The tale of Travel of three

It was an ordinary sunny day in Tryker, or more precise in Fairhaven as Soma
came walking back into the guildhall. She put the materials that she had bought
in the storage room and had a look around. In one corner was Oshido fiddeling
with some new gizmo or idea of his, opposite him lied Rakujitsu sleeping.

“Oshido and Rakujitsu, gather up here I have some news for you.” Soma said with
a determined voice. “Oshido, drop that gizmo of yours and get Raku here too,
I have to tell you something”

Oshido didnt say a word as the continued working on whatever it was he had come
up with. Rakujitsu still slept restfully on the floor.

“OSHIDO!, get over here now!” Soma shouted to get his attention. This also made
Rakujitsu wake and looking at Soma and Oshido dropped what he had in his hands
and turned around. “I have interesting things I want to tell you.”

They gathered up by the table. Rakujitsu moaned about being up all night
harvesting and that he wanted some rest and Oshido brought him a beverage
made on a mixture of Shooki and Stinga seeds.

“I was at the merchant a little while ago and I heard that there is supposed
to be some kind of meeting to take place in a land far away. That everyone that
could come were welcome. Though there was no words about what the meeting was
for, Only tthat it was somewhere in Bounty Beaches. This is what caught my
attention.” Soma said as they all sat down. She could see that even thought
they were only half there in mind they aimed all attention at her as they heard
about the meeting.

“Then lets go there.” Oshido said directly after Soma finished talking.

“Yes I would like to find out what this meeting is about. Can we do this as
we need to prepare for a long journey ahead?” Soma asked giving them her
serious look she always gave them when there was something she would like to

“Sure, ill just get my tools together and things needed, ill meet you outside
the stables within 10 minutes.” Oshido said as he stood up and went to find his
amps and a suitable armour.

“I’ll be ready soon to, just need to change my armour and get some protective
jewelry and Im all set.” Rakujitsu said and emptied the glass.

“Great, I’ll see you there soon.” Soma said happily.

A few minutes later they all were at the stables and Rakujitsu was just getting
the last part of the armour out from his packer. As soon as he had put it on
and tucked the packer back into the stables, of course giving it the usual pet
and some candy, they all set off towards Windermill towards the portal to
Bounty Beaches.
A bit later they all ran upward the ramp that lead to the plateu where the
giant beastlike root stood guarding over the lands. They ran beneath it and
some clopper found that they could get something to eat so the charged at
them. Though they could lay in one hit on them since they dodge it of with
no problems, and as soon as they reached teh waters the cloppers gave up and
went back.

When they reached the portal they noticed that there Homins standing outside
the portal discussing. This was a bit strange as these lands often were empty
as it was a pass-thru to Bounty Beaches.

“Exscuse me, but is there something wrong here ?” Rakujitsu asked a Homin that
stood closer to the portal.

“Well here is no problem except the crowd, its on the other side the problem
is. It seems as there has been a dryout of a lake so the animals have moved
and with them the hard foul ones too. So no one actually knows a secure route
through here. And we are all do disorientated to be able to scout it out. Some
are worried about the packers and mounts left in there, some of friends that
passed here just a few days back and has they had no words about.” The Homin
replied. “But of course you are most welcome to make a try, but we cannot
come to your aid im afraid as we need to get things together here first.”

“I see, well we are set on getting somewhere and we cant abandon that now.
We will make a try for it and if we find a route we will let you know.”
Rakujitsu said and walked through the portal closely followed by Soma and

On the other side of the portal there was a smaller chaos as the small animals
seemed to have moved away from an area where they used to live. Nothing was as
it used to be. “Exciting” was the common thought of the three Homins as they
entered and saw the challenge in front of them. No words were spoken since
there was no need for it. They all quickly began scouting around looking for
possible paths and routes.

“I think that we should move towards the mountain since that way seemed more
clear that the other ones.” Oshido said and the others agreed.

They moved as quick as silent as they could through the land, using trees or
plants to hide behind avoiding getting seen by hungry Raguses or Zerx, and
they were hungry now as their usual source of food was missing.

“Ouch !” Soma shouted all of a sudden and as the others turned around there
was a Zerx following here trying to bite her.

Oshido reacted quickly and threy a rooting spell on the Zerx sticking it to
the ground so that Soma had time to run away from it and get healed and
Rakujitsu walked up to the Zerx putting it down with his sword.

After this they found a safe spot where they noted down the way they had been
going. They took some time to rest and decide what their next move would be.
They had seen some packers stading around on places or swimming in the water
and they thought that it was most likely the mounts that the other Homins were

“I didnt get any other clue than look in Bounty Beaches” Soma said to Rakujitsu
and Oshidio.

“Well then lets continue looking, where would you be holindg a meeting if you
had one here in BB.” Rakujitsu said.

“Well an outpost or workshop would be the obvious choice for me.” Oshido filled

“I agree.” Soma added.

So they took a look at the map they brought with them to mark out the new
routes. They found that the Liberty Gateway Borderpost was the closes one to
them so they decided to go there and further on to Twintops Workshop until
they could find anything.

“Actually, that is a really bad idea at the moment. I dont think we should move
at all.” Soma said and pointed towards some Zerx’es that was walking by them,
luckilly not noticing them. They knew that they were capable of fighting one
or two Zerx without any problems, but if serveral was to attack them
simultainously they were not able to fight back and there were no clear escape
route either.

“I see….” Oshido said as he and Rakujitsu slowly backed up behind the trees
with Soma.

It took them a few minutes of waiting before they could find a free route away
from the Zerx’es and get toLiberty Gateway Borderpost. But they ran quickly
and worked well together so they ended up avoiding some smaller Kitins and
Raguses and when they reached the Liberty Gateway Borderpost they stopped and
noticed that there no one there. Though there had recently been a campfire in
the middle of it revelling that they were all out of the way.

