to avoid not to be seen. It was heavy for him, and it wore him out
quicker than he thought. As he reached the last part before he could see the
portal a small Kincher caught his smell and started chasing after him. He
managed to use all of his last powers and ran as fast as he could away from the
Kincher and luckilly he managed to outrun it as it turned away in lost interest
for him.

When he reached the tunnel to the portal he fell in a pile, he was so tired he
had run so much that his body now said its part that it needed rest no matter
his objections. He knew that if he fell asleep outside the opening he would be
an easy target for the patrolling Kinchers. But he had no strength left, he
closed his eyes and the last thing he remember before blacking out was that
something lifted him in his backpack and dragged him away..

A few hours later he woke up, he heard a familiar humming not far away. It was
the sound of the portal, but how ? He sat up and cleared his eyes and looked
around. He saw nothing, nothing except a white Mekotub that stood there looking
at him and clearing its trunk.

“Gnoorff” it said..

“Thank you..” he said while looking at the mekotub. And dug up a large sandwich
and gave it to the Mekotub. “I must leave now, but I will always remember this
my friend, you saved me and I am in debt to you for this”.

He then bowed to the Mekotub and entered the portal. As he came through he felt
that his legs was still not strong enough to embark on the travel back home so
he sat down by the wall and rested for now he was on safer grounds. After a few
minutes he woke up from a noise not far away.


“But… what… how? How can this be, you are not supposed to be able to travel
through Portals?!” He was greatly suprised by this. It stood there looking at
him, then it reached his bag and lifted it up again, it seemed as it had little
trouble elevating it. “I am sorry, I have little food left, enough to take me
home, I can spare no more”.

Once more the Mekotub lifted the bag and looked at him. He got an idea when he
saw it, or rather it was like the Mekotub told him to. He took a rope and tied
it to the bag, then he hung it across the back of the Mekotub, and supringly it
did not object to this but rather the opposite.

“My friend, are you sure that you will follow me to my home, it is far away from
your home.” He said.

“Gnooorfff” the Mekotub said and grabbed him around his waist, lifting even him
with little effort. It lifted him so high that he fell over the back of the
Mekotub and while he lied there it started to run. It carried both him and his
bag with no problems. Imagine the looks of his friends when he entered the gates
of his town riding on a white Mekotub. The harvester was so thankful for his new
friend that he named it Maahuunt, it is from there the naming Mekotub Mount
comes from, to hounour this new friendship.

Since these happenings, since the day when the white Mekotub helped the
harvester, Homins have found a way to care for Mekotubs and in return get aid
from them. And why they could travel through portals is still a mystery today,
yet it is not one that troubles the minds of Homins nor Mekotubs.

This is the tale of the Mekotub mount.