The tale of The Yelks

The tale of the Yelks.

Dear Homins, have you heard the tale of the Yelks.

As you may have noticed the Yelks have quite a armour on their back.
It was not always that they looked like that though.
Once in the time of Atys they were covered with spikes, sharp as the beams of
the sun. They had this armour to defend themselves from the Kitins.
They were not as many then as they are now.
This is a tale of how the Yelks lost their armour.

Once in the line of time there was a Homin, a man. He was the proud father of
two fine kids, Galdan and Meuhime.
Now Galdan was a man of his house, always looking after his family and friends.
Training to be a guard of the village and a swordsman for his tribe.

Meuhime on the other hand was his opposite. She was an adventurer and scout by
heart. There was not one rock or hole close to the village that she did not know
of. Her heart always longed out into the open of Atys, for there were paths
waiting for her to find. Many time Galdan had to go out to find her. Many times
he reached her in time.

This time he did not…

It was a fine day, Galdan was busy with helping the swordcrafter testing a new
combination of materials that he had got his hands on from a wanderer.

“It is a fine and light sword indeed. not heavy yet hard as rock, cut through
stone still sharp as new.” He said. “Meuhime, are you going out on one of your
adventures again? Dont go to far you know how that upsets mother and father”

“I know, I am not going far this day. I am to explore the small rift I found out
about a few days ago. I will not be far away, you will hear me if i scream.” She
said with a smile.

Knowing that argue with her had no meaning Galdan let her go while carefully
noticing where she went in case he had to run after her again.
Meuhime walked on closer to the small mountain that lied just a few hundred
meters away from the village. To get there she had to climb the wall of the
mountain. At the foot of the mountain there were some Yelks and Crays strawling
about doing what they usually do. When Muehime got closer two Crays sighted her
and instantly ran towards her to see what this new thing was.

“Stop that you silly Crays” Meuhime said laughing for she new the behaviour of
the Crays, they were curious by nature. “I need to climb that wall now if you
exscuse me” She said and took hold of the wall.

The wall itself was not specially high, perhaps 10-20 meters. As Meuhime climed
about 15 meters she could see the top of the wall closing in, the sun warming
her face and the wind fly by. She did not notice that the branch she held was
loose, she fell…

“Gaaaldaaaann” was the last thing she said..

“What, what was that, Meuhime!?” Galdan said loud. For as she said, he would
hear her if she screamed. “Something has happened to her” He thought to himself.
He ran towards the wall she told him that she would be at. When he arrived there
was no trace of her. He looked around but did not see anything.. Then he noticed
on of the spikes of a Yelk, it was blood. He looked at the ground and saw a
trace of blood that suddenly disappeared. In a fit of rage he drew his sword
against the Yelk. As he struck at it he separated the spikes of all Yelks that
was close to him for he knew what Brermen once said, “strike not to kill but to

“Meuhime, Meuhime..” He screamed at the top of his lungs. “Where are you
Meuhime..” And there were no answer..

Galdan spent hours looking for her, she were nowhere to be found. He ran from
place to place that he had heard her talk about. Every place was as empty as the
other. When he returned to the village and told the news everyone was saddened.
And Galdan just sat at the fire staring into it. How could he be a guardian of
the village if he could not even protect his own sister, his family.
after a little while the wind carried sounds to him “Meeuuuhhhmm, Meuuuhmmmm”.
It came from where he had heard her scream. He ran back to see from where it
come from. He could not belive his eyes.

There on the ground among the Yelks that no longer had any spikes, she sat
laughing. She was there, she was alive. Around her leg she had a bandage.

“Meuhime, Meuhime!!” He shouted in joy. “You are alive, you are well. but where
were you, and your leg?”

“Oh that, its just a small wound i got when I fell. I hit one of the Yelks by
accident, It tried to move out of the way, If it hadnt I would not sit here now.
And where I have been, you could not even start to imagine where I have been. It
was wonderful. And yet its not for us to see now, but the time for that will
come” Meuhime replied smiling.

Galdan stared at the Yelks that had become victims for his rage.

“I am so sorry, I could not hold myself by the thought of loosing my sister.” he
said to them loudly and bowed deep.

“Fear not my child for your actions was damped by the wisdom of your heart. You
did not hit to kill, but to prevent others from getting damage from what could
harm them. They do not need their armour anymore, they shall be many and they
shall honour you and your sister for this day. The day when they no longer need
to embark on another battle.” A voice said in his mind.

“What, who, where? ” he asked and looked on Meuhime.

“I heard it to, yet ask no questions brother, let us go home now. It has been
enough adventure for one day” Meuhime said while looking straight into his eyes.

And since that day, When what was thought to be lost was found again, the Yelks
calls out the name of the adventurer that helped them. They shout the name of
the sister that was gone yet not lost. To honour the day when they were relived
from battle that had scourged them for so many years. From the armour that had
caused so much pain. Until this day when you sit and listen they gather up and
screams the name of Meuhime

This dear Homins is the tale of the Yelks.