The tale of The Shalah


Oh so the new day has come has it. Well time to get up then, soon.
It feels so good to lie here on the ground sleeping until the morning sun comes walking over the ground. I’ll just be here for a little more.
Ahh there it comes, the line that makes it warmer and brighter as it sweeps over the ground. Ah it is so fine…. Ouch! my eyes, yes it was very bright today.
If only I could rub my eyes. Well I might just as well get up and get something to drink, im thirsty.

Mmmm that felt good to stretch out a bit. Heh my leg sleeps, did I sleep on it last night again. Oh hehe it tickles when i walk, hehehe.
Hmm I better should stay close to that wall, even if it has been more calm around here lately there is still some of those Zerx’es running around trying to get a bite of me or my friends. I must be careful.
Not far away from the lake, great Im getting really thirsty now.
Oups, a Zerx over there, I better walk silent so he do not see me, oh he walked off good. Mmm water.

Aahh that was a good zip , really refreshing. I think I’ll have some more before I get back. I wonder what will happen today.
There’s is that Zerx again, why is it running around here now ? They have moved out from here a long time ago. Shoo Shoo Zerx. There he goes off again, now I’ll get back to my friends and see what happens today. There was not much happening here it seems. But it is quite early in the morning, the sun is still strong.

Hmm I wonder if those big white things over there at the glowing thing in the ground will push me away today too. Ill go and see.
Hello, can I stand over he… hey ! Dont push me off, it tickles. Do your best you cant push me away anyhow I am bigger thank you hihi. Oh so you asked your friends too, ok ok I’ll go away, just teasing you a bit.

Whoops, what was that ? Oh one of those green things again. Sorry didnt see you there little fella. Oohh, for being so small you do sound quite a lot, and how do you hold your big flat head up straight with that puny little neck ? And your legs, how can you control them all? Oh well, Im sorry for bumping into you.


Oh, Im hungry too. I’ll better find something to eat and soon. Perhaps over there at the wall by those things that sticks up in the ground. There is often some yummy things in the ground there. Mmm, not the best I have tasted but not the worst either. I guess I’ll just have to spend some time to find myself some food. I got plenty of time.

Oh hey, now there is one of those small things that keeps beating on the ground, that means that the ground is softer there and I can easier find food.
Oohh, yes it was really yummy things here. And great that it was already brought up by that little one there. Oh hello my friends, you found the yummies in the ground here too. Lets eat until its all out, im so hungry. Dont mind the small one, he wont hurt us.

“mfms mfupid msfsalah”

Eh what, what was that ? What was that sound ?

“Get out of the way, you are in my source stupid Shalah”..