“Yikes, that hurts a lot!” This time it was Oshido shouting as a Yelk
accidently stepped on his foot. It did scare the others a bit since they knew
the area was unsecure, but so unsecure that they could even rely on tradeposts
to a safe place?.

When they saw Oshio standing there almost jumping on his other leg trying to
push the Yelk off his foot they started to laugh and soon as the Yelk moved
away to eat something Oshido joined them laughing.

“Well, sorry if I scared you. I was rather taken by suprise myself, suprise
and pain.” Oshido said as Some looked at his foot.

“No worries Oshido, youll be fine. Lucky for you the sand was soft so you
didnt get hurt.” Soma said as the clapped him on the shoulder and smiled
towards him.

“So does that mean that until Im better Raku will carry my stuff?” Oshido
asked with a big smile.

“Yeh sure Ill just to tame a Zerx to carry it for you.” Rakujitsu replied
with a laugh.

And so they went on towards the next outpost. Still they noticed that the
animals was not as aggressive as they used to be in this area. In fact they
were not as many as before.
So they continued their travel and was now headed for on of the tradeposts
that were lower down on their list of places to look at. They walked south
towards Twintops Workshop.
On the way there they stumbeled upon Norse the Mekotub, he was curious whom
they were so he ran up to them to check what these funny looking creatures
could be. After a few minutes he lost interest in them and joined the others
and they could continue their journey towards Twintops and they soon sat
their foot on its safe ground. And it was silent and deserted too, not a Homin
in sight to greet the welcome.

“Ok then, off to next one, which should be Tupile Tradepost.” Soma said and
took her aim west.

“Phew, my foot hurts a bit can we slow it down” Oshido asked as he staggered

“Give some of your things to carry Osh.” Rakujitsu said and took a few items
from Oshido.

As they left the tradepost they noticed that in the southern parts there were
more fauna than usual. So it was here they had more during these drying times
of the year. They now had to be careful, for where there were smaller animals
there is always bigger animals looking to eat the small ones. And compared to
some, they were a small snack.

They successfully reached the southern part of the great mountain that was in
the middle of Bounty Beaches. It went fairly easy with just some smaller
torbaks chasing them now and then.
The decided that they should follow the western side of the mountain until
they had a clear straight run to the tradepost. And as they rounded the
mountain they were greeted by a huge Kincher.

“Attack!!” Rakujitsu screamed as he ran to the kincher to grab its attention
since he was the one most well protected and thus could take more hits before
falling down.

Oshido started casting coldspells in the Kincher’s leg so it would stumble and
miss Rakujitsu and Soma did her best in healing them through this. This took
time and at one part they thought that they had to fall victim to this ghastly
creature in front of them. It was then Rakujitsu suprised them as Soma fell on
her knees all worn out from healing. He aimed his sword towards her and
mumbled :

“To the one that gives life, i ask thee to strengthen her”

And as the whole sword started to glow and vibrate a bright light came out
its handle and it wandered along the blade like water that follows a plain
surface and as it reached the tip of the sword it shot of in a colorful ray
that surrounded Soma. It lifted her from the ground and as they saw this she
opened her eyes once more now strong and ready once more. As she got back on
her feet she caster more caring spells on Rakujitsu and Oshido and it was as
the turn of a hand, the beast could not longer withstand their furious attack
as they successfully layed hit upon hit on its body.
It fell, and it fell hard to the ground. And they could rest for a moment. For
this had worn them all out.

“Now when did you ever learn to enchant weapong Rakujitsu?” Oshido asked.

“Well, I have been able do so for a little while, and it was due to pure luck
that I did this before we left as I wanted to see if I still remembered the
correct procedure.” Rakujitsu said ans smiled towards Soma that sat there next
to him resting against his shoulder.

“Hey there, Hello Homins… are you ok ? I saw it happen from a distance, is
everyone ok now ?” A voice came from the open plain.

“Yes, we are fine, indeed we are fine.” Oshido shouted back to the Homin that
was approaching.
“Who are you if I can ask?”

“Hi , I am Be’Lauppy the journeyman around here. Say, you are not here for the
meeting are you ? If taht so then follow me.” The Homin said he approached.

“In fact we are, but why keep it so secret?” Soma asked.

“Well I dont know, all I know is that I am to care for those Homins that comes
here this day. So lets get to the Tupile Tradepost then.” He said and pointed

They all got up , ready for another walk which now was not far away and inside
they all felt excited to see what was happening.
After just a few minutes they saw the shapes of other Homins that sat down,
some were drinking and some were talking. As they came closer they couuld see
who the Homins was.

“Welcome Oshido, Soma and Rakujitsu. Please come sit here with us, we have
waited for you.” Kostika said smiling towards them. Next to her sat the ever
faithful and loyal Jyudas. And just a bit away they could see Spriteh and
Drakfot sitting and talking about Atys and its life. When they noticed that
they arrived they waved at them and smiled.

“Hiyas!” Nice to see you guys here.” Neun said as he approached them. With him,
holding his hand, Seren walked smiling happy as ever.

“We are quite the crowd here it seems. Now we just have to wait for the rest.”
The Journeyman said.

“You know, this might just turn out to be a fine evening” Oshido said as they
joined the others…

I would like to dedicate this tale to three brave Homins that through great
determination decided that there could be nothing to hinder them from
travelling a great distance to meet others.
To three Homins that I am glad to have met and talked to, to three great
spirits that walks on Atys.

This is to you three; my friends Soma, Rakujitsu and Oshido.