The tale of The travel of Silverfox

The travel of Silverfox.

“No you cant, and that is final” He said with a voice of command.

“But why, it is only a small trip and I have been around there before”
Silverfox pleaded.

“In a group yes, a team that watched over eachother, not alone” He said and she
could detect some small irritation in his voice.

With a bang she left the buidling and walked in a rushed pace.
“What does he know that old geezer” She thought to herself as she continued to
walk. “In a team yes, but still I know that I can make it myself. I want to see
what is behind that spot.” She said silently.

She walked on a bit while the thoughts of his rejection still in her mind. She
just walked without noticing whereto. After a time she sat down by a tree and
leaned back.

“Why cant I go, I am strong enough to make it. So why wont he let me go. At
least he would know where I was heading, he couldnt come screaming afterwards
about it.” She thought to herself. Yet still that place still nagged in her mind,
she wanted to know what was in there, what lied beyound the opening that she had
noticed last time she was there.

“Come on Silverfox, heal” Gim said.

“I am healing, i am. Youre just getting hit too fast” She said laughing.

Gim wielded his sword against the Gingo that attacked him and SilverFox casted
spells to strenghten him. After a few minutes the Gingo gave out a small short
cry and fell to the ground.

“Well done Silver” Gim said and she could notice that he was satisifed.

“We must move on now, we have a message to deliver in time. we cant waste
anymore time.” Gim said. He was the leader of the team. They were sent out
to deliver a message to an outpost a few miles away from the village. It was
quite an easy task, they had done it many times before so it was nothing special.
Only this time they had taken a different route to the village.

“What is that? I havent seen that opening before” Silverfox said askingly.

“There is no time Silver, argh add. Attack!” Gim said.

“Im late!” Silverfox said as she woke up from the dream. She stood up and ran
towards her home. She had fallen asleep at the tree and totally forgotten about
a meeting.

“So you pleases to show up now Silverfox. We have already begun the meeting.”
Gim said with a small smile. This was not the first time that She had missed
a meeting. “You were daydreaming again werent you Silver”

“Ehm, well yes I was.” She replied. she sat down by the end of the table to
hear the briefing. This time it was to deliver some small supplies to the
village she had just dreamt about.

“We are on it” Gim said as he stood up and left the room.

“Gim” Silverfox said. “Could we take the same route as we did when we found
that strange opening in the wall?”

“Why, was that what you dreamt of? Well I suppose we could do it on the way
back. but for now it is important to deliver these supplies” Gim said.

This was a satisfying answer so Silverfox went to prepare her for the trip.
She had worn out her old amps so she went to the weaponmaster to get some new
ones. This time she did not held back as she got the finest amps she could find
in the shop. She was ready for another adventure and perhaps even more.

And so they gathered up at the gate as usual. Gim stood there with his sword
ready as always wearing his heavy armour. Sometimes she wondered if he ever took
it off. Besides him stood Niik the trustful caster of the team. He was tall and
thin yet strong when needed. He was a good man and a fine friend.

“Fisch is late as usual” Gim said when she reached them. “He will be here soon”

“Hey sorry guys,im late again.” They heard Fisch shout a few meters away. Fisch
was the affliction caster of the team, specialized in helping the team win the
fights. And it seems as he also had an afflection for being late Silverfox
thought to herself.

“Ok, lets go and get this done quickly. I promised Silver that we shold pass
something she saw last time if we could.” Gim proclaimed and started to walk.

Nothing unusual happened while they walked. A few Gingos fell as they tried to
attack them or some other harmless animals. Of course by getting a good scare
from Fisch first and some acid given by Niik. Gim just kept on walking, for once
he was set on a mission he intended to see it through. He was a fine man, a good
leader that knew when to shout and when to compliment efforts. A natural
swordsman and one day a good father.
As they closed in to the village the packer that they had brought with them
started to act funny and seemed to get nervous.

“They are around arent they” Niik said silent.

“Yes I think soo” Fisch answered.

“Stay together and and move team, we are almost at the village now.” Gim said.

About half an hour later they reached the village and handed over the packer
with the supplies. Before they decided to leave they went to the local merchants
and get something to strengthen them on the way back.

“Ah, hello friends, I see that you once more brings us what is needed. Thank you
for that. Is there anything I have that you find interesting?” The merchant

“Just some refill off the water and a Drinstone so I can sharpen the blade of my
sword.” Gim replied. “We have to move a bit sooner today as we are to take a
detour and look at something that Silverfox here found on our last trip.”

