The tale of the wait and meeting

The tale of the wait and meeting (To Arcana and Kiliane).

The rain was once more pouring down as if the heaven had turned into a giant
ocean falling down over the lakelands. It was so rough that many Homins had
either found shelter in their homes or at the bar for the day. The merchants
were removing the stock that was not covered by roof and the barman was busy
serving the guests. Arcana was standing at the stables waiting, cursing that she
did not wear at least medium armor instead of the white light one. The stable
boy had seen her as it had started to rain and offered her to wait in the
stables but she had told him that she was thankful yet even what happened this
would be well worth the wait. It was, there she appeared at the brink of the
shore on the mount.

She had been traveling to Winds of Muse in order to look up some materials and
deliver some items to the Homins there whom had so ordered. It was quite an
ordinary trip, she had done it so many times before but this weather had
stumbled her and everyone else. Luckily the Mount have protective glasses for
its eyes and the leash was of well quality. But that was not really necessary
since she and the Mount were such friends that she would hardly need the leash
to ride it.
But now she was finally back home again.

“How was the trip ?” Arcana asked Kiliane as she unmounted and hurried into the
stables with Arcana closely following.

“It was ok, had some troubles convincing them about the quality. But once they
tried it it was all fine.” Kiliane replied as she removed the bag from the Mount
and handed it over to the stable boy whom lead it to its box.

“Would that really take so long? I haven’t seen you for a week and this trip
usually just takes three days.” Arcana asked with a slight higher voice as she
let her worries take the upper hand.

Kiliane just grinned back.

“Did you know that there was a Mektoub race near the Witchy Coves ?” Kiliane
asked grinning even more as she could not hold back.

“Well. Uhm.. yeah?” Arcana replied as it had been notes everywhere about this
race. It was meant for the newer owners of Mounts to have a good time together.

“Well, you see the thing is that I…” Kiliane started before being abruptly
stalled by Arcana.

“You didn’t gamble up the money did you ?” She gave her a stern look.

“No! I would never… uhm… not since then at least…” Kiliane answered a bit
ashamed as an old memory came back. But then her courage came back and she held
up a small pouch. “I didn’t gamble. I entered it and I WON!” She shouted out in
happiness. “I doubled our dappers Arc !”

“You did wha…” Arcana had problems keeping her jaw up as she looked at Kiliane
whom jumped up and down in excitement. Then she just started to smile, it didn’t
really matter if the dappers would have been lost or not. It’s an easy days
digging. What was important was in front of her, the one she loved being in a
bliss of joy. That is importance in abundance.

Arcana took a hold of Kiliane and gave her a long hug. She had missed her so
even if it was just for a few extra days, but seeing her return in such
happiness made it all worth.

“We have to get you out of those wet clothes Kiliane, you’ll catch a cold if you
stay in them too long.” Kiliane nodded and opened her bag.
In it was a lovely white Matis Light Armor. It was so well crafted that it
shined on its own.

“Ahem” O’Cauty Eoppie said and pointed to a empty box. “If you wouldn’t mind

Arcana and Kiliane snigger’s as they hurried over to the empty box so that
Kiliane could get a dry armor on. As she undressed Arcana took her wet clothes
and folded them together and placed in a smaller bag so that it would not moist
everything else that was in it.
As Kiliane appeared she was once more astounded over how the armor was shining,
yet looking at it being worn by Kiliane was something very special.

“Come Arc, let’s celebrate this even if its raining Gingos and Frippos.” She
grabbed Arcana’s arm and together they ran out in the rain laughing. They
quickly made their way to the bridge leading to the bar and while running past
the guards whom was hiding under the archway shivering in the cold they soon
reached the bar. As usual when the weather did not allow any work to be done the
bar was well then overcrowded and the barman busy. The ale had to be poured, the
meals served and they saw a new face they had not seen before.

She was tall and had a slightly browner skin then the others. Her hair was black
and white and her eyes was piercing. As she approached them she held her eyes on
both of them before making a sweep over the crowd.

“Hi, my name is Vaneh, would you like a table for two?” She asked them politely.

“Uh.. yeah please” Kiliane said.

“I haven’t seen you around here, are you a new?” Arcana asked more of an
reaction then a reflex.

“Yes, well I am not young as a child but in these lands I am still a kid. I come
from a region not far off Pyr. Oh, there is a table over here, please follow.”
Vaneh said.

Moments later they were sitting at the table and drinks were on their way. And
before they knew is Vaneh was standing by the table serving them their beverages
and additional snacks.
Kiliane took a sip and then stretched.

“Aaahh, no matter how long or short I’m away, home is always good to return to.”
She said while having another gulp.

“Kiliane, while you was away I heard that Nar-goeh was visiting here. You know
him from Zorai.” Arcana said with a devious smile.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Did you see him, did he have any candied Cratcha seeds ?” Kiliane
was more then exited as it was one of her favorite candies.

“You know, do you remember that night we spent in that cave with the others
Kili?” Arcana asked doing a hefty turn of subject.

“Yeah, it was great fun, miss them lots.” She replied.

“So do I. It was some good times back then wasn’t it.” Arcana said while
grabbing something from her pocket.

“Yeah, it was. What’s your point Arc?” Kiliane asked both in surprise of the
turn of subject and irritation over not getting her question answered.

“Well, back then do you remember that you had some candy?” Arcana said.

“Uh, yeah sure..” Kiliane was now really confused.

“Well, knowing that you liked it you have some now too” Arcana said with a big
smile tossing the little bag on the table and instantly Kiliane’s eyes lit up in

“You met him!” She said loudly before throwing herself over the bag eager to
have a bite at the first candied seed. Arcana just laughed when she saw her.

Kiliane was chewing happily on the candy and gave Arcana a thankful look and a
Just so that Kiliane wouldn’t loose her hunger due to eating too much candy
Arcana ordered a tasty dish for them both to share, it was a celebration meal
after all.
While waiting for the food to arrive Kiliane told Arcana about the details of
the race, how she had taken every turn to get to the goal, how the weather had
been, the merchants in the camp, the stories she heard at the evening, how the
animal had moved since they last were there. All this with such eager enthusiasm
that she hardly noticed Vaneh putting the food on the table.

They both had a grand meal in order to celebrate, and something to properly fill
their bellies.
After swooping down the last bit of the food with the last of the drink enjoying
it. Kiliane did an unintended burp and they both burst out into laughter
hearing it. It was a nice time, despite the weather, so they decided to move to
Frogmore Place to enjoy the view from the balcony.
A quick run got them there and soon they were running up the stairs and reached
the ledge.
They stopped there for a moment enjoying the view of the town, it was beautiful
as ever; nothing less to be expected from Fairhaven. They could still see the
people in the bar, the merchants trying to sell items to the few Homins whom
bravely enough had went to the stores, some running along Frogmore Lane either
to or from their apartments or the Guild Halls. Life was as normal even though
it was raining heavily.

“You know Arc, I had lots of fun going there doing what I did. But still it’s so
great to be back here, home with you.”

Arcana looked at Kiliane as she was staring out into the rainclouds.

“Yeah, sure is good to be home, but as you might know…it is always harder to
leave.” Arcana said.