The tale of The silent rain in Fyros

The tale of the Silent Rain.

Dear Homins have you heard the tale of the silent rain in Fyros ?

From time to time when you are in Fyros you can hear the sounds of rain falling down, yet you cannot feel the rain on your skin or see it on the ground. This seems as a strange thing to most Homins. Atys holds many mysteries and secrets in its cradle and this is one of them.

Back in the early days after the great swarming had taken its place Homins started to move out from the safe haven of Prime Roots for this was not the place for them to be in. They spread all over Atys and each one took its own land to their heart. Those that claimed the desert as their home was the Fyros, a proud race of fighters indeed. When they sought out a place to build the city they had much help from their surroundings. When it was finally decided where their city of might should stand they started their long work to build what to be the center of life in Fyros.

The desert is a hard place to live on, always warm and hot, no life can live there. But the Fyros proved that to be wrong, their decision to live there was mightier than any obstacle to be found in the desert.

One day one of the carriers of materials got off track and wandered lost in the desert. His name was Bim Khogam. He had been hunted by some Kitins when he was carrying his load to the city to be. He had run away from then but instead of escaping a quick death he had run into a slow an painful one instead. Or so he thought.
As the sun was hotter for every moment that passed by and his feets felt heavier and heavier for each step he finally fell to the ground. as he lied there breathing heavilly the air that felt like fire in his lungs he looked up into the sky and said “This is no end for this, we have proven that we can live in the desert. We shall be at your help whenever you need and we shall care for you, but you need to care for us to” and then he fell asleep from the tiredness of his effort. The last thing he thought was that it all was over now.

When he finally came back to his senses he felt cool and relaxed. Before opening his eyes he listened and heard the sounds of raindrops falling down. But when he opened his eyes he did not see any rain at all, he jut heard it. Then he noticed how his skin felt like it was hit by many small things and he touched it. It was moist and not dry as it was before.
He stood up and leaned his head backwards and said “Thank you” towards the sky with a smile.

As of today no one really knows why this rain that cannot be seen yet heard and felt falls in Fyros. Some say that it is rain made of the water from the magical lake in Fount others say that it magic done by Homins.
One thing is sure though, it is the Tears of Atys that falls down to care for all Homins.

This is the take of the silent rain.