“Oh and what might that be my friend?” The merchant asked. “You are not going to
look into the opening in the mountain that lies near do you. Dont it holds many
ill things, even the animals will not go near that place anymore. Or so they say
at least. I do not know, might just be rumours.” He added.

This intrigued Silverfox even more, the adventurer in her awoken and now
screamed to see what this place was. Could they not go now, she wanted to see it

“Well that we have to find out then my friend.” Gim said smiling to the
merchant. He too was interested now.

They gathered at the gate as usual, Fisch came running after a few minutes as
usual. When they all were gathered they walked out through the gates and headed
for the place with Silverfox leading them. Now she was close to the place where
she had caught a glimpse of the opening.

“yikes” she heard Niik say and she turned around quickly and her heart began to
pound in her chest. Was the rumours true, was there something out there that
scared event the animals away? When she saw Niik again he was lying on the

“Sorry, didnt see that branch”. He said while getting back up again.

“Well if you could keep your eyes in the direction where your nose points it
would help.” Fisch said teasing Niik.

“Oh I sure know where I can put one of my feets.” Niik replied while looking
towards Fisch. Then they both laughed.

“We are close now.” Silverfox said a bit relived that nothing than the usual
puns had happened. She looked around carefully for some signs that she could
recognize from the last time. “Yes we are close.”

“Hey I know something else that is close, waaaay to close. And its that Varinx
over there, oh damn it have seen us.” Fisch said alerting the team.

And a fierce battle began, Gim threw hit after hit, Niik casted cold and acid
spells one after the other and Fich tried to scare and stun it while Silverfox
did what she could to heal them all. The battle took long and was hard for them
all. Finally the Varinx gave off a cry and fell. It hit Fisch.

“Ouch, that hurts, alot.” He said while pushing the body off him with the help
of the others. As Fisch tried to stand up he fell and Niik caught him.

“I think I have strained my foot bad.” He said. “I need to rest.”

“I found it, its here.” Silerfox shouted happily. “I have found it”

The rain started to fall on them, first in smaller drops then they grew larger
and larger. It poured down on them.

“We need to find shelter until this has stopped.” Gim said and looked around.
“Silverfox, lets check that cave of yours.”

They all walked to the opening and looked in. It was dark as the night.
Carefully they walked in following the walls. The air in the cave was moist
and a bit damp. The walls were plain. What could have created this place.

“Well this seems to be a fun spot, all dark and damp. It is kindaaaaaaaa…”
Niik said as he fell into the darkness. They heard a splash just afterwards.

“Niik, are you alright.” Silverfox screamed into the darkness.

“Yes Im fine, and wet.” They heard Niik say. “Come on down here, watch out for
the small ledge just ahead of you.”

“The nose thing Niik, remember the nose thing.” Fisch shouted.

“Arh, be quiet and get down here limbs. I think that this will be good for you
too.” Niik replied quickly. He was fine alright, or at least his mouth was
Silverfox thought to herself.

They slowly walked toward the way from where Niik’s voice came. And they did
notice a small ledge just ahead of them. Luckilly they avoided falling over it.
When they got closer they could see that there was some light ahead of them
comming from a crack or hole in the ceilling. And when they got to the end of the
small tunnel they all just stared at what they saw.
There in front of them in a small pond Niik sat smiling with his entire face.

“Dont just stand there, come here its wonderful. Its warm and feels great.” He

“Damn you , we thought that you were hurt. Or at least more ill than you
usually are.” Gim said but you could see a small smile brake upon his face.

This was a good rest. They had fought hard against the Varinx and Fisch needed
rest for his foot. They spend the whole evening and night in that cave, sitting
in the warm water laughing. They all felt refreshed when they got up from it and
made a small fire to dry their clothes from the rain. And as the day brake and
they looked out and saw that the raining had stopped. They prepared to leave the
cave but before they were to go Gim gathered them all in the opening.

“What do you all say about keeping this place to ourselves for a little while. A
place where we could go and refresh ourselves or just to have fun at.” He asked

They all agreed to this and started to walk home. Since that day Silverfox made
many trips to this cave alone or with her friends. And since they defeated the
Varinx they noticed that animals returned to the area around the cave.

“It is the one that is lost that finds the new paths.”